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Secretario de Cultura Sr. Liliana Mazure Vicepresidenta Sra. Lucrecia Cardoso Gerencia General Sr. Gerencia de Fomento Lic. Reasons to Keep Going. Entre otros temas, proponemos trabajar sobre: The Audiovisual Communication Convention focuses on debating the strengthening of audiovisual democracy and the construction of an audiovisual national tale, and stands as the need of a social agent that could incarnate the development of new communication in light of the Media Law.

The result of federal policies for the production of audiovisual and TV contents together with the inclusion of new voices in the chain of audiovisual production and communication; the policies for industrial development of that sector, and the impulse on content marketing, all lead to the need of a growingly better communication between all the people in the sector, including intellectuals and researchers, in order to build consensus and legitimate Mi maestra me gusta yahoo dating objective.

We expect the attendance of more than referents from all over the country, as well as special international guests that will allow us to articulate our local experience with other regional and global efforts. Producers, distributors, filmmakers, actors, social and union organizations will take part in the conferences and workshops. Also, this year we will include the participation of college researchers and professors from the Argentine Observatory of the Audiovisual Sector.

Some of the issues we aim to explore are: In this sense, we believe dispersing the property of media licenses is a key issue in order Mi maestra me gusta yahoo dating achieve diversity and freedom of opinion.

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We believe and hope this Convention strengthens and deepens the path, contributing to the full application of the new Law. Les voy a contar una intimidad: Infeliz de aquel que cree que lo sabe todo. Y no podemos negar que aprendimos tanto con los aciertos como con los errores. Sin embargo, este aprendizaje es de los indelebles, de los agradables y —lo mejor de todo— de los contagiosos, en el mejor de los sentidos.

Que ustedes, queridos espectadores puedan ejercer su rol con real, absoluta y demoledora expectativa. Un festival es un sitio de encuentro. Entonces, amigas, amigos, dejemos que Scheherazade nos envuelva en sus historias. Let me tell you a secret: I believe this is going to be the best edition of the Festival so far.

No one should Mi maestra me gusta yahoo dating he or she knows everything. In a film festival, my friends, you learn a lot more than you think. However, this learning process is indelible, pleasant, and —most of all— contagious, in the best sense of the word.

That is, repeating the infantile ritual in which we used to listen closely to anyone who was telling us stories. Stories with comedy, action, drama, mystery; but above all, suspense, because that one would involve us in the plot like some anonymous detectives. Stories, stories, and more stories. And to enable you, dear public, to exercise your role with real, absolute, and devastating expectations.

A festival is a meeting point. Born in Nice, France, inhe trained to be a classical musician. In he directed his first film, Something Organic. Together with his shorts Cindy, the Doll Is Mine and Where the Boys Areall of his films are screened in the retrospective of his work held in this edition. He was born in Heidenheim, Germany, in He studied photography and was an assistant director to Edgar Reitz between andthe year when he started teaching at the Film Institute of the Ulm School of Design.

Sincehe was been working mainly as a cinematographer for Werner Herzog. He won the German Federal Award three times for his work as a cameraman: In he premiered his first film as director, Adrian and the Romans, co-directed with Klaus Bueb. Born in in Budapest, he settled in England inat the time of the Hungarian Revolution. His film The Changeling is screened in this edition of the Festival. She participated in more than 50 plays and more than 20 films, and sat as jury in the international festivals of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, and Huelva, Spain.

One of his latest works —Y, sin embargo, directed by Rudy Mora— is screened in the Festival. With a career that extends through four decades in the local film industry, since she has promoted and supported, as a producer, the work of young filmmakers. Throughout her career, she has received many life time achievement awards, including Mi maestra me gusta yahoo dating Show Platinum Konex He was born in Uruguay in His political exile took him through Argentina, Venezuela and Spain, and he got involved with those national cinemas in different ways.

She was born in Barcelona, Spain, in After graduating in Fine Arts, her work as a video-artist brought her close to the documentary genre. Her first feature film, El jurado, is screened in this edition of the Festival. Consejero de numerosos directores, productores y festivales, entre y fue miembro del directorio de la Academia Europea de Cine. In he Mi maestra me gusta yahoo dating the Warsaw Film Foundation, which he still directs.

An advisor for several directors, producers, and festivals, he was a member of the European Film Academy between and Some of the films he produced are the documentaries Nietos and Final Image23th Festivaland the fictions Made Up Memories and Clandestine Childhoodselected to represent Argentina at the Oscars.

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He was born in Buenos Aires in "Mi maestra me gusta yahoo dating" studied Filmmaking at the CIC and continued his career alternating between independent film production and commercials in Argentina and abroad. He Mi maestra me gusta yahoo dating in film club conventions in Mexico, Brazil and Chile, and in he was a juror in the Derhumalc Festival. Focusing on the connection between film and music, the BSO section will be a competition for the first time this year, with a jury composed by musicians of different trends who yet share strong personal searches.

In this edition, Inrockuptibles magazine will give an award to the Best Film selected for the jury. In his new status as a manager of audiovisual author rights in Argentina, DAC will give an award to the Best Argentine Director among all the films premiering in the parallel sections of the Festival. Two awards will be Mi maestra me gusta yahoo dating to the best performances by upcoming actor and actress, among all localfiction films premiering in this Festival.

SADAIC will evaluate all the local films released in the parallel sections of the Festival, and give an award to a musical creation for cinema. I knew her well: Ever since that episode, her life changed; the spark Mi maestra me gusta yahoo dating her eyes was gone. His boss at the factory where he works as an operator always harasses him, abusing his small power.

He gets pressured, lightly but persistently, by his wife. However, he has at least one reason to swallow his pride. Juan has a dream of opening up his own gym, for which he still needs to get some of the money. He worked as an assistant director and steadycam operator in over fifty films. What does it mean today to be a landowner in one of the last frontiers between civilization and nature?

What responsibilities does it bring? In a system dominated by the economy, the film opens the door to imagining a different world, where land is not simply a commodity to be exploited and where human life is still valued. Pero con paciencia, Incalcaterra se encarga de estos problemas uno por uno, mediante mucho papeleo y reuniones —que llegan hasta el despacho del presidente del Paraguay, Fernando Lugo—, hasta lograr su objetivo: Daniele Incalcaterra, Fausta Quattrini F: Born in Locarno, Switzerland, in Together with Incalcaterra, in she founded the Atelier Video Palermo, and since then they have worked together in films such as Contr site The peculiar tensions which make Brazilian society tick are also reflected in the weight and look of local architecture, which is chaotically eclectic.

The film has an underlining idea of straight lines and right angles on a widescreen frame which limits characters and their movements as much as walls, gates, grates and doors do. To allow room for breathing, I opened up the shots generously. As it usually happens with this kind of enclaves within the cities of the Third World, architecture is completed with high iron railings, surveillance cameras and cabins for the security guards: Pedro Sotero, Fabricio Tadeu E: Born in Recife, Brazil, inhe studied Journalism and worked as a film critic and programmer.

Los recuerdos vienen a menudo a nosotros sin que los estemos esperando. Cuando hablamos, la mitad de nuestras palabras suelen relacionarse con el pasado. No quiero reproducir el pasado. Trato de hacer un film que consista principalmente en conversaciones. Y las relaciones entre los hechos no son progresivas.

I am fascinated by the time, fascinated by what it gives to us, what it takes away and what it changes. Memories often come to us without any expectation. I just want to illustrate it through conversations, by words, as it often happens in the daily life. I try to make a film that consists mainly of the conversations.

And the relations between the events are not progressive. The events are placed on a flat surface, like the pieces on the chessboard.


Memories Look at Me es un estudio reducido e inmutable sobre la naturaleza social humana. Confinada al departamento de sus padres, Song aprovecha su visita para registrar las conversaciones familiares —especialmente las que mantiene con su madre—, en las que, por un motivo u otro, el pasado parece abrirse camino recurrentemente.

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As he explains in her personal notes, Song Fang tried to make a film consisting mainly in conversations without any planned dramatic progression, in which events are placed on a flat surface, as the pieces of a chess game. It is clear, after watching her first film, produced by Jia Zhang-ke, that her attempt was successful: Memories Look at Me is a reduced and immutable study on human social nature.

Simple but profound, determined but moving, Memories Look at Me transcends familiar interest to create a universal story, as if it was inspired by that maxim by Dostoievski that assured that the Mi maestra me gusta yahoo dating way to reach everybody is through the most sincere introspection. Email: [email protected], [email protected] Isabel tiene una gran afición por la cocina internacional y a Misleidy le gusta Our House is an authentic colonial style house dating back from with Ubicada en Santo Domingo, el corazón de la Sierra Maestra, nos encontramos a m después del hotel.

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