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When it comes to Supernatural characters, one of the fan favorites is Castiel, as portrayed by actor Misha Collins. Castiel is an angel who still isn't entirely sure about what it means to run around in his human body.

He often doesn't understand many human things, having spent most of his immortal life in heaven, so that means that he's still trying to sort out what means what. Of "Prime numbers can be intimidating men," he says a lot of funny things, often unintentional, and it's Collins' ability to deliver these lines with such great deadpan ability that makes it all so hilarious.

Since his first appearance in the fourth season of SupernaturalCastiel has continued to make us laugh. So here are some of the funniest things we've heard that crazy angel say. Castiel is a very awkward human and completely unaware of human desires and tendencies. This is evident early on in the series, when Prime numbers can be intimidating men gets exposed to things for the very first time.

Take sex, for example. Sex is an entirely foreign concept to angels, being that God, AKA Chuck, created them with his own hands. So they don't understand the subtleties of human procreation. Even more confusing is pornography. Here's how that conversation went:. If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear?

Perhaps she has done something wrong. You don't watch porn in a room full of dudes. And you don't talk about it. Just turn it off. Well, now he's got a boner. Supernatural's 99th episode, during its 5th season was a wild ride. In that episode, Sam and Dean meet a woman who claims that she is a prophet of God.

But then she starts turning her townspeople against each other and everything goes south: Castiel offers advice, but because of previous events, he finds himself demoralized, bitter and angry with God and the heavens. He does what demoralized people do: But as an angel, it takes a lot of booze to get Castiel even a little tipsy, so this quote from the episode means that he probably really did drink a whole liquor store.

This quote became so popular at one point, that fans started wearing it on a t-shirt. Castiel is an angel of the Lord, and as such, doesn't have anything human about him. His celestial body is perfect and doesn't need to do disgusting human things like urinate and defecate. On the series, though, his soul resides in a human vessel, and that takes a lot of getting used to. Humans have needs, one of those being the need to urinate.

Castiel comments on how that's just so weird for him and he can't really understand how humans deal with that on a regular basis. It's funny in that it's based on his ignorance of humans and how they work, but it's also percent something we would expect Cas to say. We all agree, though, that sometimes, the need to urinate is tiresome. Sam and Dean often seem to forget that their buddy, Cas, was once an angel of the Lord.

Angels don't do things like deal with humans, but instead, help run the heavens and keep the Earth from imploding from apocalyptic events. So Castiel's dealings with humans are often hilarious, because he really doesn't know how to communicate on their level.

He barely speaks the human language, and doesn't understand the intricacies of human emotions. Sometimes, he says things that are so blunt that Sam and Dean can't help but groan, but this quote pretty much sums up why Castiel has issues with people sometimes: But we totally relate, because sometimes our people skills are a little rusty, too. If you have ever stayed in a hotel room, you understand the concept of an honor bar. Basically, you can make or mix your own drinks and then write down what you used to make those drinks so that you get charged later for it by hotel management, usually when you check out.

It's a simple concept, but again, Castiel doesn't understand fundamental human ideas. It's not like angels ever had a need for hotel rooms. But now that he's down in the dirt with Sam and Dean, Castiel sees the lot of dirty motel rooms, but he still gets Prime numbers can be intimidating men by some things that he has no understanding of. This quote about an honor bar is a good example of that.

It's also a good comment on the types of places Sam and Dean usually stay in. In the seventh season of SupernaturalSam and Dean are fighting the Leviathan. In Prime numbers can be intimidating men 23 of that Prime numbers can be intimidating men, "Survival of the Fittest," they are just about ready to storm Dick's offices and end him for good.

Obviously, Castiel is along for the ride, and at this point in the season, he's become one of the boys' team players. Castiel, being Castiel, though, still blurts out some rather random things, based on his bad understanding of human communication, and this is an example of that. But it's also funny, because the show does center around food a lot including Dean's love for pie.

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So Castiel offering the boys a sandwich as a show of solidarity is hilarious, especially in the way Collins delivers the line. In season 9, Sam and Castiel head to Montana to track down a mole.

There, they find a building guarded by a riddle: Math nerds might laugh at that, but anyone who was ever a human child knows the answer as Sam did: It's still pretty funny that Cas made a math joke, though. Twilight sort of made a mockery of vampires. Those stories turned vampires into wimpy little boy and girl child-like things Prime numbers can be intimidating men sparkle, which is sad because vampires were once considered some of the fearsome monsters in literature and movies.

But on Supernaturalvampires are monsters, monsters that Sam and Dean often have to hunt, because they prey on humans to drink their blood, leaving bodies in their wake. This quote is funny because it's a dig at Twilightbut at the same time, it also shows that Castiel is finally learning a little bit about human pop culture. It's another one of those random things that he picked up in the human world, and it's funny because it's unexpected. Another thing that angels never have to deal with in heaven is human technology.

Who needs an iPhone when you can just basically think a thought Prime numbers can be intimidating men have it travel across the universe? So now that Castiel is in the human world, he needs a new method of communicating with humans, particularly Sam and Dean, who he has to stay in constant contact with.

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Watching Castiel deal with technology, such as cell phones, is pretty funny because he really doesn't understand the concept at all. So when he's on the phone talking to Dean and he hears a message that he's almost out of minutes, he probably takes that literally, Prime numbers can be intimidating men that his life is on the line, when it's just his cell service that's about to expire.

Another completely human concept is our many ways of insulting each other. We have a lot of colorful and vulgar words for things that we can use when we want to tell another human to back off and leave us alone.

Castiel doesn't really understand human language, because there are so many words that go into this more colorful version of it, so when he tries to hurl his first insult at something the Prime numbers can be intimidating men plan on fighting, it comes out as "assbutt," which is probably one of the funniest things we've heard the angel say. But what's even funnier is that it's now a word that people, particularly Supernatural fans, now use on a regular basis as an insult.

And it's all because of an angel. Angels do not speak English, although that's the language we hear Castiel speak on the show otherwise, we wouldn't understand him, right? Instead, angels speak something called Enochian, a language mentioned a lot on the show. But the thing with languages is that a lot gets lost in translation, especially when the angel language is so far more advanced than English.

Castiel tries to explain a joke in his language to the boys, but they only end up staring at him like he's crazy. Oh, Cas, we love you and your crazy angel ways. We'll take his word on this one. If we could sum up Castiel in one sentence, this is probably it: Sam and Dean make a lot of pop culture references, as do other characters on the show surprisingly, even the lord of hell, Crowley, understands a lot of these references.

But Castiel is not really down on pop culture, and is still learning his way around topics concerning that. When Sam and Dean say something that he just doesn't get, he plainly tells them in simple English that he doesn't understand the reference. It's funny, because it's just so much part of the character that his ignorance on certain human things is absolutely adorable.

Something else that Castiel does not understand is the idea of human dating and romance although he has since experienced a little in those areas since his first appearance on the series.

But he doesn't get the intricacies involved with such things and doesn't understand that humans Prime numbers can be intimidating men flirt with each other, even in times when the intention is perfectly innocent.

So when he has to ask "I'm sorry, is that a flirtation? Cas probably wouldn't know if someone was flirting with him, even if they hit him over the head with a flirtation, and it's another reason we love him so much. Supernatural's season seven finale saw the boys planning to take down Dick, who would destroy the world with his Leviathan. They have to team up with not just Castiel, but also Bobby, Meg and Kevin to try and stop him.

There's a lot going on during this episode, and at one point, Cas gets really nervous when he finds out that Dick can make clones Prime numbers can be intimidating men himself because what's happening is because of something that he did.

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When Dean gets mad and confronts the angel, asking him to fix the mess that he created, Castiel's random response is to hold up a box of Twister and say, "You know, we should play Twister. It's funny because it's another one of those moments you don't expect from Cas.

During season six of SupernaturalSam, Dean and Castiel must uncover a mystery: Someone apparently has it and started using it to kill police officers with an ancient plague. The Winchester boys must put on their detective hats and start putting pieces of clues together to figure out who their suspects are, but Castiel makes it apparent that he has already ruled out one suspect: It's so funny that Cas feels that he has to say this, as if this were even a viable option for the boys to consider.

But this is Cas, the angel, and he probably actually knows Moses personally. So when the boys admit they don't know who stole it, this is Castiel's reply. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. God & Man The life path number unveils Prime numbers can be intimidating men your life purpose may be and the Some people might be intimidated by you because of your ability to.

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The Winchester boys must put on their detective hats and start putting pieces of clues together to figure out who their suspects are, but Castiel makes it apparent that he has already ruled out one suspect: Castiel tries to explain a joke in his language to the boys, but they only end up staring at him like he's crazy.

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How can I explain this?! God & Man The life path number unveils what your life purpose may be and the Some people might be intimidated by you because of your ability to . Sponsored by Homecoming available now on Amazon Prime Video. Now, I assume it's because seven is a prime number, and prime numbers can be intimidating. Sam: [bemused] It's because seven eight nine. [The door..

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When it be readys to Unexplainable characters, joined of the fan favorites is Castiel, as portrayed by actor Misha Collins. Castiel is an angel who notwithstanding isn't foot sure around what it means to run about in his human essence.

He over doesn't have found out many compassionate things, having spent big end of his immortal flair in rapture, so that means that he's restful trying to sort out of pocket what means what. Of course, he says a lot of funny thoughts, often unintentional, and it's Collins' capacity to promulgate these lines with such great deadpan ability that makes it all so hilarious. Since his firstly appearance in the fourth season of Supernatural Unparalleled, Castiel has continued to make us laugh.

So here are some of the funniest things we've heard that crazy angel say. Castiel is a very butter-fingered human and completely unsuspecting of desires and tendencies. That is clear-cut early on in the series, when Castiel gets exposed to things respecting the first all together. Take mating, for representation. Sex is an totally foreign concept to angels, being that God, AKA Chuck, designed them with his own hands.

So they don't understand the subtleties of human procreation. Even more confusing is pornography.

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Prime numbers can be intimidating men

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