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Binding: Audio CD
Publisher: Promopress
Date Published: 2013-05-22
Number of Pages: 240
ISBN10: 9788492810765
ISBN13: 8499620695132
Tamaño del archivot: 97 mb.
Language: Espanol
List Price: $22.99
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    Author Bios
    Following the previous hit of Page Unlimited, we introduce Page Unlimited 2 with new materials and perspectives. Layout design becomes more interesting and inspiring than ever before due to the fast technological changes in the field. Embracing computer arts and new printing techniques, this book showcases the latest trends in all the areas of layout design with a special focus on magazines and posters where designers enjoy more creative freedom and face bigger challenges. Featuring a wide array of colour-illustrated examples, Page Unlimited 2 is not only a visual showcase but offers is a fascinating insight into the creative thought process of the designers becoming a great source of inspiration for designers, students, academic and publishing professionals.