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Interviewing sexual deviant


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Most experienced criminal justice interviewers recognize that statements, admissions and confessions obtained from a suspect are often successfully "Interviewing sexual deviant" in court. Needless to say, current interview and interrogation tactics and techniques have been placed under the microscope by criminal defense attorneys resulting in good cases, both the United States and Canada, being thrown out of court. The benefit of this approach is the interviewer develops better listening skills which translates into obtaining more relevant information, to include confessions.

He routinely conducts interviews for law enforcement agencies and criminal defense attorneys which grants him a unique opportunity to discover new and effective methods of obtaining information. The class demonstrates the importance of patience and developing important active listening skills.

This course includes the viewing and analysis of several Interviewing sexual deviant interviews. Students are given the opportunity to practice and refine their interview skills as they view the videos. They also witness first-hand the importance of patience, the use of active listening skills and the practical application of the techniques taught in this class.

It should be noted that these training videos are real-life situations that have been recorded and some of the material is sensitive in nature. Basic Interview Theories - Simple theories will be explained and discussed which will allow the interviewer to understand interview concepts. Five Stages of Successful Interviews - These stages will allow the Interviewer to learn and develop a better formula of interviewing all suspects.

Interviewing the Sexual Deviant is...

Analytical Disclosure Dialogue - These key critical questions will reveal answers which will allow the interviewer to analyze responses to these questions. The responses then can be categorized Interviewing sexual deviant being typically truthful or deceptive responses. Improving Listening Skills - Listening is an essential part of communication and it is different from hearing.

Being a good and patient listener will assist the Interviewer to become more effective.

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Assessing Non-Verbal Behaviors - Recent research has shown that interviewers are being mislead by non-verbal behavior. This area will focus on how to use observable body language to the benefit of the Interviewer.

The Five Stages of Grief - When Interviewing sexual deviant with significant life events, an individual will experience stages of grief. Understanding these stages and the impact they could have of the interview itself will be analyzed and discussed. Extrovert Personality Comparisons - Understanding the differences in personalities will allow the Interviewer to learn to interview based on personality versus the type of crime under investigation. A variety of disorders and their symptoms will be identified and discussed.

How to Obtain a Letter of Apology - Once a suspect has Interviewing sexual deviant some type of a verbal admission, it becomes imperative to have that statement reduced to a written statement which can withstand a legal challenge. Understanding and Interviewing The Sexual Deviant. Interviewing the Interviewing sexual deviant Deviant is a training program to aid interviewers in the understanding of sexual behavior.

The course will also assist the interviewer in understanding the different types of sexual paraphilias and typologies of a sex offender. Interviewing the Sexual Deviant is a training program that will assist the interviewer in understanding what sexual deviance is as well as how this deviant behavior begins.

The course will also explore why individuals become involved in sexual deviance and who is at risk of becoming a potential victim. Interviewing the Sexual Deviant is a training program that will Interviewing sexual deviant and explore the current research which is now being conducted. The course will also discuss current treatment programs that work with convicted sex offenders. Interviewing the Sexual Deviant is a training program that will identify and discuss the following areas: These responses to stress can be controlled in order to get the most information from the interview.

The importance of understanding the difference between the Suspect and the Interviewer is necessary in order to conduct a proper interview. This will enable the Interviewer to better understand the how and why individuals become involved in sexual deviant behavior.

Understanding behavior which involves sexual deviance is a specialized field. The discipline of interviewing both suspects and victims is a sensitive issue and has evolved over the last few years. In order to successfully obtain pertain and relevant information about sex crimes, it has become imperative for any Interviewer to learn and understand this type of behavior.

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Over the last few years, clinical psychologists and therapists have been able to successfully treat convicted sex offenders. The methodology employed by these treatment centers clearly show that the rate of recidivism has gone down remarkably.

It has been documented that individuals involved in sexual deviant behavior have other undisclosed sexual behaviors. Many of them also have a number of victims that remain unidentified. This course has been designed to inform and educate individuals who are responsible for conducting these types of interviews and investigations.

The goal is to help the Interviewer Interviewing sexual deviant understanding sexual deviant behavior that in the past has been misunderstood. During this course of instruction, real videos of convicted sex offenders will be used for training purposes.

It should be noted that since these training tapes are real in nature some Interviewing sexual deviant the material will be sensitive in nature. Visit the PATC website for more information. Please give us a call to find out about our great seminar rates! Understanding Sexual Deviant Behaviors to Conduct Successful Interviews. DATES: 11/27/ through 11/29/ INSTRUCTOR(S): Wayne Sheppard. First we offer a selection of general strategies for successful interviewing with people with sexual deviance problems.

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