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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. ENG Vakdidactiek 1 Auteur: What is differentiated instruction? In order to be able to do that, you will have to: This Skimmen zo werkt dating book aims at being a practical guide or work of reference to teacher trainees: Still, the proper metalanguage the language that is used to talk about language and teaching language is used and needs to be assimilated. You are advised to keep the course book Skimmen zo werkt dating hand for reference whenever you are developing English lessons, not only in the first year, but later on as well.

This will make studying later on so much easier. You will sometimes be given pop-quizzes at the beginning of class as well. That is the kind of attitude you also want your pupils to exhibit later on, too. If you do not do that, you cannot get marks for any assignment or pop quiz that has taken place in class during your absence.

It is also a good idea to notify your teacher of your absence via email out of courtesy. If, however, you do not take your responsibility in the learning process, you will find that that has a negative influence on goodwill.

A more detailed description of each of the assignments with criteria for evaluation and deadlines will be posted on Blackboard. A lesson preparation with activate activities.

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Handing in late will result in a mark of 0 for the assignment. Assignments handed in via another than the prescribed channel will not be read.

Extra condition s - Mention your name and ENG group in the header or footer of the document - This assignment is an individual one. Its aim is to have you have a close look at each of the first year curricula you may have to use in the future in some detail.

The process is as important as if not more important than the product. Do not copy answers from a fellow student, especially for opinion questions.

Context We did a scanning exercise reading a text diagonally in order to find Skimmen zo werkt dating information with the VVKSO curriculum for the first year if English. We used this curriculum because KdG is a catholic school and most of our partner schools are catholic schools "Skimmen zo werkt dating" well.

However, at some point in your teaching career during or after your trainingyou Skimmen zo werkt dating teach in schools belonging to a different educational network. This assignment is meant to familiarize you with the curricula written by the different educational networks. Assignment Answer the questions below. Whenever you have to formulate an answer in your own words e.

What is the url for the electronic version of each of the curricula? What is the reference code of each of the curricula? From the section with general objectives in each of the curricula, select the most important sentence copy-paste.

What is the sixth curriculum objective in each of the curricula? In which order are the objectives for each of the skills listed in each of the curricula consider aspects such as attitudes, strategies and tasks? Find the equivalent for the second part of VVKSO objective Sp 3 het hardop lezen van informatieve, prescriptieve, narratieve en artistiek-literaire teksten die voordien stil gelezen warden, p.

A Where can you find suggestions for teaching didactische wenken in each of the curricula? B Which approach do you prefer and why? Which suggestion for teaching do you think is useful? Which is not useful at all? Where can you find information about learning to learn in each of the curricula? Which concrete examples of informative texts does each of the curricula list for the skill listening? Which levels of Skimmen zo werkt dating beheersingniveaus are listed in each of the curricula and who are they for?

Which levels of processing verwerkingsniveaus are mentioned in each of the curricula and where? What are the minimum material requirements according to each of the curricula? Is it acceptable to use sound files for listening activities with background noises from the start?

Accuracy of the answers: Many of the questions only ask for short answers, often quotes from the texts, which are either correct or incorrect. It should become clear from the answers you have to formulate yourself that you have given the matter at hand some thought; even brief explanations should contain sound arguments to support your opinion.

You should present your answers in a structured way. Most of the questions require you to compare the three curricula with each other, so you should think of a way to create a clear overview of the Skimmen zo werkt dating information.

Do not copy answers from a fellow student. You may or may not agree with the Skimmen zo werkt dating expressed in this text, but will have to work Skimmen zo werkt dating this vision as an EFL teacher in Flanders. Your text should be coherent. For each of the aspects, you can achieve the following: A major lack in proficiency in any of the criteria e.

Extra condition s - Mention your names and ENG group in the header or footer of the document - This assignment is an individual one. Context One of the main obstacles in becoming an English teacher is the teaching of grammar. A lot of you have never needed to study the grammar rules. And this is, of course, a good thing as long as you use English for general purposes on holiday, on the internet etc. However, as an EFL teacher you will have to be able to explain the rules for various grammar topics in varying degrees of complexity.

In Didactics 1 you have analyzed a demo grammar lesson on the present continuous. In Language System 1 you have received an overview of the topics taught in the first year "Skimmen zo werkt dating" English and have done some exercises on the grammar rules, how to structure them and how to Skimmen zo werkt dating them using appropriate terminology.

In this joint Didactics 1 and Language System 1 assignment you will now bring what you have learned in the two courses into practice. The steps below describe the entire process you should go through when doing this assignment. It should become clear from your text that you have an insight in the potential difficulties pupils will have with your topic and that you have carefully delimited the content you are going to teach.

Pay particular attention to the grammar grids and consider the number of rules, the depth how much detail from the startformulation of rules, discussion of exceptions and peculiarities. Lesson preparations without these additions will not be marked. You have applied the fixed structures in at least one of your MT lessons and hopefully also during your TP.

You may take a lesson that you have developed during the academic year for MT or TP and revise it for this assignment.

These activities should be interactive and communicative.

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On the last page of your assignment, add a justification for your use of these activities; - Allow for differentiation in pace i. Evaluation criteria - Depth: It should become clear from your lesson preparation that you have fully grasped how to set up a differentiated language learning process, allowing the pupils to discover language systems themselves and to practise newly acquired knowledge and skills via interactive and communicative activities.

This means that you may receive a failing mark for an assignment if it contains too many language errors, even if the assignment lives up to all other criteria. A basic language proficiency assessment sheet will be added to all relevant assignments.

The lecturer examines a representative one-page sample A4 in order to assess basic language proficiency, using the criteria Skimmen zo werkt dating the grid below. Incorrect word choice, errors: Incorrect sentence structure; errors: Total Skimmen zo werkt dating of errors: S he will pay attention to the form, but also to the function, the context and the meaning of samples of spoken and written language, often guided by a teacher whose job it is to facilitate the learning.

Over time, different ideas about how people learn languages have led to different language teaching methods. Indeed, why do almost all pupils have to study English at school? And who decides what exactly they have to learn and when and how? And how can you tell whether a pupil "Skimmen zo werkt dating" reached the required level in English to move on to the next stage?

Most of the answers to these questions have been formulated by the government. Experts in education have put together documents that tell us about the vision behind and the rules and regulations for foreign language education in Flanders.

Flemish Department of Education and Training - Visie op het onderwijs in de modern talen. Very important websites about secondary education are: They do not, however, prescribe any teaching materials a teacher should use or any particular order in which different topics should be taught. Teachers or teacher teams can decide those matters themselves. In spite of this high level of autonomy, however, some rules and regulations apply.

The expected outcomes are formulated in attainment targets eindtermenwhich apply to all types of education in Flanders leading to official Flemish diplomas. The full set of objectives for a particular subject are brought together per level and per type of education e.

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English in the second stage ASO in separate curricula leerplannen. You can find the curricula on the separate websites of the umbrella organisations see the urls above. Try to find the curriculum your English teacher s had to Skimmen zo werkt dating when you were in the third stage.

In which network of schools is this curriculum used? For which pupils is this curriculum intended? What are some of the characteristics of these pupils? What is the function of this curriculum in the whole of the English language education in secondary school? Main · Videos; Are nathalia ramos and brad kavanagh still dating dating wali ball match Skimmen zo werkt dating dating skimmen zo werkt dating skimmen zo werkt dating.

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