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Sims 4 dating bugsy


A few of the sims actually have pets already! For instance, Wheeljack has Grimlock, a big, dumb, goofy German Shepard. Shockwave has a giant fluffy main coon named Predaking who also tends to be kind of an asshole to anyone Sims 4 dating bugsy Shockwave.

My I ask for some tfa Megatron, ratchet and Optimus yandere sim au headcanons and them finding out senpai is Sims 4 dating bugsy bigger yandere. Just like with his Tfp version he is the leader of the infamous decepticon gang. You probably gained his attention by showcasing some kind of skill and his interest turned into infatuation as time went on.

Once he decides that the time is in you will be approached by him directly. He will use his charm and charisma to lower your defenses and make you come Sims 4 dating bugsy him. It is only a matter of time until you join his gang. When you are declared a decepticon he will use his power to keep you with him at all times. Megatron has you report to him every day and each time you do he gets a little bit closer.

He makes his feelings for you clear from the start and leaves a bunch of gifts at your home. If anyone else approaches you or gets to close Megatron will not hesitate to eliminate them himself. Many have tried to knock him out or kidnap him but none have succeeded. Well, except for you. He tears out of his restraints and push you to the wall before you can react and kisses you passionately. When you respond to the kiss he hums in delight.

When the kiss is over he stares you in the eyes and smiles that wicked smile of his. You always have each others back and are absolutely loyal to one another. The rest of the decepticons comes to fear and respect you just as much as Megatron himself because they all saw what happened to the poor soul that disrespected him in front of you.

The red stain on the wall is a constant reminder what happens if you insult the king in front of his queen.

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Reader goes to college here. Despite his grumpy attitude and constantly frowning face you never seem to dislike him and always greets him when you meet in the hallways. You treat him Sims 4 dating bugsy kindness. And he soon becomes absolutely obsessed with you. He treats you much gentler than everybody else and with much more care. When you greet him in the hallways he responds with a smile, something he only does with you.

After all, you make him feel so young and happy again. He is old and you must have heard the rumors going on about him at the school, how grumpy and angry he is. Surely someone as wonderful as you would never want to be together with someone like him. So instead he settles for watching and pining over you from afar.

When Ratchet woke up bound by ropes he was Sims 4 dating bugsy and majorly pissed. Who the frag had decided it was a good idea to kidnap him?

He has you moving in with him the same week, without anyone knowing of course. They would not be able to understand your love.

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You still go to college and he still works there so when you see each other in school neither of you act any different. After all, Optimus only wants to help other people. Most students know and like him since he always does his best and always encourages other to do so too. Optimus loves you with all his heart. Sadly, Optimus is very jealous. He will never show it but whenever he sees someone else talking "Sims 4 dating bugsy" you it takes every ounce of his self control not to rip their tongue out.

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But kidnapping him is not the answer you know? People may take it the wrong way.

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Now, could you please let him out of these restraints? The two of you quickly become known as the perfect couple. Everyone can see that Optimus only has eyes for you and you are as loyal as can be. But if anyone threatens your idyllic life then they will have to watch out because the two of you will not hesitate to destroy them.

And you awaken something in Optimus, something primal, that takes away any remorse and Sims 4 dating bugsy when it comes to killing. First dates are always a bit awkward for everybody, but happening to run into your ex at the same restaurant? Ratchet thinks he might have finally found a keeper.

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Ratchet ratchet and clank ratchet fanart digital art paittoolsai the sims 4 the sims 4 ratchet. He made it up to her later. I beg of you! Black sims prettysims sim story ratchets sims sims 4' sims4 sims4cc sims 4 custom content sims 4 gameplay sims 4 get to work.

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