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Dane cook fucking women


We had Monopoly, everybody did. No one liked it. Even if you think you liked the game you didn't. And it's simple why, two and a half hours into a game this is all you'd hear It's four in the morning Dane cook fucking women, you win! I'm sitting on Baltic with crack. I'm paying luxury tax up the ass! And I hate it when you're the banker. Where did you get the pink fifties from your cheating whore.

Don't fucking touch me grandpa!

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Nana, is a cheating whore! I should cut your head off with the little doggie. We were so poor growing up, that little iron, we had to use that little iron. Takes a long time to iron a shirt with that tiny little iron. Don't use a peanut, a peanut goes rogue. A cashew contours to the tip as if to say, "Let's do this, I'm a cashew. How did Mary die? What was she doing putting her face near tires? This tire hunted Mary down; this tire murdered Mary. This tire wasn't 'fucking around' as we like to say.

This tire was "Dane cook fucking women" for vengeance. I got home Dane cook fucking women work today and took like a one hundred hour nap. No you did not. You'd be very sick if you were taking one hundred hour naps.

If you said you took a coma after work I'd be able to follow the story. When you're not in love, when you don't have love, everybody you know falls in love on like the same day - even Karen the douche bag falls in love! Even retarded people in your neighborhood are getting married on their front lawn as you drive by, "What?

The 'tards just got married on their lawn. I have nobody, and the 'tards just committed to each other for a lifetime of 'tardiness". Not bacon and eggs. Although I could always go for bacon and eggs. I'm talking about breaking in and entering. It would be great when you enter the DMV, someones just hiding there comes out and punches you in the face Well waiting in line ain't so bad after the punch in the face.

Kool-Aid Man, oh no! You better fix that hole in my wall before my dad comes home and beats me with a toaster. Sometimes I like a dancing plethora of cheese in my mouth, and then other times I am into a more solo cheese adventure, just a single one on one, me and one cheese. What did she say? She wants me to move home. Home Comedians Quotes Specials. I say fuck shoes! Your shoes do not represent you!

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Neither here, nor in a court of law! When people refer to 'Back in the Day,' it was a Wednesday. Just a little fun fact for you. I swear on my unborn child's life i didn't eat your fucking ice cream.

Dane Cook is the Nickelback...

There will be a guy in a yellow poncho, his name is Hank, he will take you to the whopper lair. UPDATE: Dane Cook has posted an apology for the Aurora-related material realizing it was a piece of crap, was probably like, 'Ugh, fucking shoot me.'” Jada Pinkett Smith: 'Blond Hair On White Women Just Triggers Me'. Dane Cook is the Nickelback of comedy. Suddenly everyone with half-a-brain said “fuck this guy” and moved on, culturally speaking.

That means most of the women he slept with back in the day are now Dane cook fucking women – mids. “Fucking Dane Cook is eating [shit] at the laugh "Dane cook fucking women." And the way you talk about women is disgusting and pathetic, but really just hurtful.

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