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Butter me up dating sim download


Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Check out the NeoGAF 2. Thread starter Hours Left Start date Feb 26, Forums Discussions Gaming Discussion.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hours Left Member Feb 26, Jun 28, 33, 1 0. Butter me up dating sim download Hunky Nostradamus Feb 26, Feb 27, 40, 0 Sep Butter me up dating sim download, 33, 0 0 twitter. Ahhhhh, I forgot this was already coming out so soon! Hopefully I'll find time to start playing this, as I juggle like 3 games right now.

Uhhhhhh, Hiroyuki or Kouichi. Nov 19, 10, 1 0 SATX. Some of the audio samples are, uh, interesting. Faustek Member Feb 26, Apr 25, 6, 0 Sweden. We've come along way since people where afraid to post the Man service from Akiba's Trip. Dimitri LH Member Feb 26, Aug 31, 5, 0 Aguadilla, PR.

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Thanks for the heads up Hours Left. Loved Coming Out On Top. Giever Member Feb 26, Dec 20, 2, 1 0. Mar 30, 14, 0 0. Sai-kun Banned Feb 26, Sep 16, 22, 0 0 Chicago, IL. Yooooooooooooooooo I want Maki so bad xo. Ants Member Feb 26, Dec 4, 0 27 LA County. While I'm not personally interested in a BL VN, I think it is nice to see such a game with apparently strong writing and high production value. Lending legitimacy to the genre can only improve it.

Mar 12, 17, 0 Will gladly be buying this to support the genera, even if the cast doesn't seem appealing Hiroyuki seems fine though.

Also, glad I got a Windows tablet for stuff like this, because my Gaming PC is viewable by others in the house: Deleted member Unconfirmed Member Feb 26, My backlog is too huge and I've spent far too much on games this past month, with a new PS4 and whatnot For those who have played the Japanese version, how far into the realm of taboo and strangeness does this game go into? Too often do I find BL games to be too heavy handed with the rape and twisty plots.

Coming Out On Top was so refreshing for a change. I've barely played any BL visual novels though. Nov 10, 0 0. Will definitely try this out. Garraboa Member Feb 26, Sep 11, 1, 0 0. My, where did this come from? More unexpected spending is Butter me up dating sim download my future, I guess: J Spoiler Kouichi is mine. May 12, 26, 3 0.

Conezays Member Feb 26, Jun 13, 3, 0 0. Cyrano Butter me up dating sim download Feb 26, Dec 20, 5, 1 Haru or Ryu can be my senpai anytime. Haven't listened to audio samples yet. Is there a big lack of congruence between visuals and audio? Not at all, the voice acting is great, and uh, very extensive. This is a game I had no idea existed. Monocle Member Feb 26, Jan 16, 36, 10 Rarutos Member Feb 26, Jun 17, 1, 0 0.

Barrylocke Member Feb 26, Nov 26, 4, 0 That's how this OT is going to be immortalized? Relevant to my interests. Great OT by the way. Great OT as always, Hours Left! Mystic Theurge Member Feb 26, Apr 11, 1, 0 0. This looks pretty good. I'll take a chance with it. Tizoc Member Feb 26, Jun 23, 81, 6 31 Oman. I like the art, I may just get the game. Sep 11, 4, 2 These guys really aren't my type Also have a friend who might enjoy this quite a lot.

Lain Member Feb 26, Jul 24, 18, 0 1, Art and presentation have me interested in trying this one despite me not being the target audience, though it'll be a little while before I grab it because money is a bit tight with other games and stuff preordered. Meanwhile I subscribed to the thread nice OP by the way to keep it in my mind and check on what you all Butter me up dating sim download say about the game as you'll play it.

Labrys Member Feb 26, Sep 19, 3, 0 0 United States. Money is kinda tight right now, but, body hair P Banned Feb 26, Jan 9, 20, 0 0 28 Italy.

The MC is fugly, jesus. Phocks Member Feb 26, Aug 12, 0 0 Anchorage, Alaska. It's always BL and never GL. Oct 27, 1, 0 0. Thanks for doing the OT. Honestly,the art didn't appeal to me at first but then it grew on me. I was also skeptical about liking Kouichi, but that old man's blushy face is so cute!

Harlequin Member Feb 26, Dec 4, 3, 0 0. If it didn't say he's a guy in the OP I'd have thought he was a girl which, there's nothing wrong with feminine men, etc.

A true love story between...

I just don't get off on it. English.Butter Me Up, Partially voiced Story: No animations Freeware Doujin x Internet download. Character summary. Protagonist Gordon. No, Thank You!!! is an adult gay dating sim/visual novel for the PC Kouichi takes pity on our the young man and offers to set him up with a job and a . No one gave me any suggestions when I asked, and butter is important.

A true love story between two of the greatest chefs of all time - Gordon Ramsay and Paula Deen.

I was looking through VNDB,...

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#Paula Deen #Gordon Ramsay #RenPy #Visual Novel #Dating Sim.

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