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Dairy farmers continued in to improve their already stellar track record Ncims fdating keeping antibiotic residues out of the milk supply, with the most recent national survey finding that only 0. On-farm vigilance in Ncims fdating drug withdrawal times has led to a steady decline in antibiotic residue, falling from Ncims fdating already low level of 0. Data are reported on the extent of the national testing activities, the analytical methods used, the kind and extent of the animal drug residues identified, and the amount of contaminated milk that was removed from the human food supply.

All milk loads are tested for antibiotics, and any tanker which tests positive for a drug residue is rejected before entering a dairy plant and does not enter the market for human consumption. The full report is available online. NMPF and the U. Ncims fdating this fact and the large size of the European dairy market, U. We Ncims fdating the Transatlantic agreement can do a lot to drive more reciprocal dairy trade between the United States and EU.

Ncims fdating prior submissions to the Administration about U. As a result, U. NMPF and USDEC also reiterated the need to ensure that any discussions on the use of common food names and geographical indications GIs be aimed at uprooting the rapidly expanding EU effort to Ncims fdating de facto barriers to trade against U.

In February, Cooperatives Working Together CWT helped member cooperatives make 85 foreign sales of cheese, butter, and whole milk powder totaling The 43 cheese sales assisted by CWT totaled The 40 butter sales amounted to This brought total CWT-assisted sales in to The milk equivalent of this amount was CWT is a significant factor in exports of U.

The Senate and House may pursue separate legislative Ncims fdating to immigration reform, and NMPF is talking with leaders in both chambers to ensure that whatever decisions are made will address the unique needs of dairy farms.

New preliminary cost estimates from the Ncims fdating Budget Office CBO "Ncims fdating" revised upward the price tag of the farm bills that moved through the House and Senate last year. The bills still show budget savings over current farm programs — saving billions of dollars over a ten-year period — but the projected savings have been "Ncims fdating" by new economic projections. Information released by CBO with the new estimates does not explain how current programs could be projected to cost less when the same projections indicate future lower milk prices.

Even with the new preliminary estimate, the dairy plan of margin protection and market stabilization represents less than one-twentieth of one percent of the cost of the overall farm bill.

That is by far the lowest cost of any of the major farm commodities covered in the farm bill. CBO now calculates that enacting the Senate-passed bill would bring total U.

The outlook for a new farm bill, and a better safety net for dairy farmers, will be one of the key sessions at the upcoming National Dairy Producers Conference NDPC April 7 — 9 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The conference, open to dairy farmers from across the country, will provide an in-depth discussion of the issues facing the dairy industry, with educational discussions on topics ranging from farm policy to immigration reform to agricultural finance.

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The meeting is organized by Ncims fdating. That session will feature presentations from congressional staff, NMPF leadership, and agricultural economists — all discussing the outlook for getting the Dairy Security Act DSA passed this year, and how that measure would benefit farmers.

Although the DSA came close to passage at the end ofthe agriculture committees in the House and Senate will have to restart the farm bill process this spring. The NDPC panel will review Ncims fdating that process will unfold, and will examine why a dairy margin insurance program with market stabilization will provide better financial protection for farmers compared to current programs.

The focus of this conference is on addressing solutions for the future. In addition to reviewing the farm bill, the conference will include another session about the prospect for immigration reform legislation on Capitol Hill, with presentations from individuals representing dairy farmers, the White House and Congress.

The National Dairy Producers Conference will also examine the state of the agricultural banking sector as it relates to dairy farming. A trade policy panel will address how the U. Participants will be able to get an insider tour of Fair Oaks Farms, one of the largest dairies in the country, with a consumer education facility. Although the conference is geared primarily toward dairy producers, anyone with a stake in the dairy industry is invited to attend.

This may include dairy cooperative executives and directors, dairy processors, suppliers and consultants to the dairy industry, state and federal regulators, promotion organization executives, and academics. The deadline to make hotel reservations is March 14th. For more information on the Ncims fdating, including how to register, visit www.

The report covers important issues such as dairy policy reform and the Farm Bill, tax and budget, food safety, nutrition, animal care, Ncims fdating trade. It also highlights activities of the NMPF membership, featuring the board of directors, member Ncims fdating, and Young Ncims fdating. The report is available electronically on the NMPF website. Please contact Sarah Olson to request hard copies of the report.

The most recent national government survey looking for pesticide residues in foods found virtually no positive levels in milk, and none that exceeded government tolerance levels. Inthe USDA collected whole milk samples in ten of the largest states, mostly at the retail level. Overall, only five of the milk samples showed any presence of pesticide residue, and all were lower than Ncims fdating Protection Agency-established tolerances for those compounds.

Congressional legislation allowing states to increase "Ncims fdating" weights of trucks used on their interstate roads has the endorsement of NMPF, along with hundreds of other associations and companies. The legislation allows an increase to 97, pounds on interstates, provided that trucks which utilize the higher weight limit add an additional sixth axle in order to maintain the same stopping distance and weight distribution as trucks currently operating on interstate highways.

While the bill has received a large amount of bipartisan support, serious opposition remains to giving states the option to increase their truck weights on interstate highways. The SETA legislation failed to make it into the two-year authorization of highway funding passed last July. Instead, a study was commissioned to review the "Ncims fdating" safety implications of such a change.

The highway bill will expire on Sept. Agropur Cooperative is a Canadian dairy cooperative that will mark its 75th anniversary this year. Agropur processes roughly million gallons of milk in 27 plants spread throughout Canada, the United States, and Argentina for their 3, plus member dairy farmers. It employs 5, people. Agropur continues to build on Ncims fdating vision of its pioneers. This organization with humble roots has remained faithful to cooperative values and today is a leader in the Canadian dairy Ncims fdating. For over seven decades, Agropur has served consumers with outstanding "Ncims fdating," providing them with a complete line of dairy products.

The passion of the early years is still there, enriched with the know-how and wisdom acquired over time. To learn more about Agropur, please visit their website at www. Newsletter Archive Annual Survey of Antibiotic Residues in Milk Finds Continuing Improvement Annual Survey of Antibiotic Residues in Milk Finds Continuing Improvement Dairy farmers continued in to improve their already "Ncims fdating" track record of keeping antibiotic residues out of the milk supply, with the most recent national survey finding that only 0.

Dairy Groups Welcome Launch of U. Associate Member Focus Agropur Cooperative is a Canadian dairy cooperative that will mark its 75th anniversary this year.

on Interstate Milk Shippers (NCIMS), a conferences the NCIMS recommends . Fact Sheets. Food Product. Dating. February 8, Labeling: Milk dating. . Code § 59a (relating to labeling: milk dating).

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manifest, which includes the NCIMS BTU Identification Number or the NCIMS Listed. This week, Ncims fdating National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS), a policymaking group comprised of state regulators and members of.

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