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Dating someone who works a lot


The hurt leads to anger, making conflict just about inevitable. Here are a few steps to help you set things right when your ballooning work hours are hurting your partner, or vice versa.

Whatever we think our values are, our calendars tend to tell an unvarnished story. For some, the honest answer is that work is the top priority, and you fit in whatever else you can around it.

Others place a higher premium on their families, their health, and their life outside the office. If you fall into the latter category, think through how your priorities are expressed in your time investment.

Your next step is to take some time to talk about it—try not to ignore these issues or just let them bubble up out of frustration. To some, not being able to support somebody means not being able to love them well. Most people are just trying their best, but they may not have the job environment or the time management skills to pull it off. Conflicts often occur because of clashing expectations. Either your Dating someone who works a lot has a higher need for quality time than you do in "Dating someone who works a lot" to feel cared for, or else there are practical issues sucking up your time together.

On the other hand, some couples get by just fine when one has a more grueling professional life than the other. Of course, the proportion of solo time that works for a given partner in a relationship varies from person to person.

Plenty of couples worry that falling into routines is a sign their relationship has flatlined, become boring, or lost its spontaneity.

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And for some, it is. But the fact is that when one partner loses control of their work schedule, it often starts to violate the sense of trust the relationship is founded on—no matter how unscheduled and freewheeling your lifestyles are already. Every relationship needs some consistency, and every partner deserves some reliability.

So consider setting some routines that work for both of you. Sure, it may seem silly to be so ritualistic about routines you set voluntarily, compared with mandatory directives from your boss, but you need to take them just as seriously.

If she makes it home earlier three nights a week, celebrate that and let go of the other two. Be honest, but be encouraging. Finally, at their core, these work-life issues are never one-sided. The fact that you are more than your paycheck or your performance review is alarmingly easy to lose sight of during Dating someone who works a lot daily grind. But it helps to remind yourself, too, that your worth is also intrinsic.

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By Elizabeth Grace Saunders 7 minute Read. Examine The Expectations Gap Conflicts often occur because of clashing expectations. Set The Right Routines Plenty of couples worry that falling into routines is a sign their relationship has flatlined, become boring, or lost its spontaneity.

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Maybe they were focused on their career, worked long hours or travelled a lot for work. Dating someone who works long hours is challenging. You hardly get to see them, Some people need to work a lot to survive. That can mean. That's the 5th time this week that he's not around at your convenience and a sure sign you are dating a busy man.

Take it from someone who works all the time.

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