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Can midgets have big dicks


Allan's Perspective is not recommended for the politically correct, or the overly religious! Some people have opinions, and some have convictions Consciousness is not a phenomenon of the observable universe. It is that which makes the universe observable. Can midgets have big dicks is the manifestation of God Can midgets have big dicks us! In my scheme for the German state, there will be no room for the illegal alien, no use for the wastrel, for the usurer or anyone incapable of productive work.

Monday, 2 July Do midgets have normal sized dicks? I have to admit that we get some strange mail every once in a while here at Perspective, but the one we got today can go to the front of the line for weirdness. That, and a very unusual confession from one of the "Little People" about problems that can be encountered by a person's size.

It seems the sex organs of midgets and dwarfs are about normal in size but this can lead to unforeseen and unfortunate problems. You see, due to the length and width of "Charlie's" -"Johnson"- an erection causes too much of his total blood supply to rush to his dick and this makes him pass out from lack of oxygen to the brain.

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Every time he gets aroused I never knew that. I know tall skinny guys usually have long johnsons but not very thick. There is a guy here that I hear has a big unit but he is shortskinny and dorky looking so my guess no matter how good his member is he doesnt get much of chance to use it other than the occasional whipping it out in bars to get free beer.

Well I've seen a Can midgets have big dicks little person midget is not PC and his equipment was only "not normal" to the extent that it was proportionate to his size making it somewhat smaller than it would have been had HE been full sized. And I can assure you he managed to get sex. Apparently some women find the novelty irresistable. Posted by Allans Perspective!

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Newer Post Older Post Home. It seems the sex organs of midgets and dwarfs are about normal in size There is a guy here that I hear has a big unit but he is short, skinny. They have the same size penis they'd have if they weren't a midget.

It seems the sex organs...

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