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3008 peugeot 2019


The combustion engine delivers horsepower kilowatts while each of the electric motors is good for hp 80 kW. Thanks to a It consists of a hp configuration of the conventional 3008 peugeot 2019 and a single hp kW electric motor for a total output of hp kW. These front-wheel-drive models have a 3008 peugeot 2019 smaller When it comes to recharging the battery packs, it will take seven hours when using a standard plug 3.

Although unveiled today, the three electrified Peugeots will not be available in Europe until the second quarter of next year. They will be available for the second quarter of The technology is simple and intuitive, at the service of full freedom: Freedom of use with the 4 driving modes.

With this new offer, nothing could be simpler: A set of advanced technologies is rolled out which easily and fully transparently fit together for the user. For optimal and imperceptible transitions between electrical and thermal, the torque converter of the thermal versions gives way to a wet multiple-disc clutch.

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Its integration has been achieved without impact on usability. The driver can choose to activate a new Brake feature that allows the vehicle to decelerate without pressing the brake pedal.

As an engine brake, it also makes it possible to recharge the battery, when going downhill for example. In Drive mode, pushing the Shift and Park by wire automatic gearbox control to the rear is enough to engage the Brake mode. A second push disables 3008 peugeot 2019. The i-booster incorporates an electric pump to replace the vacuum pump of the thermal 3008 peugeot 2019. The pleasure of riding in electric whenever you want is possible with the e-SAVE function.

The e-SAVE allows the driver to anticipate their movement by reserving electric autonomy 10kms, 20kms or the whole battery. Once set up, the function is displayed on the handset with the autonomy reserved in kilometres. Guides lamps surround the charging socket so you can easily and quickly check the battery charge.

Once the plug is connected, colours will indicate the progress 3008 peugeot 2019 the battery charge.

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Discreetly installed, the charging hatch is located on the rear left wing of the vehicle symmetric to the fuel hatch.

The charging system fits easily into specific storage under the boot floor. With its technological heritage, PEUGEOT offers its customers the same experience of intense and instinctive driving whatever the engine.

An experience that provides a range of new sensations "3008 peugeot 2019" unparalleled brilliance including through new driving modes. Ergonomics and driving are easy and intuitive. It is fully configurable and customisable.

Peugeot Automatic / Active T....

It consists of 3 easily identifiable areas:. The available range, expressed in km, is also indicated below each gauge. The active driving mode is permanently displayed in the lower part of the handset, so that you can adapt it if necessary quickly and without hesitation. The touch screen also includes a specific hybrid menu.

A direct access button has 3008 peugeot 2019 added alongside piano - toggle switches. It gives access to new information:. For maximum agility, the content of the MyPeugeot mobile application has been improved.

Finally, the crossover gets an...

It can now activate remote charging, know the progress and state of charge of the vehicle, anticipate a pre-thermal conditioning or assess its fuel consumption or electricity at anytime and anywhere.

They give our customers the opportunity 3008 peugeot 2019 buy a powerful AWD or a Sedan or SW that is efficient and provides improved sensations. The battery capacity is The arrival of the multi-arm rear suspension provides high level comfort for back-seat passengers.

Its integration has "3008 peugeot 2019" impact on the usability and the boot carpet which is now in a high position. The battery has a capacity of The traction chain was implemented without compromising. Home Peugeot News. Adrian PadeanuEditor. Finally, the crossover gets an all-wheel-drive system and up to horsepower. Hide press release Show press release. So efficient, So Exciting! About this article Category Green Official. Sign In or Sign Up.

The new , the most...

Peugeot has announced three new plug-in hybrid models and confirmed plans to roll-out the powertrain to other models in a bid to reduce the. Top Gear reviews the Peugeot The second generation of the family crossover, with a cutting edge cabin design, how does the new perform?.

Peugeot has announced three new...

The and are two of Peugeot's more popular cars, and this Brand-new for the model year, the was designed from the.