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Irma la douce 1963 online dating


Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and Irma la douce 1963 online dating shows on your phone or tablet! Irma la Douce Spikeopath 4 March Adapted from Alexandre Breffort's stage musical, Irma la Douce in film form turns into something of a roller-coaster ride. If it had been condensed to perhaps a minute film then I think it could of achieved the splendour that some sequences hint at.

As it is tho there is still much to enjoy, and nobody should be under the allusion that this film isn't funny, because it is, but just how long can you stretch the joke Mr Wilder?. I think the chief thing that sticks out is just how did Wilder get such an overtly sexual farce past Irma la douce 1963 online dating censors? He pushes the boundary more than usual with this one, and I honestly would be surprised if he himself wasn't surprised to get away with so much cheeky sexual shenanigans.

The sets are fabulous from Alexandre Trauner, and Andre Previn's score is perfect and in tune with the Parisian heart of the film, but the lead actors here are oddly not firing on all cylinders.

Jack Lemmon's hopeless romantic Nestor is the core humour character. A character who becomes jealous of himself! His transformation into an English fop is hilarious at first, but on, and on, and on it goes till the joke becomes a heavy weight on the film's shoulders. Lemmon is fine, he's just the victim of over ambition from Wilder.

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It's a safe recommend for Lemmon fans, but for Wilder worshippers such as me the problems are evident in spite the film being his highest grossing film of the decade. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Irma la Douce is "Irma la douce 1963 online dating" gem, one of Billy Wilders best films. It is a love story, the story of a policeman turned reformer who falls madly in love with a beautiful young prostitute. The IBDB captures its essence best: Set in an area tourists seek, but so seldom find, its musical idiom, its moral atmosphere, its plot and its argot are part of Paris not even all Parisians know; a part of Paris where the underworld is known as the "milieu.

Mix with this belief in the Irma la douce 1963 online dating goodness of a person with the enchanting music and backdrop of Paris and you will find yourself pulling for Nester Lemmon in his quest to win Irma's hand. Marilyn Monroe was originally scheduled to play Irma but died before the film work began. As a credit to Wilder's casting, Shirley MacLaine's performance earned her an Oscar nomination for best actress. The film's cinematography received its own Oscar nomination and the music took Hollywood by storm.

It's stunning Parisian melody, written by Marguerite Monnot and arranged for film by Andre Previn, won the Oscar for best music and remains one of the finest musical scores ever. And within the cheerful comedy of the plot, the story's philosopher shines bright as the mentor for Lester who struggles to overcome the muk of daily life. Being none other than the bar tender and owner of the Chez Moustache, the bar and stage center for much of the film, Moustache lends his shoulder to Lester and instructs him in the realities of life: In other words, face the world as it is, not as you were told it was.

Watch this film on DVD and get the wide screen version if you can. If you find yourself critical of the film, remember that this is late 50's, early 60's America. It came out during the cold war, in a period where TV was still in its 'Andy of Mayberry' days.

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Movies were heavily censored and even the media was under intense scrutiny for what topics matters it discussed. Transport yourself back to the "Milieu" and enjoy, you may just learn something about life! In Paris, after six months working with children, the decorated rookie policeman Nestor Patou Jack Lemmon is assigned Irma la douce 1963 online dating work in the red light district on the Casanova Street, a place crowded of streetwalkers, pimps and corrupt police officers.

The honest Nestor, who is naive and strictly by the book, notes the movement of couples in the Casanova Hotel and befriends the prostitute Irma La Douce Shirley MacLaine believing that she is a lady. When he discovers that she is also a streetwalker, he Irma la douce 1963 online dating the central station for a raid in the hotel. However, among the arrested costumers is the corrupt Chief of Police Lefevre Herschel Bernardi that has a scheme with the pimps union.

Nestor is fired with a dirty record and has difficulties to find a new job; he goes to the bistro of the versatile and experienced Moustache Lou Jacobi to drink, and he starts a conversation with Irma La Douce. However, her bully pimp Hippolyte Bruce Yarnell Irma la douce 1963 online dating against Nestor, but he beats him up. Irma brings Nestor home and he becomes Irma's pimp. However he falls in love for her and he is jealous when she meets a client. He decides to create the wealthy British Lord X to be the only regular client of Irma.

But things go wrong when Nestor is jealous of Lord X and decides to end his character. Based on a play, this delicious romantic comedy has witty and cynical screenplay and dialogs, supported by the chemistry of the charming and gorgeous Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon, who had worked together three years ago in the masterpiece "The Apartment". Lou Jacobi plays a skilled man in hilarious situations. The lines of Jack Lemmon playing a British lord are very funny.

My vote is eight. Balthazar-5 4 February Billy Wilder's Irma la Douce is an absolute gem.

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Shirley Maclaine is perfect as the hooker with the heart of gold and Lemmon is hilarious as the protective lover. Largely shot in studio, Wilder makes hay with the control that this gives him, with a fabulous market where Lemmon works to keep Irma off the streets.

It is such a joy to see Lou Jacobi in the pivotal role of Moustache. His line delivery cannot be faulted and he is given many of the film's funniest moments. It is also a joy to watch a great wit like Wilder show us that prostitution is a way of earning a living, not a social problem. May you smile in Heaven, Billy! In many ways, it's funnier, and certainly risque. But tasteful and delightful overall. Until recently, I had never seen this film in widescreen. But I loved this movie since I was 11 years old.

It celebrates love and jealousy in ways that tickle. Moustache is the best reason to watch the film for his witty dialogue and comedic timing. I remember a time when I could tell you other things about this film, but that's another story!

Feelgood comedy melfreya 28 September The scene stealer in this one, though, is Lou Jacobi as Moustache, the hilarious and "wise" bartender across the street. The film loses some of its humor at somes places, but it really takes off the moment Jack becomes Lord X. The music is a great asset, Irma la douce 1963 online dating. When I first saw Irma La Douce as much as I liked it, I was puzzled by the fact that Billy Wilder had chosen to do this hit musical without any songs in it.

Very much like Fanny from a few years ago which also had a French setting and came Irma la douce 1963 online dating the screen without its score. The Broadway cast album was a staple in my house and I certainly enjoyed the songs that Keith Mitchell and Elizabeth Seal and the rest of the cast did on Broadway. What made it more puzzling was the presence of Bruce Yarnell in the movie cast, the possessor of a really nice baritone voice, he played opposite Ethel Merman in the Lincoln Center revival of Annie Get Your Gun.

That together with the fact Shirley MacLaine first made her mark in musical roles, in fact she had starred in the screen version of Can-Can the two years before.

Well, according to the recent biography of Billy Wilder by Ed Sikov in fact this film started out as a musical. Somewhere there is some footage of MacLaine, Yarnell, possibly even Jack Lemmon and Lou Jacobi doing some musical numbers lying in a vault somewhere.

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"Irma la douce 1963 online dating" said he thought the numbers slowed the pace of the story and midpoint in the film he just scrapped what he had shot and didn't bother with the rest. Personally I wish he had kept the numbers in, maybe it would have made Irma La Douce run too long. Who knows maybe we'll get to see them some day. Shirley MacLaine got an Oscar nomination for her performance in the title role.

She's a good natured working girl who has the misfortune to get busted by the one cop in Paris who is not winking at prostitution on his first day Irma la douce 1963 online dating his new beat.

That would be Jack Lemmon who for his honest law enforcement gets himself fired. That far from ends it as Lemmon falls for MacLaine and like he did in The Apartment sees himself as her savior.

The rest of the film is the ridiculous lengths Lemmon goes to save MacLaine from her life of sin and debauchery. His one confidante is Lou Jacobi who plays Moustache the owner of a local bistro where the girls and their mecs that's French for pimp hang out.

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His role was originally intended for Charles Laughton. Billy Wilder has a well deserved reputation as a cynical observer Irma la douce 1963 online dating humankind and had some run ins with several Hollywood greats. But he became an unabashed admirer of Charles Laughton after working with him on Witness for the Prosecution.

The tenderest part of that Wilder biography tells about how Wilder kept visiting Laughton up to the end discussing the part with both of them knowing it was never to be.

Yet I wish Laughton had lived to do the part. It would really have been special. Bruce Yarnell's part is that of MacLaine's mec. His career too was tragically cut short by a plane crash that he was killed in later in the decade. Terrific voice, nice screen and stage presence, what a terrible thing to happen. The fact that this came to the screen at all was further demonstration of the Code finally being lifted from the backs of the creative. Maybe we will see a Irma la douce 1963 online dating blown musical adaptation of Irma La Douce some day.

But that's another story. More Wilder than Breffort lzf0 4 April This Brechtian play concerned penniless law student Nestor le Fripe and his jealous love for his prostitute girl friend, Irma. He disguises himself as Monsieur Oscar and becomes her only client. When he becomes jealous of Oscar, he pretends to murder the fake client. Adapted from Alexandre Breffort's stage musical, Irma la Douce in film form turns into something of a roller-coaster ride. Even allowing for the absence of the.

Release date. June 5, (). Running time. minutes.

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Country, United States. Language, English. Budget, $5 million. Box office, $25, Irma la Douce is a American romantic comedy film starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley. "Irma La Douce" Shirley MacLaine, Jack Lemmon UA / MPTV Shirley MacLaine in Irma la Douce () "Irma La Douce" Jack Billy Wilder, Jack Lemmon on the set / "Irma La Douce" Jack Lemmon UA / MPTV . Release Date:. Amazon Affiliates. Amazon Video Watch Movies & TV Online · Prime Video.

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