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Scorpion actors dating on general hospital


She came in the s as an Aztec princess who married spy Frisco Jones and commissioner Mac Scorpio.

Kimberly McCullough has been a...

She has been portrayed by actress Kristina Wagneron and off, since the character's debut on September 7, For a little while inSandra Ferguson temporarily took over the role.

Wagner, then known as Kristina Malandro, debuted in the role on September 7, In Marchit was announced that Wagner would be parting ways with the show, she last aired February 13,with little fanfare. In Januarynearly a year after her initial departure, it was revealed that Wagner would be returning to the show as Felicia.

In Mayit was announced that Wagner would once again be leaving the show and former Another World actress Sandra Ferguson would take over in the role. In MarchDaytime Confidential revealed that Wagner will be returning to the soap, she began airing on April 27, Felicia arrived in Port Charles indressed as a boy and intent on getting back an Aztec heirloom, in the form of a ring that Frisco Jones had purchased years earlier.

Felicia "Scorpion actors dating on general hospital" the ring as hers and had every intention of getting her property back. While attempting to get her ring back, Felicia quickly attracted Frisco and the two started to fall in love. But Felicia was engaged to the treacherous Peter Harrell and therefore couldn't take her relationship with Frisco any further at the time. After the ring dilemma was settled, Frisco and Felicia traveled to Mexico with Robert Scorpio and his wife Holly Sutton in search of a treasure.

Along the way, Felicia also attracted the attention of Sean Donelybut after she turned him down, he became more of a father figure to her and nicknamed her "princess. A year later, Felicia became entangled in another adventure and this one took place in the Asian Quarter. While there, she Scorpion actors dating on general hospital Jade Soong, the granddaughter of the evil villain Mr. She also helped Frisco and Sean stop Mr. Wu's reign of terror and bring him down. After the Asian Quarter adventure, Frisco and Felicia progressed in their relationship and began to date more steadily.

Together they moved into a small studio apartment at Bobbie Spencer 's Brownstone. After coming to terms with his chosen occupation, Frisco and Felicia are finally married in They married at the Brownstone and since Frisco was in the police academy and could not travel away, Sean gifted them with a private honeymoon in his penthouse.

InFrisco was presumably killed while undercover for Scorpion actors dating on general hospital WSB and after a period of mourning, Felicia attempted to move on and married Lucy Coe 's cousin Colton Shore. It turns out that Colton had been involuntarily involved in the attack that left Frisco for dead and inFrisco turned up alive and well just in time to see Felicia marrying the man who tried to kill him in the city's park.

Scorpion actors dating on general...

Felicia was unable to chose between Frisco and Colton. After getting into an accident, she developed amnesia and befriended Colton's younger brother Decker Moss.

Felicia soon realizes that Frisco is the one for her and Scorpion actors dating on general hospital reunites with her lover. Inthey are once again married in a small wedding at Sean's penthouse. After their wedding the two go to Europe on what Felicia thinks is a music tour, but in actuality it was really Frisco on secret assignment for the WSB again. Later, after accidently overhearing Frisco talking with a WSB agent about rejoining, Felicia, who has just learned that she's pregnant, runs away to her grandmother's hacienda Scorpion actors dating on general hospital Texas.

However upon hearing that Frisco's been hurt, she returns to Port Charles. Frisco and Felicia are reunited again and soon their daughter Maxie Jones is born in A year later Frisco, Felicia and Maxie moved back to her family's hacienda in Texas.

Felicia was constantly worried about the danger that her husband faced and no longer able to take the worry that was eating away at her, Felicia left Frisco. After their divorce, Felicia became involved with the crazy Dr. The night she returned, an unknown man grabbed Felicia, covered her mouth with a drugged soaked cloth leaving her unconscious on the ground, when she awoke she had amnesia. Felicia later got her memory back while on a cabin holiday with Ryan, she attacked Ryan in self-defense, but was charged with trying to kill him.

Ryan had her committed to an insane asylum, but Mac helped her to escape. Mac and Felicia then went on the run together and the two eventually fell in love. Mac and Felicia almost married inbut the wedding is called off after Ryan crashes the ceremony with a bomb.

After dealing with Ryan, Mac and Felicia once again tried to make it down the aisle, but before they got the chance, Maxie got sick with Kawasaki syndrome. Mac tracks down Frisco and brings him back to Port Charles for Maxie.

With Frisco, Felicia, and Mac surrounding her with love and support Maxie recovers from her illness. Frisco and Felicia celebrate their daughter's recovery by making love and soon after Felicia becomes pregnant with Frisco's child again. Mac is devastated by the news, but still continues to support Felicia.

After Frisco leaves again, Felicia gives birth to their second child on the floor of Luke's club. She delivers another girl and they name the baby Georgie Jones. InFelicia gets involved with Dr. Tom Hardybut when she becomes the victim of another stalker she starts to suspect Tom. However a year later it is revealed that her stalker is Kevin Collinswho is suffering from a nervous breakdown and not Tom. The strain on Tom and Felicia's relationship increases and they finally end it for good, in which Tom returns to Africa.

Felicia moves on and resumes her relationship with Mac and inthey are finally married.

Scorpio is a fictional character...

Their wedding was originally supposed to be a double wedding with their best friends Kevin and Lucy Coebut Kevin and Lucy's wedding was called off when Eve crashed the ceremony and revealed that Lucy was responsible for Serena Baldwin 's accident.

Felicia used this commission as an excuse to go on several adventures with Luke Spencer. While off of an adventure, Felicia is kidnapped yet again, this time by the presumed dead Cesar Scorpion actors dating on general hospital. Felicia is rescued and able to move on with her life.

InMac and Felicia's marriage begins to fall apart when Mac starts to believe that Felicia is having an affair with Luke. He could no longer put up with Luke and Felicia's mysterious trips and adventures and inFelicia and Mac divorce. After their divorce, Felicia continued to pursue Luke and the two embark on a romantic relationship. Even though they are divorced, Mac and Felicia reconcile and together they move back into the Scorpio House with Maxie and Georgie. Ina devastated Felicia returns to Port Charles to attend her youngest daughter Georgie's funeral after she is killed by the Text Message Killer.

While in town she tells Maxie that she was with their father Frisco and Georgie had tried to stay in contact with her through letters. After coming back to town and hearing of Georgie's death, her ex-husband Dillon Quartermaine visited Felicia and Maxie to comfort them over the loss of Georgie. During Georgie's funeral, Felicia's older daughter Maxie angrily lashed out on her for being absent from her and Georgie's lives.

She berated Felicia for abandoning them and told her to leave the funeral or she would since she had no right to be there. Not wanting to cause anymore conflict a heartbroken Felicia left and Maxie later found her mother crying over Georgie's grave. Felicia tried to mend fences with Maxie as best as she could, but Maxie still continues to hold a grudge against her mother and has little use for Felicia. She did not commit the crime, but she wanted to anyway because she felt her life was "over" since her cousin Robin died, and she thought she killed Robin.

Maxie gets 20 years in prison, leaving Felicia heartbroken. Spinelli then tells everyone that Matt killed Lisa. However, with the help of Mac, Maxie's ex-boyfriend Spinelliand Maxie's current boyfriend Matt they are able to get Maxie out of prison without Matt going either - Maxie marrying Matt, so she doesn't have to testify against him. The plan Scorpion actors dating on general hospital, but Matt still feels guilty for Lisa's death.

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In June, Matt turns himself in to police and gets sentenced to 5 years in prison, leaving Maxie very upset. During all of this, Mac and Felicia work things out and begin dating. They then get a Metro Court room together, and had Mac's great niece, Emmaover for sleepovers. Felicia is very supportive of Scorpion actors dating on general hospital when she tells Felicia and Mac that she is the surrogate for Lulu and Dante 's baby.

However, unknown to Felicia, Maxie miscarriaged Lulu and Dante's baby and is carrying her baby with Spinelli. In Februarya love triangle emerges when Frisco Jones comes back to town and says that he wants Felicia back. On April 5, Frisco proposes marriage to Felicia after his serenade to her during the Nurses' Ball. She rejects this and Frisco leave town, devastating Maxie who had reconnected with him.

Felicia later proposes marriage to Mac Scorpio, which he accepts. In AugustFelicia ends up marrying Mac. InFelicia keeps Lucy's secret about her affair with Scott Baldwin. Eventually the truth comes out and Lucy is a wreck. Levi researches the Jones family and gets close to Maxie by posing as a self-help guru who she met in Australia.

Everyone in Maxie's life disapproves of her relationship with Levi, so Felicia tries to be supportive for Maxie's sake. Levi, who has already stolen the Aztec necklace, takes Maxie hostage and forces Felicia to hand over the rest of the jewels. Felicia does so and pleads for him to let Maxie go, but Levi refuses, shoots Mac, and kidnaps Maxie along with Lulu Falconeri. On August 27, Scribner reveals that Levi Dunkleman is an alias. Levi's real name is Peter Harrell, Jr.

In Januaryit is revealed that Felicia lost the mayoral election against Janice Lomaxbut Lomax tampered with the votes with the help of Agent Kyle Sloane and Nikolas Cassadine. On February 29,Felicia goes to General Hospital to see Nathan, her daughter's boyfriend, who had just been shot. Before she goes to his room, she runs into Anna and they talk for a little bit and then she goes to see Nathan.

She notices that things are tense between Maxie and Nathan and gets Maxie out of the room. Then she finds out that Nathan said he loved Claudette and that she was his french poodle but Maxie doesn't know what to believe.

Felicia tells her "Scorpion actors dating on general hospital" to trust her boyfriend as Nathan has never given Maxie a reason not too. Later on, Felicia buys Nathan a stuffed poodle. Sign In Don't have an account?

This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia view authors. Robin Scorpio-Drake was suspected of having died in a lab fire on “General Hospital” earlier this year, but as recent episodes have shown. And Laura general HospitalPort CharlesDays of current actors may be Scorpion actors dating on general hospital fans on Grisly End? general hospital dating couples; J.

Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake, MD is...

Cdl is and Felicia Scorpio. Scorpio is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. Kristina Wagner as Felicia Scorpio . Deceased and Presumed Dead Characters.

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