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Praying a novena for someone


A novena is a traditional Catholic form of prayer where you ask our Lord to answer a specific need or prayer request over a period of nine days.

The word novena is taken...

Most novenas are directed to God through a particular saint e. Some novenas are longer e. Praying a novena for someone Novena or the day Rosary novenabut traditionally they are nine days. The first novena was inspired by Christ Himself who, at the time of His Ascension into Heaven, told the Apostles to prepare for the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost ; the Apostles went to Jerusalem and prayed with our Blessed Mother for nine days, awaiting the gift of the Spirit Acts 1.

Thus the Novena to the Holy Spirit is the first novena. No one dogmatic way exists to pray a novena.

Praying with intensity and focus...

However over the course of history in the Church, standard traditional practices have developed. You can choose either 1 by finding a novena tailored to your specific prayer request, or 2 by praying a novena on its traditional prayer dates. For the first option, you can find who the patron saint is for your particular need: Joseph for fatherhood, work, and many other things, St.

Anne for a woman to Praying a novena for someone her future husband, St. Peregrine for cancer sufferers, and so on. Then choose the novena for that saint and begin praying it. For the second option, you pray a novena that has a traditional date that it is prayed, and offer your intention as the prayer request to God for the novena. Other novenas however have no date set for them and can be prayed anytime Mary Undoer of Knots for instance. Once per day, pray the novena prayer, asking God for your particular intention.

Usually, a novena will have either one set prayer you pray each day, or it will have a standard introductory or concluding prayer, plus a daily prayer that varies each day. With the Pray Catholic Novena Prayers appeach Praying a novena for someone the novena prayer is compiled for you based on the day you are on, so you do not have to figure it out yourself.

If you miss a daythe prayer app will also prompt you to continue praying up to the day you should be on, so that too is made easy.

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Missing a day happens to everyone at some point and should not be cause for alarm. Novenas are not superstitious: Meditate on the Prayer. A beneficial practice used by all the saints is to Praying a novena for someone on some truth of the Faith at least once per day for five to fifteen minutes.

Meditation is not magical, and is not Eastern Mysticism. Instead, you simply raise your heart and mind to God and contemplate some truth of Catholicism. For instance, you could meditate upon the suffering of Jesus during His Passion betrayal, agony in the garden, scourging, crowning with thorns, carrying His Cross, Crucifixion.

You could meditate on the four marks of the Church one, holy, Catholic, Apostolicor her three attributes Praying a novena for someone, infallibility, indefectibility that she will never be destroyed or defeated.

Meditation goes perfectly with novena prayers because you can meditate on the prayers of the novena: For more on meditation, read this article on it. Novenas are a wonderful way to grow closer to God in your faith.

We are not alone but can help each other through prayer to God. So start praying a novena today! Pray Catholic Novena App. Sign in Get started. The Catholic Novena App A simple, straight forward way to discover and pray novenas on your phone.

Get updates Get updates. How do you know exactly which Novena you should pray? Does anyone have a link to a website that could help me? Or do I just choose a. Nine days can change the world or even change you For most converts from Protestantism the term Novena is quite strange, yet the Biblical.

The word novena is taken from “novem,” the Latin word for nine. A novena is made up of nine days of prayer and meditation usually to ask God for special prayer.

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