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She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg

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Please upload essays, bibliography, articles, review, summaries, presentations, research papers, thesis proposal, case studies, coursework, creative writing, and any other study resources. Signature of thesis adviser: Specifically I grant the following rights to the University: To the Evils who introduced Wattpad to me way back High School senior year, thank you. You girls are one of the inspirations of this study.

To Rizza Cervantes, thank you, not only for lending me two editions of SDTG, but also for being an outlet to my Wattpad fangirling moments. Neca Reyes and Sir John Habala who helped me in contacting one of key interviewees, I will always be grateful to your major contribution to my study. To my family who never failed to motivate and understand me during the stressful months of writing She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg study, thank you.

This one is for all of you. To my thesis adviser, Professor Josefina M. Santos, thank you for accepting me in your BC class. Your expertise in Political Economy inspired me to continue this study. Thank you for always being patient and understanding. Your guidance since BC helped me a lot in finishing my undergraduate thesis. To my interviewees, Ms. Christine Ko, and Ms. Charlene Grace Bernardo, I will never get tired of expressing my gratitude.

This thesis will not be what it is today if not for your insights. Thank you very much. She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg guys were my breather and sanity break. Thank you for the happy, crazy memories.

You will always be one of the best decisions of my life. To my life friends, thank you for always pushing me to FinishStrong every time I lose track of the essence of everything we are doing. College has been more enjoyable and amazing with you guys by my side. And lastly, to the One, thank you for not giving up on me.

Always for You, my Lord. Transmedia Narrative, a phenomenon that is relatively new and has not yet been fully explored in the Philippines, talks about how a material moves from one platform to another, and the possibility of going back to the medium where it started.

Who's this gangster?? I know...

Considering this phenomenon is relatively new in the country, the researcher used the Grounded Theory and Political Economy Structuration as approaches. Constant Comparative Analysis was used to cross-check the materials, and to supplement these analyses, in-depth interviews with the writer of the book, the publisher, and the writer of the screenplay were conducted.

This study sees possible changes in both the production process of materials, and the viewing experiences of the audiences as Transmedia Narrative enhances the story to fit to specific cultural needs, while maximizing the reach of the story. This study also sees the probable further development on the Political Economy of Transmedia Narrative. Ang Transmedia Narrative ay isang konsepto na bago at hindi pa lubos na napag-aaralan dito sa Pilipinas. Ang naratibong ito ay tumutukoy sa paglalakbay ng isang materyal mula sa isang platform patungo sa iba, at bukas ito sa posibilidad na bumalik ang material sa orihinal nitong platform.

Ang storyang ito ay unang inilathala sa Candymag. Pagkatapos malathala sa internet, ang storyang ito ay ginawang libro ng "She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg" Fiction na ngayon ay may tatlong edisyon, saka naman ginawang pelikula ng Star Cinema. Bilang bago nga ang naturang konsepto, ginamit ng mananaliksik ang Grounded Theory. Nang kanyang mapansin ang pampulitikang ekonomiyang posibilidad ng material ay saka niya ginamit ang Political Economy of Structuration.

Nakikita ng mananaliksik ang posibilidad na magkaroon ng school of thought ang Pampulitikang Ekonomiya ng Transmedia Narrative. Nakikita rin ng mananaliksik ang mga pagbabagong maaaring idulot ng Transmedia Narrative sa proseso ng produksyon, at panonood ng mga konsumer. Background of the Study 2 B.

She's Dating the Gangster is...

Statement of the Problem and Objectives 9 C. Significance of the She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg 9 D. Scope and Delimitations 12 xiv II. Transmedia Narrative and Its Culture 14 B. Transmedia Platforms and Their Characteristics 23 D.

Approaches in the Study 30 B. The Methods 45 B. Research Instruments 46 C. Changes in the Narrative 65 xv C. Theoretical Issues 94 B. Methodological Issues 94 C. Interview with Bianca Bernardino B. Interview with Pop Fiction C. Interview with Charlene Grace Bernardo D. Content Analysis Matrices E. The broadcast industry has started to adapt to this development, thus resulting to convergences and synergies. Shows and programs broadcasted in television and over the radio are also uploaded online.

Materials and content are now also being produced for the web and other related platforms e. Aside from the changes in the broadcast media, print has also been affected by these technological developments. Electronic books or e-books are widely available and popular online. Newspapers publish news articles online. The internet has provided a new venue where users can produce materials on their own.

Blog sites are everywhere. Even social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, for instance, became avenues where users can share stories, life events, or just a random Day-In-The-Life-Of-A-Person. One of the most popular sites where people can upload their literary work is Wattpad. Users across the world can access this website, upload their works, comment on the works of other people, and interact with different users.

This website opened many doors to Filipino writers because a lot of literary works that are being 2 published now were originally posted in Wattpad. Some even got movie versions, while most are undergoing production. This change in the broadcast industry inspired the researcher to study how one material moves from one platform to another, and how it can possibly influence others to create the same kind of story because it sells. This phenomenon is called Transmedia Narrative. Being a relatively new idea that is not much explored in the Philippines, this topic has little background in the Philippines, and is therefore an interesting field to be explored.

The researcher aims to explore the Transmedia Narrative of the said text, and the factors behind the changes in the narrative as it changes platform.

Background of the Study 1. The Internet in the Philippines marked the twentieth anniversary of the Internet in the Philippines. Prior to this, the closest thing to the Internet is the public-access Bulletin Board System with an annual subscription of P Soon, email gateways and services were made available in the Philippines, and with the help and funding from 3 the Department of Science and Technology, communication lines and equipment were bought for the Philnet Project.

He then posted a note to the Usenet newsgroup soc. The Philippines is In! As of March 29, at 1: For now, a 64K serial link is the information highway to the rest of the Internet world. Ayson, Today, the Philippines holds the fastest growth in terms of internet population according to the statistics from The Global World Index Madirila, There is also a rapid increase in the usage of mobile phones to access the internet.

With this, it is not surprising to see how Social Networking sites and other websites became popular in the Philippines. Facebook She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg the most visited, 4 followed by Google, and Youtube.

It redefines storytelling by allowing its user to read, and write in more than 50 different languages on any device—phone, tablet, computer.

Furthermore, Wattpad stories are free. According to SocialBakers1, a social media analytics and publishing company, the Philippines, with roughly two millions users, is the largest community in Wattpad SocialBakers, There are aboutcompleted stories coming from Filipinos, and the number is growing by ten percent per month Philippine Star, Aside from being turned into books, some "She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg" on Wattpad are being adapted into films and lately into teleseryes.

In the ideal form of transmedia storytelling, each medium does what it does best-so that a story might be introduced in a film, expanded through television, novels, and comics, and its world might be explored and experienced through game play.

Each franchise entry needs to be self-contained enough to enable autonomous consumption. Jenkins, In the same year, Christy Dena and Jak Bouman in the Dutch Acten Report, refined the definition of cross-media to remedy what became a confusion between cross-media and transmedia.

Lebrechtin his article Old spice and the return of ad-power: To further explain transmedia narrative, Max Giovagnoli in his book, Transmedia Storytelling: Imagery, Shapes and Techniques, said that there are four key facets of Transmedia Narrative, and they are as follows: Doing transmedia means to involve multiple media in a publishing project, keeping the features and the language of each one, even She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg they are part of a single system of integrated communication; 2.

Doing transmedia means to allow the multiple media to tell different stories but all exploring a common theme, even if it is experienced through multiple narrative perspectives; 4. Doing transmedia means to agree to give a part of the authorship and responsibility of the tale to the audience and other storytellers in order to create a participatory and synergistic story in the experiences of the different audiences of the tale.

Giovagnoli, 8 4. He'd get drunk, and Jilly, his right-hand guy, stone gangster, would get. and playboy famous for dating many of the most famous and richest. My Girl and I. By SGwannaB.

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K K · Unwritten by youramnesiagirl. Unwritten. By youramnesiagirl. K un·writ·ten /ˌənˈritn/ adjective -not. He's played Agent Hobbs, the Scorpion King, Dr.

Smolder Bravestone, and Maui.

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With a shaggy Keanu Reeves taking on Russian gangsters over a cache of.

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  • Please upload essays, bibliography, articles, review, summaries, presentations, research papers, thesis proposal, case studies, coursework, creative writing, and any other study resources.
  • Who's this gangster?? I know two gangsters but.. Which one am I dating? Chapter ONE You wanna know a secret? Ok ok.. He's not my first love and I'm NOT his. She's Dating the Gangster: A Transmedia Narrative and Its Political Economy. Retrieved from 6 .. 60 After the.
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  • 16 Daniel Padilla as Kenji Delos Reyes in She's Dating the Gangster. 17 Kenji and Giddens.
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she's dating the gangster...

He also outlined the premises of the theory of transmedial fiction. Glaser and Strauss emphasized that When the researcher is convinced that his analytic framework form a systematic substantive theory, that it is a reasonably accurate statement of the matters studied, and that it is couched in a form that others going into the same field could use — then he can publish his results with confidence.

It redefines storytelling by allowing its user to read, and write in more than 50 different languages on any device—phone, tablet, computer. To Rizza Cervantes, thank you, not only for lending me two editions of SDTG, but also for being an outlet to my Wattpad fangirling moments.

For 80,plus clients and their pets, the clinic and its maverick vet Dr. Parang July 7, nagsshoot pa kami. This is the 10th addition to the game of Dominion.

She's Dating the Gangster is a Philippine coming-of-age romantic comedy theatre film based on the first-class Pop Fiction book of the same name originally published on CandyMag. Due to the film's huge success, it was screened internationally in selected countries uniform United States , Canada Set, Australia , and United Arab Emirates. She's Dating the Brigand received largely positive reviews both from critics and fans.

Philbert Ortiz-Dy of Click the Burgh gave a positive review in the film, stating that She's Dating the Gangster is at its best when it allows kids to be kids. Its portrayal of young, intensely visionary love is really charming, primarily placed as it is in this wacky conception of its period setting. The film begins to apply fantasy logic to really serious topics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

She's Dating the Gangster Theatrical movie notice. Malou Santos Charo Santos-Concio.

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Arctic Scavengers with Recon expansion. That version comes with a soft insert to organize all your cards for ease in place setup. This is the 10th addition to the game of Dominion. It has cards and 96 metal tokens. There are cards you can buy from time to time and pay for later, piles with two different cards, and Landmarks which add In Sluice for the Galaxy, players galactic civilizations by game cards that represent worlds or industrial and social developments.

Each up consists of one or more of five possible phases.

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She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg

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She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg Marine corps rules She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg 42 She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg

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  • My Girl and I. By SGwannaB. K K · Unwritten by youramnesiagirl. Unwritten. By youramnesiagirl. K un·writ·ten...
  • He'd get drunk, and Jilly, his right-hand guy, stone gangster, would get . and playboy famous for dating...


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