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Tim and eric hookup a gamer


Slang dictionaries never fail to interest me. A few days ago I ran across one serving the PUA pick-up artist subculture, a network of men and a few women who have attempted to systematize and explain tactics for picking up women. Any PUA would tell you this is a predictable and unremarkable consequence of being an Tim and eric hookup a gamer male. One one hand, I recognize techniques like kino escalation.

Oh, do I ever! Adroit use of that one has gotten me into the sack more times than I can count. On the gripping hand…I recognize a harsh truthfulness in a lot of what the PUAs are saying.

Furthermore, the PUAs are probably correct in asserting that for many AFCs it is the best strategy availableand never mind that Tim and eric hookup a gamer thought of running it myself turns my stomach. That is kind of horrifying if you think about it. The PUA is telling us that human beings are designed in such a way that the most reliable way for the large majority of beta males to get sex is to behave like narcissistic, dominating, emotionally-unavailable jerks.

Tim and eric hookup a gamer would be appalling enough as pure theory, but the PUA makes it worse by applying it to actually have lots of sex. Much as one might like to dismiss this as crass reductionism, evolutionary theory makes any countercase rather difficult to argue. How did our poor species get into this hole?

The use they make of evo-bio concepts like hypergamy, peacocking, and sexy-son theory is, I find, sound and justified. The kind of pitiless clinical eye they turn on human mating interactions could scarcely be bettered by most scientists. They accept this as the foundation of game without asking what circumstances in the environment of evolutionary adaptedness stuck women with apparently counterproductive wiring.

Perhaps they were much more risky to fake in a small society where beta males were almost constantly under they eye of senior alphas with hard fists. Nor do they claim to; the PUA attitude is that you just have to play your cards as best you can under a set of constraints that is intrinsically tragic. The truth hurts, but it also helps. This is why I think the people who should be paying most attention to PUA theory are women — and not for the most obvious defensive reasons, either.

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Because what both evolutionary psych and PUA tell us is that in cold fact you want to be played by an alpha — and failing that, at least someone a bit taller, a bit older, a bit smarter, and a bit higher-status than you. The fact that you want to be better at detecting imitation alphas changes nothing essential; women have been polishing that counter-game as long as men have been practicing theirs.

The reason women need be paying attention to PUA goes much deeper than just notching up another escalation in the jerk-vs.

In pervasive female self-honesty begins the only hope of not training up more generations of jerks. Tim and eric hookup a gamer

Sex, software, politics, and firearms....

Yes, I know what kind of reflexive screaming that last paragraph is going to trigger. The only exceptions to this rule have been barbaric hellholes in which women were treated as chattel. Ladies, with having more power over sexual outcomes there comes more responsibility.

I'm what PUAs call a...

Until most women stopped being cruel to betas and rewarding men who behave like dominating jerks with sex, nothing…. PUA game would still work. The tragedy to which it is a minimax response would still be in motion. Maybe you owe yourself a rethink and friend-zone guy an apology, of the kind best delivered naked. Or to put it another way. Males have nothing to gain by defecting from the system unless Females defect as well.

Is this a whole new set of psychological problems, or just the pendulum swinging a bit the other way? It certainly is nothing new that women like badboys or alphas. I think we all observed it in high school. Does the fascist leader make their coons moist? I mean he is or was the ultimate badboy Tim and eric hookup a gamer Sure, but non -PUA techniques should work as well. Especially if the women really are looking for commitment.

The relatively small minority of genuine alphas or beta with USPs can go with non-PUA, because they already have hypergamic eligibility. Environment of Tim and eric hookup a gamer Adaptedness. How we lived for the The assumption is that what you want is a one-night stand with the sort of woman who gets hot when you insult her.

Many PUAs deny that this is always true. I will note, however, that it is consistent with the evo-bio thesis that women seek alphaness more determinedly in long-term partners than in short-term ones.

Women do one-night stands with attractive betas to capture immunoglobulin-diversity and sexy-son effects, but they want lifetime mates to be alphas in order to secure providership for their offspring. The thing that intrigues me most about game is the idea that by emulating alpha behavior with an understanding of why it works could result in acquiring actual alpha thought processes; that you can train yourself to be an alpha if you apply game to all aspects of your life.

The other was discovering game, and that happened for me only within the past year or two. Once you see it, the emasculating attempt to suppress it in the media becomes very clear. I think Gregory HouseM. Alphas and sigmas are almost nonexistent; betas and herbs are ubiquitous, and are either celebrated as models, or the butt of jokes.

To tie it all up: Statism, whether you call it liberalism, progressivism, socialism, whatever, is essentially about turning everyone into betas or herbs. Individualism, in all its forms, is about turning everyone into alphas or sigmas. This is why game is so reviled by leftists, and leftist feminists: They are adept at evading control, and the only control they exert is being right more than their peers. However, as a mating strategy, I think actual sigmas would be off the radar for women.

Took me 2 hours to get back here. Sounds like a possible competitive advantage. ESR, most of my knowledge of it is from a few of my friends who are big into it, both in theory and in practice. I love the internet: Since I have been married for almost ten years now, the strategies and insights offered on PUA sites are not Tim and eric hookup a gamer relevant to my current situation.

For example, Tim and eric hookup a gamer Kay at http: His take is that you should balance alpha characteristics to retain her interest and attraction with beta characteristics to satisfy her need for stability and shelter, particularly when children are involved. Ever wonder why physical courage is so much easier than social courage? In the EAA ostracism would kill you or at least your genes more surely than any physical danger.

Probably, but what varies is how much the smile reaches the eyes. Another correlated difference is how much or little physical distance they maintain.

of male gamers out on...

I think he loves women and wants them to be happy. And he does this by being an alpha or faking it and letting women fuck him. With dozens of vagina trophies limited only by self-imposed constraintmy experience is female attraction hinges on demonstrating effortless control, because a female is an observer and receptor of justice.

She waits a man to show her how and why she was born a woman, and none of her rudderless preconceptions retain meaning when she is in his presence. Subconsciously she wants to maximize her narrow reproductive window in terms of priorities in social status. Attaining score via the jErk-off is so demeaning for the man, deluded he Tim and eric hookup a gamer from his inability to conquest through more truthful manifestations of real independence. Unfortunately most people live in an enslaved society, and mass media is a huge factor.

The choice is play the game, or move the goal posts and be the game. I think there is nothing women can do to improve the situation, the men are the leaders. The females are waiting for real men. In my game, she thought she was a feminist.

DJMoore, you left out one thing: One candidate for Senator in Minnesota of my acquaintence was in bed with his girlfriend when his mistress caught him; she told his wife. You can be sure that she walked away with part of his fortune. The wife, that is. The mistress just got fired. Yeah, she worked for him. Not the wisest person. If all you want is lots of sex, that is easy, marry a woman who loves you.

PUAs simply seem to have a problem forming stable emotional attachments and a considerable lack of empathy. Such games remind me of Antisocial Personality Disorder psychopathyand from your description I would not be surprised if they score high on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist actually, I expect them to score high https: Also, the femal side of PUA games sound a lot like what is known Tim and eric hookup a gamer songbirds.

But among birds, scientists are finding, females are sneaking off with other males whose offspring are then raised by the female and her unknowing partner. A leading theory is that it provides a sort of evolutionary insurance policy for the female bird. Just as men fall for a nice smile, long hair, and the right curves, women fall for anything that implies social success. They cannot Tim and eric hookup a gamer it. But I think for most healthy women the spell will last even shorter than for men.

And indeed, as others have commented, people who lack empathy tend to end up very lonely. You may suppose that I am virtuous, or that I traveled in circles where this combination was exceptionally unlikely, or both. I think it was a bit of both. I'm what PUAs call a “natural”, a man who figured out much of game on his own and consequently cuts a of evolutionary adaptedness stuck women with apparently counterproductive wiring.

This entry was posted in Sex by Eric Raymond. . To quote the 80s Philosophers Tim Rice & Björn Ulvaeus. It's a sucker's game, same as it ever was. expunged from the archives, like David Glisan, Mike Hook, and Stan Sharp), Tim and eric hookup a gamer But Coach Fletcher's real name is Eric Shimer, according to multiple sources .

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