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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. Dr Ewa Majewska — feminist philosopher and activist, adjunct professor at the Artes Liberales Department of the Unive She is the author of two monographs: Institutions of the Common Revisited more.

Scattered Reflections on Artistic Affairs more. Among the many contradictions of capitalist production that of violence and contemplation Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating perhaps a less relevant position. The more immediate contradiction, at least in the context of art projects and exhibitions directly This tension was absent from the Polish art scene in the forty-five years after World War II and the first ten years followingduring which time the conflict was mainly between the state and the artists.

The relations between art and private capital are currently exploding in the newly established capitalist economy, in which private property and corporate sponsorship now deeply penetrate the until recently entirely state-run artistic production. There is little doubt that these changes are having Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating consequences and are taking place almost unnoticed. Art Theory and Holocaust Studies. Odcisk szminki Ewy Partum.

We usually associate memory with facts. A simple gesture of leaving a lipstick trace, a kiss, used for several decades by Ewa Partum, is a form of leaving your mark, as well as representing your emotional state. At first, it was her individual gesture, a kind of artistic signature.

In Partum invited a group of South American immigrants to perform the signature with her. In her visionary essay "Art and Public "Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating" Questions of Democracy", Rosalyn Deutsche criticised the "authoritarian populism" of neoliberal politicians such as Margaret Thatcher, challenging the exclusion of homeless people in public Questions of Democracy", Rosalyn Deutsche criticised the "authoritarian populism" of neoliberal politicians such as Margaret Thatcher, challenging the exclusion of homeless people in public space and demanding a public art which undermined the contemporary restrictions of democracy, instead of supporting them by solely enacting its decorative function Public art was therefore defined as one bringing politics into public debate, not as one, eradicating it.

Deutsche Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating addressed the popular theories of neoliberalism for ignoring the political functions of feminist art, which — although at times financially successful — usually challenged the normative framework of representation, thus allowing marginalised subjects their space, agency and recognition. Public ArtFeminismand Feminist Art. Weak Resistance in Semi-Peripheries: It explores the implications of these It explores the implications of these changes for the concept of counterpublics, developed in Western Europe to depict oppositional politics in late capitalist societies dominated by the bourgeoisie and organized as parliamentary democracies.

Peeren et al, ed"Global Cultures of Contestation: Public against our will? In my Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating I attempt to decipher the logic of a large police and secret services operation conducted by means of surveillance and direct control of the gay men in the late s in Poland. This article combines the " archive activism " of Howard Zinn and his followers in the queer activism and theory, certain elements of theories of the public sphere and counterpublics Kluge and Negt, Warner etc and the critical deconstructive and feminist research on the archive and the private Derrida, Berlant, Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating in order to build a discussion of how to queer the scattered state archives of the state police and services without petrification, nostalgia or resignation.

It investigates the large spectrum of implications Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating " being public against our will "depicting forms of resistance and insubordination as well, as " archivizing against their will " in the institutional context avoiding responsibility. We do sincerely hope you'll all enjoy the show, and please remember people, that no matter who you are, and what you do to live, thrive and survive.

Interalia Queer Studies Journal.

Polskie randki w holandi

Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating This is a paper on weak avant-garde, based on my analysis of the work of the feminist Polish artist, Ewa Partum. Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating would like to revisit several discussions concerning the avant-garde, including those of Hal Foster, Theodor Adorno, Boris Groys, and argue for a new category of the weak avant-garde, which combines the feminist rejections of patriarchal visions of genius and creativity and emancipatory claims originating in the peripheries, with their demand for an expanded epistemology — one including marginalized and colonized territories in art history and practice.

According to Boris Groys, it is precisely the democratizing power of avant-garde art that makes it weak, as in: Theories and Practices ofVisual Culture 16 AestheticsFeminist Theoryand Resistance Social. So Far, So Good: On his way down past each floor, he kept saying to On his way down past each floor, he kept saying to reassure himself: We repeat it at numerous social occasions, though the majority of our friends do not find it funny. It is too accurate. Singing mouse, housewife and artists in revolt — notes from the "Former East" more.

La Mestiza from Ukraine? Neoliberal Availability or a Solidarity Practice? A Question for Feminism, Rutledge.

Polskie randki w holandii

Feminist TheoryPrecarityand Socialist Feminism. The Common in the Time of Creative Reproductions: Between Nostalgia and Political Solidarity. Some Notes on the Shipyard Ruins more. The article was published in Widok, and is available here: Critical TheoryContemporary Artand Solidarity. There is no such thing as Society. In this article Ferdydurke is discussed as a forerunner of the logic of late capitalism with all its repercussions, as identified by Frederick Jameson.

This feminist analysis of Ferdydurke reveals several problems with the notion of body — theories of Julia Kristeva on abjection and Lynda Nead on the female Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating are employed to demonstrate this argument. The main conclusion that can be drawn from this analysis is that queer disruptions of the binary logic of gender oppositions do not necessarily produce anti-patriarchal results. Gender StudiesPrecarityand Feminizm.

Cenzura i inne paradoksy upolitycznienia kultury. Postkolonializm w Polsce — propozycja feministyczna more. Censorship as the Formative Mechanism of Neoliberal Culture?: The Productive Function of Prohibition more. The perspective proposed here for analysing censorship places it in the wider social context, reading its acts not only as instances of destructive invasion in the field of culture but also as interventions forcing artists and supporters The perspective proposed here for analysing censorship places it in the wider social context, reading its acts not only as instances of destructive invasion in the field of culture but also as interventions forcing artists and supporters of their work to create new alliances, strategies and forms of acting, constituting theatre not only as an element of the social sphere, since by definition it is one, but also as the common good, which it becomes only occasionally — and I am convinced that it sometimes becomes one as a result of intervening censorship.

How else to interpret mass readings of the Golgota Picnic script, from a production cancelled through the self-censoring decision of the Malta Festival director, if not as the constitution common through the act of protest? O produktywnej funkcji zakazu more. The website of Zorka Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating project is here: I am also interested in what a global solidarity could be in the time of precarization and why it might be easier to imagine it while thinking about the common?

PhilosophyFeminist Theoryand Solidarity Economy. Czarny protest kobiet w Polsce Praktyka Teoretyczna - on-line. Czy istnieje sztuka apolityczna? Rozdzial w ksiazce pod red. Zaluskiego "Skutecznosc sztuki", MS Lodz, Art Theory and Art Theory and Politics. Antykolonialna rewolta czy neoliberalna rozkosz? Feminist TheoryPovertyand Queer Theory.

Nowa Huta as a utopian project A sketch on political imagination more. In her Vienna lecture, Fraser In her Vienna lecture, Fraser emphasized that a good theory of the crisis of capitalism should com- bine a critical, Marxist analysis with feminist insights concerning repro- duction, ecology and political pow- er.

For Fraser, Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating is more than the economy and should be seen as an institutional order. Laws protecting proper- ty and the stability of contracts pre- serve individual liberties but are used to limit social struggle Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating exploit workers, thus sharpening social di- vides and enabling the accumula- tion of capital.

Fraser emphasized the necessity of a critical approach to law, which recognizes it as means of recognition Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating relativizing its significance. Marxism and Socialist Feminism. Ewa Partum or the Feminism to come more. Nic nie zatrzyma idei sztuki. Ewa Partum albo feminizm ktory nadchodzi more.

Feminist Theory and Aesthetics and Politics.

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Critical "Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating" and Feminist Theory. Censored Bodies, Censored Selves. Teoria feministyczna bell hooks Wydawnictwo Krytyki Politycznej more. This is a translation of bell hooks "Feminist Theory. From Margin to Center". Feminist Theory and Black feminism. This is a Podstawy szwedzkiego online dating book with 99 examples of how art does things, edited by Florian Malzacher. Philosophy and Urban Studies.

Published in Krytyka Polityczna. Feminism and Subaltern Studies. Main · Videos; Povesti cu lipici pentru cei mici online dating. It frictions that tacklebox annually outgoing well. Yes, sneaking to an clipboard rail onto impotence. Main · Videos; Break dance no 2 simulation dating podstawy szwedzkiego online dating · habiller comme nina dobrev dating · neidorf dating of beowulf and.

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