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Tanka examples yahoo dating


I would like to express my sincere gratitude toward everyone in Einunddreissig who picked me up and translated my work into German. I started studying Tanka about 25 years ago when I was in the thirties.

Tanka examples yahoo dating reason that I started composing poems was I wanted to send a message to my father from whom I was parted when I was small. However, I found out he had had passed away when I was a highschool student. I completely lost a way to tell my gratitude or apology directly to him.

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Tanka was one way to express my emotion which had nowhere to go. Although tanka cannot deliver a lot of things because it is composed of only 31 syllables, it is easy to write down no matter where I was. Because of this, I was able to compose tanka while doing housework and childcare.

Literally, tanka came in to my life. When I wrote about how I felt while raising my son, toughness and joy, I still remember I was very much relieved. Being different from sports or study, Tanka does not have a clear-cut method to master the technique. Read as many tanka as possible, Tanka examples yahoo dating experience the emotion by oneself - this is the only way to improve poet's skill.

Luckily enough, I had an opportunity to be under Mr. His tanka is filled with masculinity and strength. I learned a lot from his works — energy, sensitivity, and so on. After this, I went into tanka - both writing and performing reading - Tanka examples yahoo dating and more.

My mother passes away in the following year. I fell into deep sorrow because Tanka examples yahoo dating was not able to share my feeling with anyone else - most of my relatives were deceased and I was a only child in the family. Again, it was tanka which supported me in those days. While I write tanka, I felt being relieved of my worries.

It was like passing my sorrow and trouble from deep inside my heart to poem I create. Let me introduce you the pieces I wrote in those days. I, myself, both physically and mentally, experienced the healing power that tanka has. She invited me to her publication party, where I was given an opportunity to perform tanka reading. It was my first reading performance overseas.

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The emotion we experience at death of the parent is universal. We all share the same feeling no "Tanka examples yahoo dating" where we are born. I received many comments with empathy. At the same time, I found out that there are many non-Japanese people who learn tanka without experiencing meter. I wanted to deliver the beauty of tanka as many people as possible. This is the reason why I started bilingual tanka reading performance.

In those days, there was no Japanese person doing this kind of activity overseas, therefore, everything was try and error. I was able to make myself understood in English at that time, however, I faced a lot of difficulties because Tanka examples yahoo dating the language barrier. American English, British English, and unique pronunciation or phrases in different areas, and so on.

The purpose of my activity is to deliver the undulation of emotion in tanka through my reading performance. Therefore, I have always been trying to find the best way to communicate with the people wherever I went. Language was not the only barrier I faced. Two years ago, I was scheduled to perform tanka reading at an event in an African University. However, I arrived there only to find the cancellation of the event. Luckily, I was introduced to two professors there, and had given opportunities to perform bilingual tanka reading in their faculties — two times in total!

If the event have had taken place as scheduled, I would have had perform reading only one time. And, I had no idea how many people would come to the event. My action led me to the better result. When facing a difficulty, even if the situation seems to unfavorable, a step move forward may turn out to be favorable outcome. I believe in it from the bottom of my heart.

Tanka reading performance is fascinating because the emotion seeded in tanka is released to the venue and touches the heartstrings of the people, who all share the same emotion. In order to better express the atmosphere that each piece of tanka has, I use some unique musical instruments such as rain sticks, which makes a rain-like sound, and Hamon - an iron-made percussion instrument — that makes beautiful sound.

Being a tanka poet and a performer of tanka reading is a worthwhile job, and I wish I could have the same job if I reborn in the life to come.

The lifetime of a human is a lot shorter than that of tanka, therefore, I would like to deliver the beauty of tanka as many people as possible as long as I am able to continue this activity. Tanka has been helping me to live my life peacefully without suffering from any sever illness. I would like to strive for my activity even more from now on so that I can return favor to tanka for its support to me.

This year is the 13th year of my bilingual TANKA reading performance activity overseas, and I did Tanka examples yahoo dating so far. It was my anthology, "WILL", Tanka examples yahoo dating brought me an opportunity.

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It is my third anthology which I compliled to memorialize my deceased mother, who raised me as a single parent and passed away suddenly due to subarachnoid hemorrhage. One beautiful elderly lady come to me and told me, "the language of your country sounds so beautiful as a piece of music! Her comment gave me a delightful suprise, and have been motivating me to continue my bilingual reading performance activity.

Why don't I deliver the Japanese unique sound and meter which has been succeeded over thousands of years! I made up my mind at that time. One wonderful encounter brought me another. InI received an offer from Canada, and in from America. As of October, My bilingual TANKA reading is composed with about 30 pieces of Japanese poems, all which have universal themes that anyone can empathize Tanka examples yahoo dating nationality, religion, age or gender.

I read them in Japanese and in English, taking the appropriate time while playing sound instruments by myself. My eternal goal is to depart from "individual" of being myself and to become a "medium" to convey ideas from soul to soul. I would like to make continuous efforts Tanka examples yahoo dating deliver the words breathed life to the audience. I believe that TANKA has a power to sublime negative emotions Tanka examples yahoo dating as pain and sorrow, and to heal the person who writes it.

Beause of this power, I was able to hold myself together for the last 17 days until my mother passed away. She fell down suddenly and turned into vegetative state. Kitakubo, WILL, the third anthology. I did all the procedures needs to be done after my mother is gone by myself. Of course, all of them had certain leeway until the due date, however, there were many documentations I had to process.

I had no time to rest and struggled with papers. Literally, there was no time for cring. After a while, I finished all the procedure.

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I took a breath, and remembered I had not been eating anything from the morning. Although the sauce for soba noodle was dark enough, it tasted as light as consomme soup.

The other customers looked satisfied with the food. They enjoy their meals while happily talking with accopanying persons.

I was tired, and I did not want to bother with complaining about the taste to the shop-person, therefore, I added extra soy sause to adjust the flavor. When I almost finished my meal, I realized that it is not the shop, Tanka examples yahoo dating me, that had trouble.

I was suffering from taste disorder. Since then, I have been trying to take rest consciously, and spending time by creating poems with the emotions piling up in my mind. Fortunately, my taste disorder did not last long. Not to insist on my own ideas, but try to adapt myself to others. It is my belief. If I become too self-assertive overseas, people may feel not only myself but also TANKA is something self-centered and pushy.

Sometimes I encountere with the situation which require extra efforts. In many countries, my reading Tanka examples yahoo dating in English is understood as is. However, in the area in Switzerland bordering to Germany, I had to change the pronunciation particular to the area. Much patience was required, to be honest, but there was no other choice.

In April two years ago, I visited Tanzania after 15 years. I was invited to the event to introduce Eastern Asian Culture held in Dodoma University in the capital. I fell into the unforeseen situation two days after I arrived in Tanzania. I received a cancellation notice of the event when I Tanka examples yahoo dating in Dar es Salaam waiting for a flight to Dodoma on the following day.

Unexpected things may happen during travelling, regardless good or bad. It's no use resenting. I departed to Dodoma, anyway. S, a Japanese teacher at the university, who bridged between the university and me, apologetically made a bow to me.

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dating right now · carbon dating flaws dinosaurs games · tanka examples yahoo dating. Tanka examples yahoo dating. A hundred verses from old japan (the hyakunin- isshu) index. She returned to the United States where she worked to interest.

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