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Dating old forester bottles of water


Old Forester Birthday Bourbon has become a must-have for bourbon enthusiasts who want to experience the ultimate in rare handcrafted bourbon. Since its introduction inOld Forester Birthday Bourbon has received unprecedented acclaim, with an impressive collection of national and international whiskey honors. These bottles make for a very popular birthday gift, both for drinking buddies and those who have had children in that particular year. Another unique aspect of this release is that the entire production for a given year is from a single day of production.

From those barrels, 14, bottles have been released in The first impression is a strong one, as it has a terrific dark amber hue in "Dating old forester bottles of water" glass, which I instinctively associate with a quality bourbon. Old Forester Birthday Bourbon How I Drank It: In a Glencairn Whisky Glass — Neat first, then with a few drops of water.

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After allowing it to breathe for several minutes, I found that dark cherries and oak were the dominant aromas for me. Not an overwhelming amount of alcohol vapor at 97 proof. Very dry oak and a little hotter than I had expected, given the balance on the nose.

The dryness and spice lead the way, and after a bit, those dark cherries manage to pop in for a brief appearance.

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The burn remained predominantly in the mid-tongue area and is fairly medium in length. The nose was nice to begin with, and adding a few drops of water brings the cherry forward a little bit more.

Now the flavor comes through a little cleaner. Some vanilla and even a touch fruitier, but still very dry and oaky. Neat, Splash or Rocks: My recommendation is to add a Dating old forester bottles of water drops of water. Any minor drawbacks to the finish by adding a little water are overcome by the additional flavors unlocked. If you know someone who just had a child this year, then I would give this bottle as a gift.

As a limited release with a fairly lofty aftermarket value, you probably want to bring this one out only sparingly for guests. Bottle, Bar or Bust: Due to its value, if you spot one of these at retail, you almost have to buy it, but try it at a bar before you open it.

It does make a nice gift, though, which Dating old forester bottles of water certainly would be appreciated, and you always have that option. Read Brett's full profile.

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If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Read our review of Old Forester Birthday Bourbon to find if this year's Old Forester releases a limited-edition, year old vintage-dated I can also tell you that the retail price on this bottle has climbed $20 per How I Drank It: In a Glencairn Whisky Glass – Neat first, then with a few drops of water.

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This decanter came with a mail-in envelope to order a kit that would convert the empty bottle into a lamp, similar to how some enterprising young bourbonites are. $ doubtgrab a bottle of Old Forester Signature ($). Knob Creek is great neat, with a splash of water and on the rocks. It's also.

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