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What is the definition of a player (hookup)


When it comes to creating a sexual connection with someone, one of the most useful things you can do is play the long game. That means that rather than only focusing on what can happen tonight or right now, you lay the foundation for the future. But even in those situations, playing the long game means creating opportunity for a future connection with that person.

A couple of years ago, I met Sarah at a party. It was clear that we had a mutual attraction and we had a lovey time flirting with each other.

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When we had dinner, we had a lovely evening. Sarah and I had a lot to talk about and we kept things friendly, but not flirtatious or sexual because there was a clear boundary in place. Either way, it looked like a win to me. At one point, What is the definition of a player (hookup) took the opportunity to talk about that and we both made it clear that the interest was there. That made it much easier to set it aside and have a really good time.

Over the next couple of years, we got together every so often. We moved through some of the same circles, so we always had plenty to talk about and have a fun get-together.

Playing the long game means taking the larger view. We were willing to invest a little time into building a friendship that made room for future possibilities.

Rather than pushing to make something happen immediately, you can create some space for whatever each person needs. It also shows your willingness to calibrate your relationships to fit everyone involved.

It helps you avoid slipping into a shame spiral because you know that things will change. Knowing that a gap of a few weeks or months was a temporary situation within the context of our relationship makes it much less difficult when those things happen. And sometimes, people have medical issues or mental health healing that can take a while to resolve.

If we expect our partners to work with us in good faith, we need to demonstrate a good faith effort. I was recently flirting with someone who I What is the definition of a player (hookup) from various polyamorous and sex-positive communities. So I thanked them for telling me and said that I would take that as our new baseline.

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I also asked them to let me know if that ever changed so we could check in and see where we were. There are plenty of reasons why I might not, and taking care of my future self means remembering that things might change for me.

So instead, I simply said that we can see where things are if it ever becomes relevant. Playing the long game means thanking people for telling you what their boundaries are. With control, either I have it or you have it.

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