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Knight and charming armor


The medieval knight who fights baddies, Knight and charming armor villains, knights or dragons, and in The Tourneycharms ladies without deliberately seducing them, behaves honorablyand saves the day with his sword ; but also, any hero who behaves similarly.

Invariably Lawful Good and honor bound. First appeared in the Chivalric Romance. He has a very high incidence of having a Bodyguard Crush and Rescue Romance. Historical knights were first and foremost professional soldiers. They usually were of Blue Blood — or, if commoner-born, founders of a new noble family.

This term could also be applied to knights though - essentially, all knights were men-at-arms, but not all men-at-arms were knights. Their modus operandi was lance-armed heavy cavalry, which charged the enemy in full gallop on closed ranks.

They often were used dismounted as well, when they fought as heavy infantry, usually armed with enormous can-openers such as poleaxes or two-handed swords. A cultural trope in Europe since medieval times, most good knights practice something called chivalryHonorand Self-Control and occasionally chastity. Prone to Knight and charming armor the Damsel in Distressor delivering her from false accusationsoften whilst bearing The Lady's Favour.

Another occupational hazard is Chronic Hero SyndromeKnights Errant being charged to Walk the Earth righting wrongs until a worthy quest shows up. Oh, and he will Save the Princessusually from dragons. This is often invoked to describe a "Knight and charming armor" who Knight and charming armor chivalrously toward women. The term may be used in more cynical works to indicate a Wide-Eyed Idealist.

Even the Ur-Example of the straight usage of trope, King Arthurmessed around with it a lot. The "shining" originally referred to the way his armor and weapons were kept in good condition, Knight and charming armor opposed to the rust that accumulated for less competent knights. Most knights will be depicted wearing plate armor, despite it appearing relatively late in the era of knights. Prince Charmlesson the other hand would not be a knight by choice.

See Lord Error-Prone and Miles Gloriosus for common variations, played with tropes, and parodies and Knight In Sour Armor for what happens when the world fails to live up to their standards, but they keep on being good anyway. If the knight is too dedicated to his ideals and code, he may become a Knight Templar. If he likes too much the fighting thing, he is in danger to become a Blood Knight. A knight who is shiny for one person in particular is The Champion.

A knight that gets magical powers as a reward for this goodness is almost certainly The Paladin to boot. If the Knight in Shining Armor wanders the land seeking evil to slay, then he's also a Knight Errant. Animated Armor will appear as this, all the way to The Reveal. Subtrope to Ideal Hero. See also Shining Goodness. Compare the gentleman's Old-School Chivalry.

A knight in shining armour....

Compare and contrast the Dogged Nice Guy. A white knight is an internet persona who wants to be this. An Officer and a Gentleman is the modern version of this trope — very often even their direct genetic descendants as old noble families are grossly over-represented in all military academies around the world.

With the notable exception of America, of course. Before adding examples, remember that—despite the name—this trope doesn't necessarily have anything to do with a character's armor or its color.

A well-behaved knight in black armor or even no armor could still qualify, and a character who just wears shiny armor without behaving in a heroic manner is not an example. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Serve Knight and charming armor and justice one last time. Seek one last heart of evil, still one last life of pain. Cut well, old friend, and then Annelotte Kreutz from Queen's Blade Rebellion is a noble knight with a strong sense of justice.

Berserk The Skull Knight doesn't do a lot of lady-charming, preferring Knight and charming armor act as a Mysterious Protector to Guts and Casca, but he's perhaps the closest thing so far to a Knight in Shining Armor in the "Knight and charming armor" universe, particularly when he saves Guts and Casca from being finished off by Femto Griffith's Godhand self and the Godhand at the end of the Eclipse.

Fan rumor is rampant that the guy is Emperor Gaiseric, the guy who unified Midlandwho may have gone through a similar ordeal when Void was incarnated as a Godhandexplaining his stone-cold hate for the Godhand in general. And the guy is a complete badass to boot. Griffith, aside from leading a pack of mercenaries, fits during the Golden Age arc Azan the Bridge Knight has a heroic disposition and combat competence despite his advanced age.

Mist from Knights does his best at this despite being a Hero with Bad Publicityas well as being just a squire. He fits the trope better than all the other knights thus far. There is a large group of Digimon called the "Royal Knights". As the name would suggest, they are a group of thirteen Mega-level Digimon who all resemble a cross between a classic Knight and a mecha.

A man that helps out...

They are supposedly a group of "good guys" who work for the God of the Digital Worldbut every one of their appearances so far has introduced them as antagonists of the Knight Templar or brainwashed variety. They're not all-exclusive to the group, though. A few of them have been partners to human characters in the series: These ones weren't actual members of the Royal Knights, though— they were just the same "species".

Mitsuhide Lowen is a knight, kind man and excellent swordsman who is completely loyal to prince Zen who he is a retainer for. He also attracts a number of female admirers due to his personality and looks but avoids romance both through obliviousness and his dedication to his job as Zen's protector. Zen's other initial retainer Kiki Serian reflects this trope as well, though her stoic unreadable nature and the fact that she will have to give up living as a just a knight to take over as head of her family makes her an interesting take.

Alucard is this to young Integra in Knight and charming armor when he saved her and is still her loyal bodyguard after she grew up. He'd only seen her twice when he made the decision, and he presents his intention with a written contract and a proclamation in front of a small crowd. Horo points out he's not really in love with herso much as the idea of rescuing a beautiful Damsel in Distress in a knightly way. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Kururugi Suzaku from Code Geass initially seems like the perfect knight, but his attitude is formed partly by his own inherent idealism towards helping people and not letting the ends justify the means — a problem, to say the least, in a Japan occupied by The Empire and site for several violent armed rebellions — "Knight and charming armor" partly by the repressed knowledge that he himself is guilty of the very thing he loathes by killing his own father at the age of 10 to make Japan surrender and keep it from becoming a permanent war Knight and charming armor. His lack of punishment for having done it drove him into becoming a Death Seeker that wants to die serving his ideals.

Having acknowledged the memories fully halfway through the season, he freely admits to being selfish, hypocritical, and, in his own words, "despicable". Xing-ke plays the trope straight; an honorable and badass swordsman devoted body and soul to his empress.

On the Britannian side, Gilbert G. Guilford is this for his own princess. The eponymous Revolutionary Girl Utena aspires to be this, initially entering the plot to avenge the honor of a friend and staying to Rescue The Princess. But was that really such a good idea? The idea is gender-flipped, subverted, deconstructed, and Knight and charming armor throughout the series. Very chivalrous and generally well mannered, has a weak spot for women, especially Orihime, also tried to protect Rukia when she was powerless and even spared the life of his female opponent, mercy he doesn't show to others of her kind.

Contrary to his popular image he is also one of the most capable leading characters in the series, having fought tough opponents and held his own against enemies far stronger than himself. The Quincy, people of whom he is supposedly Last of His Kind. Allen Schezar of The Vision of Escaflowne is this from start to finish. He always does the right thing, even when it hurts. Plus, his armor is a Humongous Mecha.

Slayers parodies this, and the Prince Charming idea. Both Lina and Sylphiel have an image Knight and charming armor a prince, noble, heroic, handsome, blond, clad in white, riding on a white charger. Then they meet Amelia's father, Phil, who technically fits almost all the requirements except the blond hair and he is not handsomebut shatters Sylphiel's fantasy of a prince into tiny little pieces. A piece of Lina's actually bonks "Knight and charming armor" on the head.

Mytho from Princess Tutuin his true form as the Prince from the fairytale the story revolves around, fits this trope almost perfectly except he has no armor and rescues maidens while dancing on a magically formed pillar of flower petals.

Also subverted with Fakir, who is the reincarnation of the Knight from the story but doesn't behave like the stereotypical knight.

Monster has the female heroine Nina Fortner fantasize that her secret admirer must be her "prince on a white horse. In reality, the anonymous "romantic" emails that have been sent to her were from her twin brother Johan.

Sayaka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica aspires to be this - her love interest in this case is Kyousuke, who used to play the violin until his hand was badly injured in an accident. When she contracts to become a Magical Girlher outfit of the magical girls we see in the series, hers is the only one with a cape and weapon of choice swords reflect this goal.

In a series written by Gen Urobuchithis quickly leads to tragedy. Her Witch form, Oktavia von Seckendorff also reflects this "Knight and charming armor" donning a knight armor, a three-eyed helmet, and a heart-shaped cape. In My Monster Secret the main characters' teacher Akari Koumoto has been holding onto the "prince on a white horse" fantasy for years, well into her Christmas Cake phase; though it's Played for Laughs like everything in the series, it's also Knight and charming armor examined, since it's strongly implied that the entire reason Akari has never been in a relationship is because she's convinced herself that True Love will just fall into her lap one day so she doesn't actually need to do anything.

On the other hand, the reason she has this particular fantasy in the first place is because as a child she'd always been either made fun of or treated like One of the Boys due to her unnatural strength and "Knight and charming armor," and she just wants a man will treat her like a feminine woman rather than being scared of her. Ame from Denpa Teki na Kanojo claims to have been this to Juu in a past life, and wants to continue this role in the present.

Her taser works just as well as a sword would. Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi. Hotohori wants to be this to the Priestessbut Miaka is more interested in Tamahome. Mika of Seraph of the End is affectionately dubbed as being this for Yuu given his constant Declaration of Protection about him, desire to save him above all else, and occasionally getting to carry him in a Bridal Carry. Ferid even refers to Yuu as the precious princess that Mika wants to save and likens it to "love".

The Gatheringthis is generally White 's shtick. Though depending on the setting, it might range from anything from classical heroic knights to insidious fanatics and other deconstructions. The White Knightpolar opposite of the game's Black Knight. However, game mechanics normally prevent the two from engaging each other in combat Definition of a knight in shining armor in the Idioms Dictionary. a knight in shining armor phrase. What does a knight in shining armor expression mean?.

Besides, fantasy or no fantasy, rather than waiting for your knight in shining armour to come and change your life for the better, be the knight yourself.

And wear. a knight in shining armour definition: someone who saves you from a difficult or dangerous situation.

A knight in shining armour....

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