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Payment of Filing Fee Check the appropriate box:. Identify the previous filing by registration statement number, or the form or schedule and the date of its filing. The Ha26 pof dating is available at www. The full text of the letter follows:. Dear Fellow Taubman Shareholders:. In our view, the problems with Taubman boil down to four main issues:. In the following sections, we Ha26 pof dating address each of these issues in turn. The Same Old Inferior Operations. These opportunities have included advantageous ways to increase advertising revenue, utilize kiosks and food vendors and employ short-term leasing.

As noted in our presentation released today, recent photos of certain Taubman malls make it clear to us that Taubman has taken no action around these issues. Apparently the Company continues to prefer dead space in its malls as opposed to revenue generation — and by extension value for shareholders.

A Board Devoid of True Independence. In its latest letter to shareholders, Taubman does not even rebut the conflicts that we raised with regard to the ties between newly appointed directors Michael Embler and Mayree Clark to the Company or the Taubman family. Clearly, a truly independent shareholder voice — with no ties to Taubman or the Taubman family, is needed on the Board.

As Taubman has continued to underperform, the Company has resorted to increasingly atypical methods of Ha26 pof dating its value creation, or lack thereof.

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Taubman has underperformed its Class A Mall peers over the most relevant time horizons, in our view, including the trailing 5, 3, and 1-year time horizons. Taubman must become a company run for the benefit of all shareholders, who are its true owners.

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Please support the election of myself, Jon Litt, to the Taubman Board and the approval of the non-binding proposal to eliminate the dual-class voting share structure at the Annual Meeting.

I will bring decades of real estate experience, an unwavering commitment to the Ha26 pof dating interests of all shareholders, and a willingness to stand up to the Taubman family on the critical issues that matter for shareholder value creation.

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I was gratified to receive the votes of a majority of the non-Taubman family shareholders at the Annual Meeting, based on the voting results, and I again ask for your support this year. If elected, I would introduce the following actions on my first day in the boardroom:.

Now is the time for Taubman shareholders to take a stand and help drive real operational, performance and governance changes that are urgently needed at Taubman. We also urge you to vote on the BLUE Ha26 pof dating card for approval of the non-binding proposal to eliminate the Ha26 pof dating voting share structure.

During a prior engagement, Mr.

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Price also noted that he first met Bobby decades ago and walked malls with Bobby at the time. Name of Registrant as Specified in Its Charter. Per unit price or other underlying value of transaction computed pursuant to Exchange Act Rule set forth the amount on which the filing fee is calculated and state how it was determined:. Severe operational missteps and lost opportunities. An appalling lack of true director independence. The refusal to evolve past the outdated dual-class share structure Ha26 pof dating. The chronic underperformance driven Ha26 pof dating the preceding factors.

In our view, Taubman continues to leave money on the table by: Not addressing short-term leasing opportunities. Not addressing advertising and open space opportunities. Not taking advantage of dead space. Lagging in the shift from apparel to food and dining. No process around improving capital allocation. No process around improving operations. "Ha26 pof dating" to split the Chairman and CEO roles. Motion to form a special Ha26 pof dating of independent directors to evaluate the elimination of the dual-class voting share structure.

Motion to form a capital allocation committee to evaluate ways to improve performance at Taubman, including strategic alternatives, capital allocation and operations. Motion to sell assets to take advantage of the arbitrage between private and public markets given the substantial discount the shares trade at to Net Asset Value 4.

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