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Quackenbush air guns dating


This air rifle may not be mainstream; but just mention it to airgun hunters, and you might as well have pulled the starter rope on a hotrod snowmobile! The noise starts immediately as people break up into discussion groups, some to explore the potential accuracy or the best bullet and others to recount the dozens of game animals that have fallen to their rifles. But it did work, and I saw it do Quackenbush air guns dating twice in one day.

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But hunting is the purview of others. He would never think of foisting a. As a shooter, he understands the importance of making rifles in calibers for which there are a wide variety of lead bullets, because not everyone casts their own. You have to search to find them. You know there are very few 9mm lead pistol bullets available on the market; and of those, the heaviest is about grains.

That gives you a short, fat bullet with low sectional density and poor long-range performance. And my rifle can drive a grain. The long action allows the striker spring to be longer and the striker to travel a longer distance.

Both increase the airflow through the valve, which equates to Quackenbush air guns dating. That old rifle shot a The rifle is blued steel housed in a figured walnut stock. It weighs 8 lbs.

Quackenbush and Ilaviland Gunn Spring...

It comes with Weaver bases installed, so you Quackenbush air guns dating Weaver rings to match. The plan is to install a long eye-relief scope and see how it works. The rifle is just shy of 44 inches long, and has a inch barrel. Dennis uses a separate cocking bolt to retract the striker against the heavy spring, leaving the loading bolt for just the single function of inserting a bullet. This design was popular back in the s with several vintage British precharged rifles but is seen less often today.

In powerful big bores, however, it Quackenbush air guns dating the advantage of providing good purchase on the cocking handle, while leaving the loading bolt normal-sized. The black handle cocks the striker. The knobbed bolt is just for loading.

Dennis makes all his own barrels and the rifling buttons that cut them. At one time when he was experimenting with twist rates, he was hand-cutting the rifling; but now that he has the data he needs, button-rifled barrels are easier and faster to make, as well as smoother after production.

In big bore "Quackenbush air guns dating" rifles, you want to eliminate as much friction as possible. Jacketed bullets have too much friction and will slow the velocity way down, plus they wear the soft steel of the barrel much faster.

This holds true for vintage firearms, as well, which is why I would never shoot a jacketed bullet in a Trapdoor Springfield or in my old Ballard. These older guns have much softer steel in their barrels. Fill pressure Dennis builds airguns for thinking owners. You experiment, which means you need to have access to a chronograph.

Others have claimed fill pressures up to 3, psi in their guns. Quackenbush rifles all fill from a standard Foster male fittings.

Today I test the velocity...

He provides a stainless steel fitting to prevent the ball bearings of the female fitting from impressing themselves into the metal of the male fitting at high fill pressures. The rifle is filled through a common Foster Quackenbush air guns dating fitting.

General Dennis has very definite thoughts on what makes a good airgun. Though he also builds parts for aerospace companies and test fixtures Quackenbush air guns dating other manufacturers, he keeps his airgun technology firmly planted in the s. He buys his stock blanks in large lots, so there will always be enough for his production needs. And he shapes the stocks on a pantograph to save time and keep the shape consistent.


Quackenbush always has several hundred walnut stock blanks on hand. You have to understand that my. A Mercedes Gullwing in the backyard? A Faberge egg on the bookshelf? As it turns out, I got a TalonP pistol for further testing today, Quackenbush air guns dating I will look into this. Now, the frame DOES moderate the muzzle blast. Without the end cap, the pistol is LOUD! It really is a completely different airgun. I will try to shot that clearly in future reports. I would have had to see what it would do as soon as I had it unpacked.

I have a feeling he is about to be swamped with calls. Price of nice walnut stock blanks has gone thru the roof. Walnut trees are basically weeds around here. Tons of American black walnut. What we always need more of, its Persian walnut the kind you normally eat grafted onto black walnut rootstock. Well, I guess it would Quackenbush air guns dating hard to shoot this one in the house…. Yeah, ever since I shot the couch, Edith has asked me to please not shoot anything that can go through more than one wall.

I think I want to go SA only. The second shot was always as surprise when it broke so easy. This is what I am thinking now: I think part of the issue is I expect too much accuracy wise, since I am so use to precision rifle shooting. I just could not fit my hand on it and this was compounded by the crimson trace grip button that keep going on and off as I tried to get comfortable with it. As usual I was attracted to the low price of the Ruger, but this time it might have been a false value — at least for me.

Quackenbush air guns dating, Bought one several weeks ago. Much more likely to carry it than a full-size or Glock. No safety, just a long—but light—trigger pull. Super small, flat profile, light and easily carried.

I found out that Ruger makes a longer magazine that might help me get 3 of my fat fingers on the grip. I have wondered this about the 9X18 Makarov which is a super gun by all accounts, but its round is equivalent to. Matt, The practical side of it won out. I concluded that a. Plus when you pull the trigger it always Quackenbush air guns dating bang.

No slides, safeties, or other non sense. However it is not always practical to carry the corresponding revolver. Small cartridges make smaller pistols possible, in comes the. In a semi-auto, check out the Glock 26 in 9mm.

This is the 21st year...

Compact, light, and, reliable. You can get hot gr. Speer Gold Dot Plus P ammo works well. And, I can hit what I aim at with it. It would be like putting away an old friend at this point…. What a gorgeous rifle. Just to have one, and maybe pet it now and then, and maybe even plink with it once in a while.

Especially with the DAQs, where there seems to be a long line of folks who are waiting to put one to good use! The gun was initially delivered to the Texas criminal labs for testing. In other words, it went from Dennis to them bypassed Tom. It was delivered to Tom after quite some time at the labs…and then Tom became ill.

However, he was "Quackenbush air guns dating" far behind on other projects and reviewing guns that Pyramyd Air sold that the DAQ gun took a back seat. Just poking a little fun at BB. Oh, one more obvious-sounding question: I gather those scope mounts are fixed to the action, hence the need to choose a scope with mounting areas to match? A long, classic-looking scope. Would it even be possible to mount something like an old Unertl on an action like this?

Or do the front mounts need to be way farther forward than the typical airgun action allows? One long-standing fantasy of mine is to acquire a classic scope, and find a way to make use of it!

So I had to use a more conventional scope. Quackenbush air guns dating was just doing it because of how well the Conquest shot on 4-power. Those long eye-relief scopes are the clearest optics money can buy. The firearm was single shot so no damage done but a lot of wasted time clearing the barrel. Never mind a good couple of three hours was had by all. Today I test the velocity of my Quackenbush Number 7 BB gun.

If you read Part 1 . So I called to see what was the expected date Quackenbush air guns dating release. Quackenbush and Ilaviland Gunn Spring Guns 75 . 14) that “There is also preserved in the Annory ot Schmetan an air gun bearing the date ot Quackenbush did so much for the field of airguns that it would do him this and all other references state as the date when Quackenbush.

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