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The best taglines


It is these catchphrases and straplines that your customers remember. In fact, some of the best are used in normal conversation every day. A great advertising slogan does more than get "The best taglines" talking about your brand though — it brings it to life.

Coupled with their signature advert style, this helps create a winning campaign every time. This is exactly what you want from a fast The best taglines restaurant. Subway has been really clever with its strapline. Coupled with the yellow and green branding, this was a really smart move.

In fact, some of the...

A lunch box favourite of kids and Superdreamers! Not only does it mention the brand name, and keep things short and "The best taglines" it plays on the brand name and the product. The tagline tells audiences if they want baked beans, their best choice is the Heinz brand.

This simple slogan works because it perfectly reflects The best taglines product. The sweets themselves feature a variety of colours — a rainbow. This tagline ties in with the company branding, which features a rainbow on the sweets packaging. And as well as being great mascots, the onomatopoeic gnomes make for a great and long lasting slogan. A lifespan of over 50 years shows just how effective it is.

The catchy song that featured on the adverts and the humour they used helped make them memorable and effective. Dr Pepper knew its brand, and knew its audience. The reason this advert has worked — and lasted so long — is because The best taglines is clever.

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It The best taglines the audience that the drink really will give you an energy boost. The ad slogan is a great example of marketing at its best. Tea brand, Typhoo have featured The best taglines number of slogans in their advertising over the years. Carlsberg beer is another brand that knows its audience inside and out.

Supermarket Tesco are famed for their low prices, and their huge stock list. Again, this three word tagline is one of the most memorable and effective. Department store John Lewis is known for its high The best taglines and high standards. It tells prospective customers that they can trust the store, and will always get the best product and service.

This is a simple and subtle way of bringing brand guidelines into the slogan. Cosmetic brands always have really memorable slogans and adverts, and Maybelline is no different.

It tells women that their products will help them enhance this beauty. Glossy adverts and whimsical backdrops all add to this allusion of perfection. It tells the audience that they deserve to treat themselves and make the best of themselves. This helps women feel the same as the celebrities endorsing the products.

Max Factor is a higher end brand of makeup than the aforementioned. This is reflected in the advertising slogan.

Chances are, it's not just...

By telling women "The best taglines" is the brand makeup artists use, Max Factor instantly becomes The best taglines brand that can make a difference. This clever marketing strategy is carried through in the television adverts, to reinforce the slogan.

Coined inthe De Beers tagline has often been named one of the best ever. Those four simple words perfectly reflected the high end nature of the product and the company.

It was a metaphor for everlasting love; telling audiences that buying these gems would cement their relationship forever.

It also encourages audiences to The best taglines out there, and get active. In a move to unite its global operations, HSBC announced in that they would use one, universal logo. This move was further cemented with the introduction of their latest advertising slogan. DIY is often seen as stressful and complicated. This perfectly appeals to their target market, and helps keep the branding simple.

Energizer looks to be positioning itself as the leader in the long lasting battery market with their latest advert tagline. Coupled with their bunny mascot who is running errands, the strapline tells audiences exactly why they should purchase The best taglines this brand. Simple, powerful, and effective; this advertising tagline appeals to shoppers of all kinds. This is a clever move by the brand. Rather than targeting one niche, they cleverly appeal to everyone with one simple strapline.

It perfectly reflects the high end nature of the car, and tells customers that they will always receive the best vehicle. It also helps position Audi as being at the forefront of technological advances, and passing these on to their customers.

Another three word slogan — can you see a pattern?! This advert tagline tells audiences exactly what to expect from a Jaguar car.

The best taglines use words...

By using three powerful adjectives associated with high quality, this phrase helps to reinforce the brand values and encourage people to make a purchase. Insurance company, Zurich, has cleverly used their tagline to tell audiences why they should be insured by them. The company is telling its audience that, when they need them, they will be there — just as long as they have insurance.

It is simple, powerful, and perfectly reflective of the product. Again, this is strong slogan that works for the company and its product. Search engine giant, Google has a slogan but it is a little less well known. However, there has been some debate as to whether it is still relevant. Apple is known for pushing the boundaries of technology, and always coming up with new and exciting ideas. It tells customers that they are buying into a "The best taglines" and are at the forefront of technology.

Last on the list is us! Our tagline "Normal Sleeps. Here are 30 of our favourites for your inspiration: You might also like. What We Do Visit Page. Our work Visit Page. The best taglines use words that are positive and upbeat. For example, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups' slogan, "Two great tastes that taste great.

Finding the perfect tagline is quite a task. You want something that encapsulates who you are, what you're about, and why people should choose you. You want. Picking a tagline The best taglines your brand is tricky.

You want it to mean something for your brand. It needs to memorable, so 7 or less words. It should also.

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