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One revealed Paleoarchean crystallization minimum age of ca. Accordingly, the gneiss is interpreted as the oldest continental crustal remnant already recognised in Ceara.

The other sample, from the Saboeiro-Aiuaba Granite gave a crystallization age of ca. In the Paraiba state the granodioritic gneiss pluton ascribed to the Mesoproterozoic Sume Complex showed a crystallization age of ca. In the Pernambuco state one widespread ortho gneissic unit within the Pernambuco-Alagoas Massif Belem do Sao Francisco Complexmapped as a component of the Meso proterozoic Cariris Velho Orogen, yielded a crystallization age of ca.

In the southern part of the province, near the northern margin of the Sao Francisco Craton, the Santa Maria da Boa Vista S-type orthogneiss yielded a crystallisation age of ca.

Both results match previous ages obtained on the orthogneisses protoliths from the Aguas Mornas complex, the main exposure of reworked Leer diario austral valdivia online dating within the batholith. The large, zoned calc-alkaline pluton of the Maruim Suite, confirmed its. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Transamazonic foundation from Borborema Province. These rocks may have involved from an initial mantle or lower crust melting and fractionation process by 2.

Relation betwen TTG-sequence and tectonic setting of the area and other localities in NE-Brazil suggest that the Transamazonic orogeny was the main crust-forming episode of the Borborema Province. Amphibia, Leptodactylidae, Paratelmatobius mantiqueira Pombal and Haddad, A female Paratelmatobius mantiqueira Pombal and Haddad, was collected in November at an altitude of ca. The current record extends its distribution km eastward from the type locality, represents the first records in the state, and provides information on its color in life.

Historical series of four selected streamgage stations were analyzed for the periods of andusing the Mann-Kendall and Regional Mann-Kendall tests. The results showed that the mean annual streamflows of Serra da Leer diario austral valdivia online dating En Its structuration in the Precambrian has been related to compressional processes during the Brasiliano-Pan African orogeny Ma.

In the Mesozoic, extensional stresses eventually leading to continental breakup, left a number of aborted rift basins within the Province. After continental breakup, the evolution of the Province was marked by episodes of uplift, which might have been coeval with episodes of Cenozoic volcanism.

The origin of uplift in the Plateau has been the focus of a number of multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary studies in the past few years, which have imaged the deep structure of the eastern Province with unprecedented detail.

With the goal of investigating the deep structure of the western Province, a temporary network of 10 collocated seismic and magnetotelluric stations was deployed in the region. Preliminary results based on teleseismic P-wave receiver functions. The influence of deforestation of the Atlantic Forest on the microclimate of the mountain Mantiqueira is not yet fully understood. To understand the consequences of deforestation on the highland climate research is needed about the surface radiation balance.

The lack of data allows combining satellite images with meteorological data in a Geographic Information System in determining Leer diario austral valdivia online dating radiation balance. Full Text Available The stream flow regime of four springs located in the Mantiqueira Mountain Range region MG was evaluated and correlated to the respective recharge area, relief characteristics, land cover and physical and hydrologic soil characteristics.

The streamflow regime was characterized by monitoring of discharges, calculating the surface runoff and specific discharge and by modeling the discharge over the recession period using the Maillet method. As all recharge areas have similar relief the effect of it on the streamflow was not possible to identify.

Analysis included determining the effect of drainage area size, soil characteristics and land cover on the indicators of the streamflow regime. Size of the recharge area had a positive influence on the indicators mean discharge and surface runoff volume and on the regulation of the streamflow regime springs L4 and L1.

The spring under the smallest area of influence provided the worst results for the above mentioned indicators spring L3.

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The effect of forest cover natural and planted, associated with soil characteristics, was evidenced by the indicators surface runoff in depth and specific yield, both independent of the recharge area size springs L4 and L2. The interaction of area size, soil characteristics and forest cover natural and planted provided the best results for all indicators of streamflow regime in the springs studied in the Mantiqueira Mountain Range spring L4.

Mid amphibolite facies metamorphism of harzburgites in the Neoproterozoic Cerro Mantiqueiras Ophiolite, southernmost Brazil. Full Text Available Valuable information is retrieved from the integrated investigation of the field relationships, microstructure and mineral compositions of harzburgites from the Neoproterozoic Cerro Mantiqueiras Ophiolite. This important tectonic marker of the geological evolution of southernmost Brazilian Shield was thoroughly serpentinized during progressive metamorphism, because the oldest mineral assemblage is: A metamorphic event M2 occurred in the low amphibolite facies along m-wide shear zones, followed by intense serpentinization M3 and narrow m-wide shear zones M4 containing asbestos.

Geochronology and Leer diario austral valdivia online dating of the Ceara State: Borborema Province northwestern part, NE Brazil. Furthermore, these data facilitated the different crust domain outlines in the region, putting age maximum limits in the pre-brasilianas supracrusts rocks deposition, and evidencing the epoch and duration of the Brasiliano magmatism and metamorphism in the northwest part of the State.

Oxigen isotope compositions as indicators "Leer diario austral valdivia online dating" epidote granite genesis in the Borborema Provinces, NE Brazil. Neoproterozoic magmatic epidote-bearing granitoids intrude low-grade metapelites in the Cachoeirinha-Salgueiro terrane CSTand gneisses and migmatites in the Serido terrane STin the Borborema structural province, northeastern Brazil.

Granitoids in both terranes contain biotite and hornblende, and are metaluminous, calc-alkalic, and oxidized I-type granites according to White's classification. However, in spite of these similarities, this work shows that mineral oxygen isotope data from plutons of the two terranes indicate different magma sources, and that magmatic epidote besides crystallizing at different pressure conditions, can have variable isotopic composition au.

U-Pb ages in zircon of some classic granites from the Borborema province. The Neoproterozoic evolution of the Borborema Province in the east-northeast part of the South American platform exhibits remarkable, much studied granitic plutonism. Almeida and co-workers discriminated a series of granitic typologies as 'Conceicao type', 'Itaporanga type' etc, mostly based upon general geological features and petrographic grounds.

This preliminary classification has somehow been maintained in all subsequent papers up to now, despite all the newly observed plutons and the newly generated tectonic, geochemical and isotopic data since then. Samples of these classical types of granites from their type-localities were analyzed geo chronologically using the U-Pb method in zircons in response to the felt needs of the geological community, because previous age-determinations involved less accurate methods.

The new data have been added to all other preexisting U-Pb data from other granitic bodies obtained over the last decade, making it possible to recognize three main stages of granitic magmatism for the Borborema Province: The last group of dates is closely association with the escape tectonics of the Brasiliano-Pan African collage, which preceded the assembly of the super continental landmass of Western Gondwana.

Meridional Considerations of Leer diario austral valdivia online dating Centrifugal Compressor Development. Full Text Available Centrifugal compressor developments are interested in using optimization procedures that enable compressor high efficiency and wide operating ranges.

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Recently, high pressure ratio and efficiency of the centrifugal compressors require impeller design to pay attention to both the blade angle distribution and the meridional profile. The geometry of the blades and the meridional profile are very important contributions of compressor performance and structure reliability. This paper presents some recent studies of meridional impacts of the compressor.

Tyga Wikipedia.

Studies indicated that the meridional profiles of the impeller impact the overall compressor efficiency and pressure ratio at the same rotational speed.

Proper meridional profiles can improve the compressor efficiency and increase the overall pressure ratio at the same blade back curvature. Distant drivers, often associated with emerging markets for specific products, are now being considered one of the main factors of LUCC and are gaining attention in land change science.

Consumers show an increasing interest in local and quality food, certified for its origin and its environmental production standards. A kind of agricultural product certification, Geographic Indication, identifies a product as originating from a specific Leer diario austral valdivia online dating where a given quality, reputation or characteristic is attributed to its geographical origin.

Sustainable land use is potentially an indirect effect of Geographic Indication, as it requires better land management in order to preserve the natural resources associated with the unique characteristics of the certified product. Located in the southern region of the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil is the region of Mantiqueira de Minas, considered one of the most important regions for the production of specialty coffees in Brazil.

Inthe region's tradition and reputation were recognized with a Geographic Indication, the second given for coffee regions in the country. To explore the full potential of this area for producing coffees with higher quality and meet the growing demand of this new international market, which aggregates value at specialty coffees, it Leer diario austral valdivia online dating fundamental to understand the coffee environments of the region, the "terroirs" where these coffees are obtained.

Geotechnology can give a significant contribution in filling this gap. This work is part of a research project that made a detailed characterization of the region's coffee agroecosystems. All the segments of the Leer diario austral valdivia online dating were characterized and mapped in detail and the relations with coffee quality were evaluated. All the segments of the environment were characterized and mapped in detail and the relations with coffee quality.

Nymphs were collected in several streams and mesohabitats with a Surber sampler and the winged stages with light attraction methods, entomological nets, and Malaise traps.

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Furthermore, it was possible to identify 11 species, of which two are new records for the state: Tricorythodes santarita Traver and Caenis reissi Malzacher. Despite the high diversity recorded, the accumulation curves presented an ascending form, indicating an increase in the number of genera with additional sampling effort.

The high richness found in these areas are in agreement with the high biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest biome and the sampling effort employed, which included the use of different methods, the collection of both nymphs and winged stages, and the sampling of a large area with diverse streams and habitats.

Equilibrium and Disequilibrium of River Basins: Landscapes are mainly driven by river processes that control the dynamic reorganization of networks. Discovering and identifying whether river basins are in geometric equilibrium or disequilibrium requires an analysis of water divides, channels that shift laterally or expand upstream and river captures.

Issues specifically Leer diario austral valdivia online dating include the variation of drainage area change and erosion rates of the basins. In southeastern Brazil there are two main escarpments with extensive geomorphic surfaces: Serra do Mar and Serra da Mantiqueira Mountains. These landscapes are constituted of Neoproterozoic and early Paleozoic rocks, presenting steep escarpments with low-elevation coastal plains and higher elevation interior plateaus.

To achieve equilibrium, some basins located in the continental side are retracting and disappearing, losing area to the coastal basins. The same pattern was observed in Serra da Mantiqueira Minas Gerais statewith stream captures and river network reorganization Leer diario austral valdivia online dating its main rivers. The initial results suggest a strong contrast between erosion rates in the continental and the oceanic portions of the escarpments.

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This accident resulted in the formation of a scar on the hillside forest, with removal "Leer diario austral valdivia online dating" soil and vegetation. To reverse the erosion processes, a methodology was developed consisting of the use of four barriers numbered I to IV formed by seedlings of Bambusa mutiplex Lour. Stalks of bamboo intercropped with Bambusa multiplex were used to contain debris in two gullies formed by erosion.

The development of vegetation was monitored for 18 months and evaluated by the application of a Leopold Matrix composed of 5 points, which are: The purpose of the matrix was to demonstrate the effectiveness of interventions using bamboo. The result of the classification matrix enabled the quantitative and qualitative classification of the interventions, resulting in Leer diario austral valdivia online dating levels, where the barriers I, II and IV were considered to be of very high efficiency, and barrier III was considered to be of high efficiency.

The contention of the gully was considered to be of medium to very high efficiency. Meridional flow in the solar interior plays an important role in redistributing angular momentum and transporting magnetic flux inside the Sun.

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Although it has long been recognized that the meridional flow is predominantly poleward at the Sun's surface and in its shallow interior, the location of the equatorward return flow and the meridional flow profile in the deeper interior remain unclear. After removing a systematic center-to-limb effect in the helioseismic measurements and performing inversions for flow speed, we find that the poleward meridional flow of a speed of 15 m s —1 extends in depth from the photosphere to about 0.

An equatorward flow of a speed of 10 m s —1 is found between 0. Our analysis also shows evidence of that the meridional flow turns poleward again below 0. This double-cell meridional circulation profile with an equatorward flow shallower than previously thought suggests a rethinking of how magnetic field is generated and redistributed inside the Sun.

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