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Russia and islam


In fact, the country has an Islamic history stretching back almost years, as these great Muslim Russian facts reveal.

There are a record-breaking seven...

The second-largest religion in Russia, Islam first arrived in the country around the middle of the 7th century, when Muslims turned up in the Caucasus region as part of their conquest of Persia. This was only a few decades after the Prophet Muhammad announced the faith to the world. The first local conversions to Islam are believed to have started about a century after Muslims arrived in the territories of modern-day Russia, forming what would become Dagestan.

Today, the Russian Muslim population numbers around 21 million. At various points in its history, parts of "Russia and islam" Russia were ruled by different Muslim empires.

The most famous Russian Islamic capital in history was Sarai at the Russia and islam of the Golden Horde during its height between the 13th and 14th centuries.

Third, Russia is the only...

It is located Russia and islam modern-day Astrakhan Oblast and is yet to be fully excavated. There are several Muslim ethnicities in Russia, and one of them claims to include people who have descended directly from the Prophet Muhammad. Certain families amongst the Dagestanis trace their lineage back to the earliest Muslims who came to spread Islam in the 7th century, some of whom were of the family of the Prophet.

Sadly, Muslims in Russia have experienced several periods of painful repression.

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The most notable one was between the 16th and 18th centuries, when many were forcibly exiled, and there was one more recently under communism. However, since the collapse of communism, there has been a resurgence of Islam across Russia, Russia and islam has seen the number of mosques in the country increase from around to nearly 7, between and These sit alongside nearly 5, Muslim Russia and islam and a pan-Russian Muftiate that oversees them all.

Russia is a federation, within which there are 22 Republics, and seven of these have Muslim majorities. The Republics of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Dagestan and Chechnya are the largest four, with a combined population of around These republics are given a lot of autonomy and have their own capitals and state languages, usually Turkic or Caucasian.

Thanks to its Islamic presence, as one would expect, Russian food has a strong Muslim influence.

Islam in Russia is the...

Tharik Hussain is a freelance travel writer, journalist and award-winning broadcaster who specialises in Muslim heritage and Muslim travel. Special coverage on stories central to Ramadan and Eid from across the world.

Third, Russia is the only...

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Third, Russia is the only country on earth where Sunni Islam is truly safe from the Wahabi virus and where a traditionalist Sunni society exists. Editor's note: This essay is an excerpt of the new Hoover Press book Russia and Its Islamic World.

It is widely assumed that Russian foreign. Situated between Islamic, Arabic, Turkic and Russian studies, this project explores the framework of a new multinational Russia and islam discourse in the Russian.

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