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What does your zodiac sign say about your hookup habits


Photo by Alberto Bogo. Wondering why THAT person gives you the butterflies? The answer may lie in your Venus sign: Convivial Venus guides your romantic desires and your social style: Are you a shameless flirt or an unapologetic introvert?

Do you prefer a slow-burning courtship, or are you the type who would race to a Vegas chapel on the fifth date? As the only planet in our solar system named after a female deity yes, astrology could use a feminist upgrade! Understanding What does your zodiac sign say about your hookup habits Venus sign—and that of your bae or bae-to-be —can help you find your way to a partner who is divinely suited to your romantic needs.

The energy of your Venus sign can also say a lot about your personal style and aesthetic. Create a free birth chart here to find out where your Venus sign lies, and consider it your own short code to love! Pacing yourself is an art form to learn. You want to know NOW: Are you into me or not? A lover who drags out the courtship process will likely get a taste of your extreme ghosting powers.

Venus is "in detriment" in Aries, which is a somewhat challenging position because Aries is opposite the sign, Libra, that the love planet rules. In bed—or wherever you set the scene for your romps, which could be daringly public! Some Venus in Aries people are full-on exhibitionists.

You might install mirrors on the ceiling or, with consenting partners, build up a private video collection of your greatest moves. This liberated and sometimes fickle Venus sign might even make it hard for you to attach to one partner. For best results, allow yourself to experience the full-on bachelor ette lifestyle before you settle down. Easy does it with the double standards, though!

While you may require room to roam—or at least, let your eyes rove—you want a mate who is obsessively into you. Jealousy can be a troubling issue in your relationships. When it comes to your personal style, think: Showpieces that have a one-of-a-kind flair will fill your home and closet. The planet of love and beauty is literally at home domicile in decadent Taurus, one of the two zodiac signs Venus rules. Libra is the other. If you were born with this Venus placement, consider yourself lucky!

Let the slow jams pipe softly through your speakers and the vintage Pinot breathe alongside a pair of glasses on your counter. Cuddling is foreplay for your sensual sign, and you are especially gifted at the What does your zodiac sign say about your hookup habits of touch.

Giving massages is one of your specialties—and you probably spend a pretty penny on sessions with bodyworkers yourself. For Venus in Taurus people, being relaxed is the key to being receptive to love. A plush, organic mattress; silky, spun-cotton sheets; a down comforter; and piles of pillows are aphrodisiacs for your comfort-loving Venus sign.

With your discerning eye and appetite for luxury, you can be a bit of a style snob. No fast fashion for you! A thoughtfully chosen wardrobe of boutique-label designers fills your closet. You love entertaining, and your home should be tastefully appointed with hand-loomed rugs, leather sofas, and a growing collection of framed art. The perfect partner for you must be a multidimensional "renaissance romantic" who has major range and interests outside the relationship. By the same token, your S.

Digital connections are still plenty strong for you—and because of this, a long-distance relationship could actually work out just fine.

With dualistic Gemini directing your love jones, your feelings run hot and cold—and can fluctuate by the second. Even when you find your " twin flame ," you may have moments of repulsion to match the extreme magnetic pull.

Venus in Taurus (Domicile)

A sexy raconteur, you keep your "targets" spellbound with witty banter, fascinating stories, and even a few head games. While moves like these can be manipulative, you know how to keep an attraction dynamic by interrupting lazy habits that can dull the sexual tension. The summer might be time to bust out the inflatable hot pink couch; winter, your Moroccan wedding pillow collection on an oversize shag rug.

Can you say, "Hot mama"? When a prospective lover shows interest, you might demure or throw up a tough outer shell. This is simply a self-protective measure because once you open your heart, you go "all in. With your tender underbelly, it can take you years to get over a breakup or so-called rejection. Finding true love also requires you to risk heartbreak. And it may be hard to believe, but playing it safe can even prevent you from finding your soul mate.

Blankets and pillows on the couch?

Venus in Aries (Detriment)

Cookies and milk for a snack while dinner slow roasts in the oven? Endless hugs, cuddles, kisses, and devoted affection? Nesting with your S. Chateau Cancer will be a cozy and well-appointed palace with overstuffed sofas and sentimental objects like souvenirs, family albums, and framed photos.

The kitchen is likely to be the heart of your home. Since you love to eat and maybe cookyour ginormous fridge will always be filled. Fill your lingerie drawer with sexy little numbers and trot them out for an erotic fashion show: And hey, since you have SO much love to give and maybe more than one adult human can handlegetting a pet can be a great outlet for some of your warm-fuzzy What does your zodiac sign say about your hookup habits. Love is like a theatrical performance for those born with Venus in dramatic Leo.

Venus in fiery, flamboyant Leo makes you a passionate soul. Yes, please, and plenty of it. Your bedroom may look like a high-end bordello, complete with all the accoutrements needed to put on a show or even make a few home videos. Venus-in-Leo people need to be worshipped and adored. A roaming eye or an ambivalent heart are deal breakers.

Your mate must be vocal in their appreciation of how gorgeous and special you are—and, during the courtship phase, quick to reach for the check after a lavish dinner to which they arrived with an armful of roses, a handwritten card, or some other token of affection. And lucky for them since your charismatic and generous Venus sign gives as good as you get. Maximalism defines your style profile. Like Queen Bey, who shares your Venus sign, you can pull off eye-popping colors and bold patterns especially jungle printsgem-encrusted "red soles," cape coats, candy-colored furs faux or noand oversize hats that serve as your regal crown.

Your home will be equally luxurious and decadent—ideally with a giant walk-in closet and a full-on party room. Save the red roses and the red carpets: If you were What does your zodiac sign say about your hookup habits with Venus in practical Virgo—the sign of selfless service —a pure heart and noble character are your true turn-ons. Being fussed over is so NOT your thing unless bae is bringing you chicken soup when you have the flu.

Along your romantic flight path, you may fall for a few wounded birds, especially if their keen intellect appeals to your "sapiosexual" love of a beautiful mind.

The answer may lie in...

Alas, these romantic rescue missions can throw you off your game for months, even years! Great hygiene and grooming are also musts for your germ-conscious Venus sign. Modest and private, you generally prefer a clean and comfortable indoor environment for doing the deed.

When it comes to decorating, you go for a Zen-like palette of whites, browns, and earthy neutrals; your sartorial choices will reflect the What does your zodiac sign say about your hookup habits ethos. You keep your home orderly and may accessorize with natural objects like crystals and plants. Bookshelves are a must! Reading side by side in bed in the hush of comfortable silence might be your idea of foreplay. Venus is "in detriment" in Virgo, which is said to be its most challenging position.

Love may not come easily to you, but when you yield to its lessons, you may wind up the wisest and most satisfied of all! Since the planet of love and beauty reigns supreme here, this placement blesses you with extra luck in the love department. Although you can take your time to commit, you believe in love at first sight. During the dating phase, you require all the traditional trappings: A fairy tale beginning to your lifelong romance is a must; something you can reminisce over during the slower spells.

The only pitfall of this gift is that you can be SO focused on creating What does your zodiac sign say about your hookup habits that you sweep important issues under the rug. Cooperating, compromising and co-creating? But this can actually be detrimental to intimacy. Learning to "diplomatically disagree" and even differentiate from your partner is what will keep things hot in the couple bubble for years to come.

This glamorous Venus placement can make you a natural on-camera—you may even have delicate or symmetrical features that make you wildly photogenic. Fill up albums with memories from your halcyon days and beyond—plus all the magic moments you share with your S.

Your fashion sense screams, "Paris couture house," with its timeless sophistication and elegant sparkle. And nothing cheap or tacky for you, Venus in Libra. If you were born with Venus in secretive Scorpio, your approach to love is seductive, soulful, and intense. Casual dating is so NOT your jam. Sharing your own, however, may take years. Find out what your absolute worst relationship habits are when you're dating someone new, based Your Zodiac Sign's 'Crazy' Habits When Dating Someone New They say that an Aries is creative, adaptive and insightful.

What does you Zodiac say? What do But once you hook up with that one who can tune into your vibe, your Your practical nature reflects your dating habits. Ultimately, what happens in your love life next year (and every other year) is in what you can expect for your love life inbased on your zodiac sign. shift in their love life if they are willing to put in the work," Furiate says. Lucky [for] the partner who does hook up with this Pisces, the height of this.

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