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It consists of a circle of twelve five-pointed yellow or stars on a blue azure field. The flag was designed inand officially launched later that year by the Council of Europe as a symbol for the whole of Europe.

The EU inherited the flag's use when it was formed inbeing the successor organisation to the EC. It has been in wide official use by the EU since the s, but it has never been given official status in any of the EU's treaties. Its adoption as an official symbol of the EU was planned as part of the proposed European Constitutionwhich failed to be ratified in Since its adoption by the European Union, it has become broadly associated with the supranational organisation, due to its high profile and heavy usage of the emblem.

It has also been used by pro-EU protestors in the colour revolutions of the s, e. The graphical specifications given by the EU in describe the design as: According to graphical specifications published online by the Council of Europe inthe flag is rectangular with 2: Twelve yellow stars are centred in a circle the radius of which is a third of the length of the hoist upon a blue background.

All the stars are upright one point straight uphave five points and are spaced equally according to the hour positions on the face of a clock. The diameter of each star is equal to one-ninth of the height of the hoist. The colours are regulated in the guide by the EU, [7] and equivalently in the guide by the Council of Europe.

The logo of the Council of Europe has the colours: Against the blue sky of the Western world, the stars represent the peoples of Europe in a circle, a symbol of unity.

Their number shall be invariably set at twelve, the symbol Free dating site in europe country flags completeness and perfection. The official symbolic description adopted by the EU omits the reference to the " Western world ". The number of stars on the flag is fixed at twelverepresenting "completeness and perfection" in the original French: It is not related to the number of member states of the EU although the EU happened to have 12 member states at the time of Maastricht Treaty.

The twelve-star "flag of Europe" was designed in and "Free dating site in europe country flags" adopted by the Council of Europe in The same flag was adopted by the European Parliament in The European Council adopted it was an "emblem" for the European Communities in Its status in the European Communities was inherited by the European Union upon its formation in The proposal to adopt it as official flag of the European Union failed with the ratification of the European Constitution inand mention of all emblems suggesting statehood was removed from the Treaty of Lisbon ofalthough sixteen member states signed a declaration supporting the continued use Free dating site in europe country flags the flag.

Prior to development of political institutions, flags representing Europe were limited to unification movements. The most popular were the European Movement 's large green 'E' on a white backgroundand the "Pan European flag" of the Paneuropean Union The original flag of the Paneuropean Union The original flag of the European Movement.

Flag of the Western Union — The Council of Europe in appointed a committee to study the question of adopting a symbol. Numerous proposals were looked into. Among the unsuccessful proposals was the flag of Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi 's International Paneuropean Unionwhich he had himself Free dating site in europe country flags adopted for the European Parliamentary Union.

Kalergi was very committed to defending the cross as "the great symbol of Europe's moral unity", the red cross in particular being "recognized by the whole world, by Christian and non-Christian nations[,] as a symbol of international charity and of the brotherhood of man", [20] but the proposal was rejected by Turkey a member of the Council of Europe since on grounds of its religious associations [21] in spite of Kalergi's suggestion of adding a crescent alongside the cross to overcome the Muslim objections.

Other proposals included the flag was the European Movementwhich had a large green E on a white background[23] a design was based on the Olympic ringseight silver rings on a blue background, rejected due to the rings' similarity with "dial", "chain" and "zeros", or a large yellow star on a blue background, rejected due to its similarity with the so-called Burnet flag and the flag of the Belgian Congo.

The Consultative Assembly narrowed their choice to two designs. One was by Salvador de Madariagathe founder of the College of Europewho suggested a constellation of stars on a blue background [18] positioned according to capital cities, with a large star for Strasbourgthe seat of the Council. He had circulated his flag round many European capitals and the concept had found favour. On 25 Septemberthe Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe recommended that a blue flag with fifteen gold stars be adopted as an emblem for the organisation, the number fifteen reflecting the number of states of the Council of Europe.

Kalergi's Paneuropean Union proposal. Following Expo Free dating site in europe country flags in Brusselsthe flag caught on and the Council of Europe lobbied for other European organisations to adopt the flag as a sign of European unity.

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Shortly after the first direct elections in a draft resolution was put forward on the issue. The resolution proposed that the Communities' flag should be that of the Council of Europe [2] and it was adopted by the Parliament on 11 April The European Parliament used its own flag frombut never formally adopted it.

It fell out of use with the adoption of the twelve star flag by the Parliament in The flag followed the yellow and blue colour scheme however instead of twelve stars there were the letters EP and PE initials of the European Free dating site in europe country flags in the six community languages at the time surrounded by a wreath. The June European Council the Communities' leaders summit in Fontainebleau stressed the importance of promoting a European image and identity to citizens and the world.

This committee submitted a substantial report, including wide-ranging suggestions, from organising a "European lottery" to campaigning for the introduction of local voting rights for foreign nationals throughout Europe. But as the adoption of a flag was strongly reminiscent of a national flag representing statehoodwas extremely controversial with some member states in particular the United Kingdomthe Council of Europe's "flag of Europe" design was adopted only with the status of a "logo".

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The Communities began to use the "emblem" as its de facto flag fromwith it being raised outside the Berlaymont building the seat of the European Commission for the first time on Free dating site in europe country flags May The European Union, which was established by the Maastricht Treaty in to replace the European Communities and encompass its functions, has retained de facto use of the "Community logo" of the EC.

Inthe "Central and Eastern Eurobarometer " poll included a section intending to "discover the level of public awareness of the European Union" in what were then candidate countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Interviewees were shown "a sticker of the European flag" and asked to identify it. Responses considered correct were: InDutch architect Rem Koolhaas designed a new flag, dubbed the "barcode", as it displayed the colours of the national flags of the EU member states in vertical stripes.

It was never officially adopted by the EU or any organisation, but it was used as the logo of the Austrian EU Presidency in The official status of the emblem as the flag of the European Union was to be formalised as part of the Constitution of the European Union. However, as the proposed constitution failed ratification, the mention of all state-like emblems, including the flag, were removed from the replacement Treaty of Lisbon of Instead, a separate declaration by sixteen Member States was included in the final act of the Treaty of Lisbon stating that the flag, the anthem, the motto and the currency and Europe Day "will for them continue as symbols to express Free dating site in europe country flags sense of community of the people in the European Union and their allegiance to it.

In reaction to the removal of the flag from the treaty, the European Parliament, which had supported the inclusion of such symbols, backed a proposal to use these Free dating site in europe country flags "more often" on behalf of the Parliament itself; Jo LeinenMEP for Germany, suggested that the Parliament should "take the avant-garde " in their use.

In Septemberthe Parliament's Committee on Constitutional Affairs proposed a formal change in the institution's rules of procedure to make "better use of the symbols". Specifically, the flag would be present in all meeting rooms not just the hemicycle and at all official events. Ina set of commemorative Euro coin was issued on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the emblem by the European Communities.

The flag was widely used by advocates of European integration since the late s or early s. It is often displayed in the context of Europe Dayon 9 May. Outside the EU, it was used in the context of several of the " colour revolutions " during the s. In Belarusit was used on protest marches alongside the banned former national flag and flags of opposition movements during the protests of — In Georgiathe flag was on most government buildings since the coming to power of Mikhail Saakashvili[48] who used it during his inauguration, [49] stating: It was used in by pro-western Serbian voters ahead of an election.

The flag became a symbol of European integration of Ukraine in the s, particularly after Euromaidan. Ukraine is not a part of the EU but is a member of the Council of Europe. The flag has also been adopted as a symbol for EU policies and expansionism by EU-sceptics. In an early instance, the Macedonian protesters burned "the flag of the EU" in the context of EU involvement in the insurgency in the Republic of Macedonia. By the s, the association of the emblem with the EU had become so strong that the Council of Europe saw it necessary to design a new logo, to "avoid confusion", officially adopted in He claimed that the circle of stars was based on the iconographic tradition of showing the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Woman of the Apocalypsewearing a "crown of twelve stars".

Heitz also made a connection to the date of the flag's adoption, 8 Decembercoinciding with the Catholic Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. To the question "Who really designed the flag? Carlo Curti "Free dating site in europe country flags" has reconstructed the design process to the effect that Heitz's proposal contained varying numbers of stars, from which the version with twelve stars was chosen by the Committee of Ministers meeting at Deputy level in January as one out of two remaining candidate designs.

An article posted in La Raison in February further connected the donation of a stained glass window for Strasbourg Cathedral by the Council of Europe on 21 October This window, a work by Parisian master Max Ingrandshows a blessing Madonna underneath a circle of 12 stars on dark blue ground.

The EU emblem "EU flag" is depicted on the euro banknotes. It is also depicted on many driving licences and vehicle registration plates issued in the Union. A number of logos used by EU institutions, bodies and agencies are derived from the design and colours of the EU emblem.

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Other emblems make reference to the European flag, such as the EU organic food label that uses the twelve stars "Free dating site in europe country flags" reorders them into the shape of a leaf on a green background.

The original logo of the European Broadcasting Union used the twelve stars on a blue background adding ray beams to connect the countries. There was a proposal in to defaced national civil ensigns with the EU emblem.

The proposal was rejected by Parliament in The flag is usually flown by the government of the country holding the rotating presidency Council of Ministers. In response, Greenpeace projected an image of the flag onto the Free dating site in europe country flags and attempted to fly the flag from the building themselves. Extraordinary flying of the flag is common on Europe Daycelebrated annually on 9 May.

Sixteen out of twenty-seven member states in signed the declaration recognizing "the flag with a circle of twelve golden stars on a blue background" as representing "the sense of community of the people in the European Union and their allegiance to it. Italy has incorporated the EU flag into its flag code. Outside official use, the flag may not be used for "aims incompatible with European values ".

In Ireland [81] and the United Kingdom, [82] on occasions of "European Union Events" for example, at a European Council meetingwhere the European flag is flown alongside all national flags of member states, the national flags are placed in alphabetical order according to their name in the main language of that state with the Free dating site in europe country flags flag either at the head, or the far-right, of the order of flags. In most member states, use of the EU flag is only de facto and not regulated by legislation, and as such subject to ad hoc revision.

In national usage, national protocol usually [ clarification needed ] demands the national flag takes precedence over the European flag which is usually displayed to the right of the national flag from the observer's perspective. Despite not having a civil ensign, the EU's Fishery Inspection teams display a blue and yellow pennant.

The pennant is flown by inspection vessels in EU waters. The design of the European flag has been used in a variation, such as that of the Council of Europe mentioned above, and also to a greater extent such as the flag of the Western European Union WEU; now defunctwhich uses the same colours and the stars but has a number of stars based on membership and in a semicircle rather than a circle. It is also defaced with the initials of the former Western European Union in two languages.

Choosing “Index by Country” will take you straight to the country's page, In case you don't know the origin of a flag you can try using off-site. A national flag is a flag that represents and symbolizes a country. The national flag is flown by From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The origins of the Union Jack flag date back towhen James VI of Scotland inherited the Most countries of Europe adopted a national flag in the course of the 19th and early 20th.

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