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Far cry 4 online matchmaking


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The map editor in this game is incredible, it really is. However the drawback is the multiplayer. Unfortunatley, like Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 this games longevity looks like it is going to diminish fast if things don't change soon. The multiplayer matchmaking whilst I appreciate Ubisoft trying something newis utter garbage.

You can no longer be certain to play an ordinary game of multiplayer any longer, you are now forced to play maps which many other people unfortunatley are creating as jokes. It is embarrasing that the official playlist of a multiplayer game can be played with ridiculous modifiers where you jump meters in the air, or Far cry 4 online matchmaking are forced to play with a black and white or extreme green filters dominating the screen.

Ubisoft need to listen to what the community has been screaming for since Far Cry 3 was released, and re-introduce player hosted matches and seperate these from official matches. Player hosted matches where you can choose to join a game from a server browser of all the sessions which people are hosting custom maps and then allow the crazy modifiers to be active on them. Official playlists need to have regular maps, and do what Far Cry 2 done, where the best rated custom maps are reviewed by Ubisoft, and then added to the official playlist if they are good and appropriate.

Far cry 4 online matchmaking actual multiplayer gameplay has major issues aswell, many of which I hope Ubisoft will patch. Teammates having no symbol above their head to indicate they are on your team Hit detection issues Explosive being extremely OP in Far cry 4 online matchmaking of damage and disabling players via knockdown Being able to repeatedly jump whilst sprinting with no cooldown.

Add to this the use of 'The Fast' homeopathic and it is embarrasing how ridiculous the player movement The lack of weapon damage compared to the one shot Far cry 4 online matchmaking possible with a sub machine gun across the map Personally aswell, I feel as though they need to bring back the generic custom classes as an option. So the host of a game can have the option to allow it custom classes or ban certain weaponsbut have it on all official maps however. I think it would work great if the custom maps that got selected for official was simply just maps that could be played with all weapons as custom loadouts providing the weapons are balanced.

The final point was just a personal opinion, but I feel I speak on behalf of many players for the rest of my points, especially the players who experienced how great the Far Cry 2 multiplayer was.

Reply Share this post. Flogging a dead horse love. Originally Posted by rioseven Go to original post. Originally Posted by jb Go to original post.

I thought that, however I'm hearing about how Ubisoft have recently changed in the last couple of years and started listening to their community so I thought it was worth a try. Ubisoft won't care, they got their money when you bought the game.

Longevity is a non issue.

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They've done this since Far Cry 2 I've been warning everyone not to get hyped about these games after being burned again and again.

Yeah, that's why I skipped "Far cry 4 online matchmaking" cry 4 and Primal at release. I just assumed looking at how much effort they put in the editor that they listened to their community and give us what we have been asking for. The post-fx and modifiers on PVP maps should be filtered off to it's own category and only be included in Far cry 4 online matchmaking regular matchmaking if it's used well.

In other words, if Ubisoft "certifies" the map. I hope in the future there will be a new playlist with only certified maps, that Ubisoft deems worthy of a good experience. A playlist of maps they deem to be well balanced, attention to detail, and good use of the tools provided. They also should have 3 lobby systems, one per gamemode and one mixed. I also heard that private lobbies can't be started unless they're 6 people. I haven't tested this myself, but if it's true this needs to be fixed asap.

I want to play custom matches with my friends!

I loved multiplayer in first...

But I do think that there should be classes in addition. The map-maker could decide if it's a limited loadout or if Far cry 4 online matchmaking classes are allowed. There's a few really cool maps I played that limited loadouts really well, and it made a unique and fun experience. But there's far more maps out Far cry 4 online matchmaking sadly with makers not knowing what they're doing, just selecting something, and in general ruining the experience from the maps design itself.

A ranked lobbysystem would be nice, where there's only certified maps. Maps certified by Ubisoft and their own designed maps. We need to have a lobbysystem, where all maps are a certain quality. Or else it may hurt the games longevity indeed. Originally Posted by Jaxru Go to original post. A member of Ubi on Reddit said that this will be fixed in a future update which is nice to hear. But they need to just have the Far Cry 2 system. Host a player match where people can browse and join the game.

If you want to make it private, fill the private-slots up to max and have a minimum of two people needed to start. Contact Us Archive Top. The email address for your Ubisoft account is currently: The time now is I have so far never been able to "Far cry 4 online matchmaking" matchmaking online to work.

Apr 10,Assassin's Creed 3 & Far Cry 4 Creative Director Departs. Not sure why this didnt get more attention but Far Cry 4s co-op has EDIT: Seems that only match making has this problem, playing with a.

I loved it in far cry 4, sharing my maps and watching randoms try to play it but now it has to be a friend? Dumbest crap I almost regret buying.

Once COOP is unlocked, just...
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