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Refrigerator dating chart 1950


Were companies marketing refrigerators with different words or phrases? Did the technology become saturated and therefore boring to the press and authors until the addition of new features, like cold water? Just wanted to take your temperature on the issue, so to speak. According to my genealogical research into my husband's family tree, the first icebox Refrigerator dating chart 1950 invented by Thomas Refrigerator dating chart 1950 husband's 5th great-grandfather in He gave permission to then President Thomas Jefferson to use his invention.

Following is a note from Moore to Jefferson: Jefferson President of the United States has permission to use one of my patent refrigerators of any size and for any purpose he may think proper. Please note that Moore already obtained the patent for his invention by Do people still have iceboxes? I noticed a company the other day unloading a lot of ice.

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With all the ice they Refrigerator dating chart 1950, I don't think it would be able to fit in a refrigerator. My only explanation is that the company buying the ice was going to use it for sculpture making or they have to use a lot of ice to cool something.

Thursday, December 12, Ice Boxes vs. See Eric Schultz's post from last month.

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Yes, it is incredibly easy to lose several hours playing with this research tool. Luckily for me, I Refrigerator dating chart 1950 knew what I wanted to chart as soon as I heard of it: What I really appreciate about that chart is that it "Refrigerator dating chart 1950" illustrates something that my research already told me: The first ice boxes were made by carpenters in the s, designed to take advantage of something new in American life: Now, instead of going to market every day for your vegetables or fresh meats, consumers could buy for more than one day of meals at once, and keep the extra food in their ice box.

While incredibly convenient, ice boxes had their drawbacks. Ice boxes were also hell to clean, particularly as ice cut from lakes and ponds in the early days of the ice industry often had natural sediment in it. If the smell of any food permeated the wood inside and got into the insulation, the whole appliance would become worthless. Also, if you kept the wrong products together in an ice box butter and fish, for example one would often end up smelling like the other.

Nevertheless, Americans gradually warmed to the ice box. But while the first even remotely successful electric household refrigerator didn't debut untilinventors were working on them at least a decade earlier because of the failings of the ice box as described above.

This led to a Refrigerator dating chart 1950 to differentiate the electric household refrigerators that they aspired to create from the useful but annoying boxes that so many people had in their kitchens at that time. That was when refrigerator producers gradually settled on a new refrigerant, Freon, and created a mechanism that was both reliable and quiet enough for household use.

Refrigerators were one of the few goods for which sales actually increased during the Great Depression, as their value over the ice box in terms of convenience and effectiveness was just that clear. Based on Refrigerator dating chart 1950 research, the ice box essentially disappeared during the s as electric household refrigerators became so cheap and the country so prosperous that basically anybody could afford them.

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Is a Google Ngram scientific? Is a Google Ngram good enough for a blog post? Of course it is, which is why I just wrote this. Trust me, the actual research squares with this interpretation. Why do you ask? Posted by Joseph Lucas at 8: History20th Century U. Historyhistory of technologyice boxesJonathan Rees's Postsrefrigeration. December 12, at 9: Newer Post Older Post Home.

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May. mechanical refrigerator in Refrigerator dating chart 1950 to chart its progress into the home, my purpose refrigerator handbooks dating from the s to the s, which I discuss in .

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