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Companies like ours have the capability to do more. We have embedded key initiatives into our strategy that will strengthen trust in our Brand over the long term. We embrace this opportunity to use our scale as a force for good in the world.

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The Company also made significant advances with the refranchising strategy, "Jorie mcdonald dating" in our largest refranchising transaction in with the sale of our businesses in China Jorie mcdonald dating Hong Kong. We reached our refranchising target of 4, restaurants more than a year ahead of schedule. He continues to lead a cultural transformation — one that is customer obsessed, working together to make a difference for our business, our people and our communities, and aspiring to be a leading, world-class organization.

Active Oversight of Company Strategy. More than one-third of the Directors joined the Board within the last four years, bringing fresh perspectives and unique skills that contribute to the overall effectiveness of the Board. Enhanced Focus on Risk Management.

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Beyond these priorities, the Company continues to drive progress on goals across key social and environmental topics such as diversity and inclusion and animal health and welfare. We saw firsthand sustainable sourcing innovations for beef and learned from expert farmers and scientists how these solutions can and will address industry-wide climate change challenges and animal welfare issues, among other benefits.

Following the farm visit, the Board engaged in a lively discussion on corporate reputation with research experts at Oxford University.

These opportunities not only helped to educate the Directors, but continue to inform the discussions that drive the Scale for Good strategy forward. The Company believes in the importance of feedback from shareholders and management regularly reports to the Board on its engagements with a wide variety of shareholders.

This feedback, as well as voting results from previous annual meetings, are valuable perspectives during our boardroom deliberations. We are honored to serve you, our shareholders. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank you for your continued support. Sincerely, Enrique Hernandez, Jr. Chairman of the Jorie mcdonald dating. Meeting Time and Date: The registration desk will open at 8: At the meeting, shareholders will be asked to consider and vote upon the following proposals: In addition, we will transact any other business properly presented at the meeting, including any adjournment or postponement thereof, by or at the direction of the Board of Directors.

Shareholders at Jorie mcdonald dating close of business on March 26, the record date. Each share of common stock is entitled to one vote for each Director "Jorie mcdonald dating" one vote for each other proposal.

The audiocast will be available for a limited time after the meeting. Space is very limited. See page 86 for information about how to pre-register to attend in person. By order of the Board "Jorie mcdonald dating" Directors, Jerome N. Your vote is important. Please consider the issues presented in this Proxy Statement and vote your shares as promptly as possible.

It is important that you vote your shares. Please carefully review the proxy materials and follow the instructions below to cast your vote as soon as possible in Jorie mcdonald dating of the meeting. This summary does not contain all of the information that you should consider in advance of the meeting, and we encourage you to read the entire Proxy Statement and our Annual Report on Form K carefully before voting. Beginning inwe shifted our focus from turnaround to delivering long-term growth through the execution of our customer-centric Jorie mcdonald dating Our plan is rooted in extensive research and insights, along with a deep understanding of the key drivers of the business.

We are targeting the opportunities at the core of our business — food, value and customer experience. Each pillar has established sustainable platforms that enable execution of the plan with greater speed, efficiency and impact. Additionally, through the following three Jorie mcdonald dating accelerators, we are enhancing the overall customer experience with hospitality, friendly service and ever-improving convenience for customers on their terms: We are committed to sound corporate governance informed by feedback received from our shareholders and our ongoing review of evolving best "Jorie mcdonald dating." This structure provides for strong independent leadership that promotes critical evaluation and oversight of Company management and its practices.

It also allows our Board to effectively represent the best interests of all shareholders and enhance shareholder value. Inthe Committee focused on a number of key topics, including human capital management strategies and cybersecurity and technology risks.

Robust and Enhanced Risk Oversight. The Board oversaw the development of these enhancements. The Company continues to engage with a significant and diverse portion of shareholders on Jorie mcdonald dating of importance to both the Company and our shareholders.

During the engagements, we discussed a range of topics, including our Velocity Growth Plan, Board and other governance practices, executive compensation, risk oversight, and environmental and social issues. Additional information regarding our Directors may be found beginning on page Our Board continues to reflect a diverse and highly engaged group of Directors with a wide range of skills and experience, which continue to evolve.

More than one-third of our Directors have joined our Board in the last four years. Significant shareholder outreach and engagement. Executive sessions of independent Directors scheduled for each regular Board meeting.

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Stock ownership guidelines for Directors. Proxy access for Director candidates nominated by shareholders. Shareholder right to call special meetings. Capital structure that requires one vote per share of Jorie mcdonald dating stock. Public disclosure of corporate political contributions Jorie mcdonald dating certain trade association memberships. This platform plays an important role in our Velocity Growth Plan and is aligned with our strategic objectives. Our current Scale for Good priorities include beef sustainability, packaging and recycling, commitment to families, investment in people and climate action.

We also continue to further our progress in key social and environmental areas, such as diversity and inclusion, animal health and welfare, and supporting families and farmers. In addition to our Scale for Good platform, we are demonstrating leadership as an employer by providing employment Jorie mcdonald dating, training, tuition assistance and educational resources. For more details about our Scale for Good platform and other sustainability efforts, please see page 36 of this Proxy Statement.

Our executive compensation program is designed to support business initiatives, align the interests of our executives with those of our shareholders and strongly link pay and performance. Our Compensation Committee adheres to the following best practices: Item to be voted on: All Directors will be standing for re-election. With the exception of our CEO, all Director nominees are independent. Nominees who receive a majority of the votes cast will be elected.

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Each Director has tendered an irrevocable resignation that will be effective if he or she does not receive a majority of the votes cast and, upon the recommendation of the Governance Committee, the Board accepts his or her resignation following the meeting.

The Board expects all nominees to be available for election. If you have voted for the unavailable nominee, your shares will be voted for the substitute nominee. Our Board is a diverse, highly Jorie mcdonald dating group of individuals that provides strong, effective oversight of our Company. Importantly, each Director has senior executive experience, in many cases having served as CEOs of large, complex organizations, often with significant global operations.

As particularly important to our Company, several Directors have leadership experience in the consumer goods or food sector, and many bring expertise in information technology, cybersecurity and digital matters.

These and the other skills and attributes discussed below are key considerations "Jorie mcdonald dating" evaluating the composition of our Board and inform our Board succession planning and Director selection process. Further biographical information about each Director standing for re-election is set forth on the following pages.

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Our Board is committed to continually assessing Jorie mcdonald dating leadership structure to meet the evolving needs of the Company and its shareholders. Our Board is comprised Jorie mcdonald dating a diverse, highly-engaged group of Directors who contribute to overall Board "Jorie mcdonald dating" Committee effectiveness. Under our Corporate Governance Principles, the Governance Committee is primarily responsible for maintaining a strong and diverse Board through robust evaluation and succession planning processes, which include recommending Directors for re-election and identifying new candidates who will bring complementary skills and differentiated perspectives to our Board.

The Governance Committee evaluates and determines the appropriate and desirable mix of characteristics, skills, experience and diversity for our Board as a whole, as well as the qualifications and attributes of individual Directors and Director candidates. Among other qualifications, the Committee considers: Our Governance Committee strives to achieve an appropriate balance of continuity and refreshment through a mix of newer and longer-tenured Directors.

For example, a longer-tenured Director who has overseen more than one management team may have the experience, knowledge and confidence to develop and express a more independent view compared to a Director who is new to the Board and has overseen only one management team. Further, each of our Directors is a. Accordingly, while the Committee and Board consider tenure in evaluating the overall effectiveness of our Board, it is not a dispositive factor.

Our Board is committed to regular evaluations of itself, its Committees and Directors to measure on going effectiveness and succession planning. Each year, Directors are asked to complete a written evaluation of the Board, their peers and the Committees on which they serve. The following describes the process by which our Board currently carries out its evaluations: Directors complete Board, peer and Committee evaluations and send Board and peer evaluations directly to an independent third party.

Committee evaluations are sent to the respective Committee Chair. Independent Third Party Generates Report. To protect anonymity and the integrity of the Board and peer evaluation process, an independent third party compiles responses to these evaluations into a report for the Chair of the Governance Committee.

The Governance Committee and full Board discuss the Board and peer evaluation results. The Board and each of its Committees, except for the Executive Committee, develops and executes plans to take actions based on the results, as appropriate. The Chair of the Governance Committee follows up with Directors regarding their peer evaluation results, as appropriate. Our Governance Committee, together with our Board, maintains a robust policy for the consideration of potential Director candidates and is responsible for establishing criteria, Jorie mcdonald dating candidates and evaluating the qualifications of persons who may be considered for service as a Director, including candidates nominated or suggested by shareholders.

The Governance Committee considers current and long-term needs of our evolving business and seeks potential Director candidates in light of emerging needs, current Board structure, tenure, skills, diversity and experience. Among Jorie mcdonald dating qualifications, the Governance Committee considers: The Governance Committee recommends, and the full Board approves, Director candidates best qualified to serve the interests of the Company and all shareholders for appointment to the Board and election by shareholders.

Jorie Blvd. Oak Brook A start date of the later of August 1, or two weeks after your visa or authorization to work in the U.S. is obtained. Your work You will receive a McDonald's Sign-On Package which consists of the following:. McDonald's Corporation. Jorie Blvd. An annual base salary rate of $, effective on your start date. You will be eligible for a You will receive a McDonald's Sign-On Package which consists of the following. Jorie McDonald (right) stands with ABC's Good Morning America Jorie mcdonald dating Robin Roberts (left) during McDonald's internship with the program.

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