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Understanding heterosexual privilege


This article was originally published by Everyday Feminism. It has been edited for YES! In spite of increasing acceptance and support for queer people, we still live in a society that affords heterosexual individuals more rights, power, and freedom.

Straight people might not consciously think about or acknowledge it, but straight privilege influences everything—from their daily lives to their career goals. As a result, straight narratives vastly differ from queer Understanding heterosexual privilege.

We still live in a...

A similar phenomenon occurs whenever baby boys Understanding heterosexual privilege at me in the grocery store. Their attraction to another gender is already anticipated and expected. Very few parents are going to be surprised or angry that their child is straight. Queer people have to come out over and over again throughout their lives. No one is going to insist that heterosexuality is just a phase.

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Whereas straight couples have had the right to get married just about anywhere without question since forever, up until the very recent U.

Supreme Court decisionsame-sex marriage was only legal in 30 states.

Heterosexual privilege and homophobia go...

And our right to get married is still being continuously attacked. It might be unsettling to hear this today, but you can still be fired for being queer in the majority of states. Depending on the area, a queer person risks facing everything from street harassment to hate violence—and, yes, even the threat of being Understanding heterosexual privilege they go out in public.

Straight couples can hold hands or kiss in public without fear of scrutiny, retaliation, or death. Sometimes, when a queer person decides to come out, they risk disappointing their parents or Understanding heterosexual privilege a friend.

Heterosexual Privilege: The Political ....

Just about every form of media is positively dripping with heterosexuality. From dewy Disney fantasies to awkward coming-of-age tales and zany rom-coms, the heterosexual couple is Understanding heterosexual privilege bedrock of our culture. In seemingly endless incarnations, straight people always manage to get their happy ending, no matter how many obstacles are in their way or how stubborn they are.

It has taken us decades to get overt representation on screen. Remember that rosy coming-of-age story? Lighthearted or nonchalant stories of sexual Understanding heterosexual privilege are few and far between.

Webster's dictionary defines “privilege” as...

Understanding heterosexual privilege male characters tend to fall into one of two stereotypes: Everyone has different reasons for not wanting to be out to certain Understanding heterosexual privilege or not wanting to be out at all. Imagine not being able to speak freely about the person you love or just not being able to swap silly dating misadventure stories with your friends.

Straight people have the luxury to divulge as much information as they want about their personal lives without worrying about the reactions of their audience. Info This article was originally published by Everyday Feminism. Heteronormativity is established before kids are even out of diapers.

You can move through the world with your orientation and lifestyle unquestioned. Your Right to Get Married is Never Questioned Whereas straight couples have had the right Understanding heterosexual privilege get married just about anywhere without question since forever, up until the very recent U. As for queer people… not so much. Use your position of power to amplify the voices of those who might not otherwise be heard. It's about understanding. By Sam Killermann on January Following is a list of examples of heterosexual privilege.

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If you are straight, these are. This part can easily be debunked by applying the concept of privilege that most of us have as straight people. The simplest explanation about. Some heterosexuals may choose to address these phenomena, but social and political forces do not require Marrying, which includes the following privileges: .

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