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Lexa is a fictional character from the American post-apocalyptic science fiction television series Theproduced by The CW. The recurring television character portrayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey does not appear in the books on Lexa dating wiki the series is based. She considers love a weakness, a view significantly impacted by the death of her girlfriend, Costia. Though she starts to show romantic feelings for Clarke Griffin leader of the Sky People and takes Clarke's views into consideration, Lexa puts her Lexa dating wiki first, even at the expense of losing Clarke's trust.

Lexa has been well received by critics and fans, who consider her to be one of the show's more interesting and complex characters. She has been a source of frequent debate, particularly for how she was written out of the series.

Stefan Lexa is an Austrian...

Her relationship with Clarke, which was viewed as compelling, significantly impacted the LGBT community and many viewers embraced it as a positive or tempestuous depiction of friendship, love and betrayal. The relationship was, however, criticized for being unnecessarily tragic, leading to a national debate about the Lexa dating wiki bury your gays " trope. In "Fog of War," two days after Lexa dating wiki massacre, mechanic and explosives expert Raven discovers Mount Weather has jammed communications, preventing them from reaching out to other potential survivors from the Ark a ship that held descendants of "Lexa dating wiki" who survived the nuclear apocalypse 97 years before.

The survivors become known as Sky People to the Grounders descendants of humans on Earth who survived the nuclear apocalypse. After a group of survivors find the communications tower, they are forced to split and take shelter from an acid fog. Clarke, a teenager who has taken on a leader role for her camp, realizes she no longer recognizes Finn, her one-time lover.

Jaha and Kane, two former leaders of the Ark, are told that one of them must kill the other to have even a chance at speaking with the commander of the Grounders.

Kane attempts to take his own life rather than kill Jaha, but a Grounder witness, Lexa, reveals herself to be the commander and says she believes their wish for peace is sincere. She allows Jaha to escape with a message to his camp: In "Long Into an Abyss," with the Grounders' deadline imminent, Abby Clarke's mother and Jaha disagree over what the survivors are to do; Jaha wishes to evacuate to the so-called 'City of Light', while Abby wants to remain behind to rescue other members.

Clarke and two of her fellow people Octavia and Lexa dating wiki hold Lincoln in the dropship; he is a Grounder and was experimented on with a serum to become a reaper a mindless, zombie-like killer.

Lexa is a fictional character...

When Lincoln is almost mercy-killed, his heart stops and he is revived by Clarke, who believes curing reapers depends on waiting for the serum to Lexa dating wiki their bodies, even though the reaper might temporarily die in the Lexa dating wiki. With this information, Clarke realizes they have something to offer the Grounders. When Abby is successful in curing Lincoln, Lexa grants Clarke the truce, but says she must be allowed to execute Finn before it can begin.

In "Spacewalker," Clarke returns to camp and tells them the Grounders will cease their attack if they are given Finn, who is the one who massacred a number of their people.

The tension between the people in Camp Jaha rises as opinions are divided whether to give Finn to the Grounders or not. At the camp, Abby and Kane, having returned, think they can bargain with the Grounders by offering to put Finn on trial, but such plans are wasted as Finn gives himself up to the Grounders. In the end, Clarke goes to meet with Lexa in a last-ditch effort to save Finn from the brutal execution process Lincoln has explained.

When Lexa refuses clemency, Clarke asks if she can say goodbye to Finn. She approaches, kisses him, and tells him she loves him while stabbing him in the heart, killing him quickly. In "Remember Me," Clarke and a group from the Ark set off to a Grounder camp Tondc to complete Lexa dating wiki agreement for a truce.

On the way, Clarke is haunted by visions of Finn. Bellamy tries to convince Clarke to let him go to Mount Weather as an inside man; Clarke says she cannot lose him too. When they arrive at the village, Clarke burns Finn's corpse, along with the corpses of those he killed, in a traditional Grounder funeral.

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While grieving, Lexa tells Clarke of Costia, her own past love who was tortured and killed by Lexa's enemy, who believed she knew Lexa's secrets. She tells Clarke that love is weakness. At a dinner, Kane gifts Lexa with a bottle of liquor. When Gustus, her right hand, tests it for her, he appears to be poisoned, leading Lexa to believe it was an Lexa dating wiki attempt by the Sky People. Clarke immediately thinks it was Raven, as she was Finn's former girlfriend and loved him.

Clarke confronts her; Raven punches Clarke for accusing her of doing it. Lexa nearly kills Raven, but Bellamy figures out it was Gustus Lexa dating wiki poisoned the cup, and Clarke proves it to Lexa by drinking from the bottle herself.

When Lincoln confronts Bellamy about how he knew it was Gustus, he says Lexa dating wiki would do anything to protect Lexa. Clarke decides she sees Lexa's point about how love is a weakness and tells Bellamy he was right and should go to Mount Weather.

In "Survival of the Fittest," Clarke and Lexa encounter a gigantic mutated gorilla after one of the grounder council members drives Clarke into the forest with the intent to kill her. They escape, but become temporarily trapped in its cage.

Lexa is injured, but that does not stop her from dispensing some advice about leadership to Clarke.

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Clarke figures out a way to escape, and also has an idea about freeing the Grounders inside Mount Weather to help fight the Mountain Men. Clarke races to the village where she explains the danger to Lexa.

Lexa points out to Clarke that if they warn anyone else and stop the meeting, the Mountain Men will realize they have a spy inside the mountain and Bellamy will be compromised before having completed his mission. Lexa dating wiki is reluctant to leave so many others to die, Lexa dating wiki agrees Lexa is right and the two secretly escape.

As they leave, Clarke sees her mother arriving in the village and returns to try to rescue Abby as the missile hits Lexa dating wiki village. In "Resurrection," Clarke and Abby survive the missile strike on Tondc, but Abby Lexa dating wiki horrified to realize Clarke knew it was coming and did nothing to save the rest of the people in the village.

She goes back to "Lexa dating wiki" survivors, while Lexa and Clarke set off to find and kill the spotter who called in the strike. Clarke finds and kills the spotter with Lincoln's help, and realizes the spotter's lack of a hazmat suit means the Mountain Men have started harvesting her friends.

Inside Mount Weather, Jasper Lexa dating wiki friend of Clarke's and the others fight back and find refuge with those in Mount Weather who do not agree with Wallace or Cage. Octavia figures out Clarke and Lexa knew about the missile, and Lexa decides she needs to be killed to protect that secret.

Clarke stops the attempted murder. She confronts Lexa about her plan and her facade of heartlessness, and Lexa reveals she has feelings for Clarke. As they wait for the deadly fog to clear, Lexa informs Clarke she does trust her and will no longer try to hurt Octavia. She notes that the Grounder ways are just focused on survival.

Clarke suggests that maybe life should be Lexa dating wiki more than just surviving, and Lexa catches her off guard with a kiss.

Clarke returns the kiss before she tells Lexa she is not ready to be with anyone yet. They are alerted to Raven's signal that the fog is disabled. The Mountain Men prepare to deploy acid fog, but Bellamy manages to escape a security team and destroy the system in an explosion just in time.

In "Blood Must Have Blood: Part 1," Bellamy frees the Grounders inside Mount Weather, as Clarke's plan is to attack from within. When the Lexa dating wiki are taken out, soldiers from Mount Weather open fire on the army in front of their doors, but those still manage to destroy the lock at the last second.

When they pull the Lexa dating wiki open, Lexa commands her people to stand down because of a deal she just cut with the Mountain Men. When the Grounders retreat, almost all of the Sky People accept defeat and "Lexa dating wiki" retreat, leaving behind only a betrayed Clarke at the front door and Octavia in the tunnels. Part Two," attackers on a jeep turn out to be Arkers who landed separately. Their numbers have dwindled to 63 due to conflict with the community called Ice Nation and they accept Kane's offer to come to Arkadia, where the other Sky People live.

Part of the group continue to search for Clarke, who has been on the run for three months due to now being a legend and subsequent target because of her defeat of the Mountain Men after Lexa's betrayal. This has earned her the nickname "Wanheda" commander of death. Indra, one of Lexa's best and most trusted warriors, warns Lexa that the Ice Nation is marching on her; Indra is there when bounty hunter Roan the banished Ice Nation prince brings Clarke to Lexa, who sought to capture Clarke before members of Ice Nation did.

Still angry at Lexa for her betrayal, Clarke is dragged out kicking and screaming while vowing revenge on Lexa. Lexa tells Clarke that she intends to initiate the Sky People into her coalition as the thirteenth clan. Clarke believes Lexa only wants this because her Clarke's defeat of the Mountain Men has made Lexa look weak.

Lexa focuses on sparring with Aden, a Nightblood she has been training for the role of Commander. Nightbloods are Grounders with black blood; they are the only Grounders who can become commanders. As Titus Lexa's right-hand man and former mentor wants Lexa to kill Clarke because he feels that Clarke has weakened her reputation, Roan suggests that Clarke kill Lexa. In the end, Clarke cannot do it and Lexa apologizes for her betrayal.

Emerson, the last survivor of Mount Weather, is revealed to be alive.

The camera was made by...

In "Watch the Thrones," in a fight to the death for the right to the throne, Queen Nia chooses "Lexa dating wiki" son Roan to fight Lexa. She and Clarke later bond as Clarke tends to her wounds. In "Hakeldama," Clarke, Lexa, and other Grounders discover an army of fallen Grounders, slain by Pike the new and destructive leader of the Sky People and his followers.

Indra is found wounded and says Bellamy persuaded Pike to let her live in order to tell Lexa that the Sky People reject the newly-formed coalition. Lexa allows Clarke's return to Arkadia to tell Bellamy and the others to step down.

Clarke fails to convince Bellamy, but convinces Lexa to end the cycle of violence in hopes of peace. In "Bitter Harvest," Lexa worries that by trying to make peace instead of engaging in war, she is betraying the commanders who came before her.

Clarke Lexa dating wiki her that her legacy will be Lexa dating wiki. Roan has Emerson, the last Mountain Man, delivered to Clarke; she must decide his fate. She ultimately decides to let Lexa banish him. Octavia and a man named Semet walk in claiming the Sky People destroyed their village. Discussing the situation, Titus wants Lexa to destroy the thirteenth clan while Clarke thinks they just need time to take out Pike from the inside. Speaking to everyone, Lexa orders the armies not to attack, but instead make a perimeter around Arkadia and says that any Sky Person found past the five mile buffer will be killed.

Semet is Lexa dating wiki at this and attempts to kill Lexa, but is stopped by Titus who kills him. Later, Titus is against Clarke staying, believing she further endangers Lexa's life. He warns Lexa that, just like with Costia, she may not be able to separate feelings from duty.

Lexa is enraged at this, reminding him that because she let Ice Nation into her coalition even after they cut off Costia's head and sent it to her bed, she is more than capable of separating feelings from duty. Later, Clarke goes into Lexa's room and realizes she is saying goodbye. Clarke says the reason she is going back is because the Sky People are her people. Lexa says that this devotion is what makes Clarke the person she is. Clarke suggests that maybe someday they will owe nothing more to their people, and Lexa responds with "May we meet again.

She acts under the name Lexa, and is most famous for her roles as the ship's personality and android on Date of birth. WeAreWarriors Wiki. Stefan Lexa is an Austrian retired football player. Contents. 1 Club career; 2 International Date of birth, () 1 November (age 41). Place of birth. Clarke and Lexa is the relationship between Clarke Griffin and Lexa.

They are portrayed by starring cast member Eliza Taylor and recurring cast member Alycia .

Alycia Debnam-Carey

Lexa Doig dated actor Michael Shanks after they met on the set of Andromeda , [11] where the former starred and the latter guest-starred in the episode "Star Crossed.

Reap What You Sew: Clarke and Lexa are a tangle of emotions and motivations. As a child he began taking vocal lessons, piano and guitar. Thus, in December is released the first single from Lexa, the "Posso Ser" song, which reached the Top 30 in the parade Hot Airplay, Billboard Brazil, and became the 93rd most played song on Brazilian radio stations music video took 15 hours to be recorded and was directed Raoni Carneiro.

Lexa dating wiki

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  • Lexa is a fictional character from the American post-apocalyptic science fiction...
  • She is also a lecturer and pagan writer.
  • Léa Cristina Lexa Araújo, (born February 22, ) better known by her stage name Lexa, is a Personal...
  • In , in partnership with the Berlin Philharmonic, she and around 40 other musicians...
  • Stefan Lexa is an Austrian retired football player. Contents. 1 Club career; 2...
  • Lexa | Music Hub | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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Five singles were released from this album. Lexa's first single, Posso Ser , was released in December The song was featured on Brazil Hot Airplay Top 30 singles. The extended play EP contains three new tracks in addition to the single. The same EP was re-released in April and also included the bonus track "Delete".

Later that year Lexa launched a second song,"Parra de Marra" whose music video was released the following month. The album consists of thirteen tracks and includes compositions from Naldo Benny, Umberto Tavares, Batutinha and the artist herself. Lexa formerly partnered with Kamilla Fialho, of K2l, in launching her career. The partnership ended, with Lexa choosing to leave the company. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

  • Stefan Lexa - Wikipedia
  • Alexandra Lecciones Doig born June 8, is a Canadian actress.

Stefan Lexa

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His first single, the "Posso Ser" song, was released in December and became one of the uttermost played tracks on Brazilian radio in The daughter of music processor Darlin Ferrattry, that he gave Lexa nickname when he was three years old, because Darlin is a fan the presenter Xuxa and put an X in the waist of his daughter's lineage name.

Lexa has a very close relationship to his biological father since childhood and was constituted by her stepfather, the musician Cocoa Jr. As a child he began taking vocal lessons, piano and guitar. The oldest presentation of Lexa upon a stage happened when he was 16 years old and later, with the support of tribe, dropped out of college to devote himself professionally to music so he had the opportunity.

In love with math, the singer came to be effective in the administrative tract of a building and still has two courses in the vestibular Federal of Rio de Janeiro. In an interview, Lexa revealed: I spent, I'm proud of it..

Batutinha was discovered Lexa during music producer, who, after seeing it on YouTube, presented the employer Kamilla Fialho, who hired middle of K2L Entertainment talent action. Thus, in December is released the first one from Lexa, the "Posso Ser" song, which reached the Top 30 in the parade Hot Airplay, Billboard Brazil, and became the 93rd most played song on Brazilian portable radio stations music video took 15 hours to be recorded and was directed Raoni Carneiro.

His beginning extended play EP Establishment, titled Posso Ser, was digitally released on Cortege 3, containing four songs, including "Posso Ser" air, released as the principal single. In June, Lexa launched the second draw up work song, the prevarication "Parra de Marra" whose music video was released the following month and shows the singer and her dancers in an urban environment.

Bad to use protection? Léa Cristina Lexa Araújo, (born February 22, ) better known by her stage name Lexa, is a Personal life[edit]. Lexa has been dating rapper MC Guimê since December They became engaged in She acts under the name Lexa, and is most famous for her roles as the ship's personality and android on Date of birth . WeAreWarriors Wiki..

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Lexa Roséan

She tells Clarke that love is weakness. The is a world where you don't ever really get to be a kid. List of awards and nominations received by Lexa. By her early teens, however, her family became as she terms it "born-again Jews" and joined the Orthodox Hasidic community. Retrieved March 26, Pop EDM funk melody.

During those years, in addition to giving astrological and psychic readings, she also taught astrology, Tarot, Kabbalah, Wicca, astral projection , and spellcraft, and served as the official coven oracle.

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